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  2. Yeah, where is Clifford?
  3. Wouldnt a pillowcase and twine be cheaper?
  4. Story of my life!
  5. Hi Andy. Im not saying it wont work ok but the bag will fill up fast depending on how much you do and it seems in the way. His wood drags on his bag if you dont hold it up also.
  6. Hey I have the same planer and am looking in to a cheep way do get adequate dust collection from it. What do you think of the drunken woodworking perch at make something. Looks like the bag is running about $40 on Amazon.
  7. Because I'm a renter I've never gone in for hanging up my tools or any kind of shelving/cabinetry. What I've been using is a mobile cart. Mine is a typical hotel "maid's cart" but any wheeled cart would do. While I have gone that route out of necessity, I think when I move into my own space I will continue with the cart. I will hang the seldom used tools and clamps in or on some kind of storage, but the oft-used hand tools will stay on the cart. http:// The upside is I can move it around as needed, and also I'm not spending any time making shop cabinets. The downside is that things get cluttered at times. I have to do a "spring clean-up" on the cart every once in a while or items start to pile up and I end up having to dig around to pull out a marking gauge or a rasp or something.
  8. Our house is sided with rough sawn board and batten, probably cedar, and will occasionally catch our two cats using it as a scratching post lol. They do the same with the 2x4's that serve as our newel posts at the bottom of the stairs to the basement. I will be wrapping them in sisal rope when I get some time but other than that, I love em both, sounds like a cool project and you'll have to keep us updated.
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  10. So....I guess I was the only one that had to buy the subscription to access all the archives online? It cost about 80 bucks. My online membership only let go back and view a year or two's worth of content.
  11. I have my planes and a few other tools hung in my wall mounted plane cabinet here. I also have other miscellaneous tools like chisels, small saws and layout tools hung over the window in a custom rack. Currently making a sawtill for all my bigger saws. Here is an update on the current over bench hand tool storage arrangement in the shop (January 2017) Now using the outside of the cabinet to store twist drills and bradpoint drills Door open showing the inner door in closed state Inner door swung open to reveal planes and other tools Tool rack over the window I need a proper sawtill. That is a coincidence as I'm currently building one! I may journal about it.
  12. Switching from drain tile to just about anything else that is smooth will make a drastic improvement.
  13. So here is my latest project, a build video for my Walnut Eye Glasses case with a unique take on the hinge using a piece of leather. Its made from black walnut, 2oz leather, epoxy, beeswax, wood glue and a few bolts. Please let me know what you think, and what you would do to improve the design.
  14. I used walnut Danish oil on my BB workbench top just because I didn't like the Danish oil for the project I had bought it for. I wanted to use it up and didn't care what color the bench took. It's functional enough, glue doesn't stick well...and it's not furniture quality, but it wasn't going to be anyway. It doesn't look anything like walnut obviously. It's very bronze. Eventually I'll do the base too, just because I don't know what else to use the stuff for.
  15. Well we have 4 cats. So the first picture is a giant open room (not that giant) and we will be doing shelves and walkways along the walls. Probably a rope bridge of sorts for them as well. Few beds things like that. Just an awesome place for our cats. Mostly something for me to do in my really really early retirement. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  16. Ok so now that we got that all figured out,pardon my thread jacking. What the heck is a cat room?
  17. General rules of thumb...shorten those runs up if you can. If your tools are absolutely where you want them, there's probably not much you can do. Avoid 90* angles. Ditch the drain pipe for smooth walls. If you can, pay for a service to design your ducting.
  18. I ran across this today: Maybe not helpful for your spraying woes, but it does seem like a good way to improve the gloss and durability of latex.
  19. Finish the Dutch Tool Chest! I have been using mine for almost three years now and I love it.
  20. I must be missing something here. Where is the piece to receive the mortise and how to you hold it in place?
  21. I've got a couple of sticks of butternut, but I just can't find a decent use for it, it frays so badly. At least the stuff I get.
  22. Trim paint dries to a harder surface. You might find primer easier to sand for the first coat.
  23. Good progress. I wouldn't spend any time easing the top. You're going to flatten it soon and erase that work. After flattening I left the corners intact so dust and debris wouldn't be so easily gathered. When debris falls down the dog holes, the dog doesn't seat properly any more and will sit proud of the top.
  24. Didn't know there was a difference. Thanks Steve!
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