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  2. Also he's clearly going through a tough time emotionally because of the divorce. Plus his boss has been riding him ever since Barb in accounting left the office short-staffed. Pay attention to the little details you overly critical misanthropes.
  3. Nice work. I like it. I got a dovetail saw (22 tpi) and a 3" jewelers saw from Santa-wife and have been practicing hand cutting dovetails as well but still need a lot more practice to get the saw to go where I want it. I have a japanese (pull) saw that I was getting pretty good with but the kerf is so small that I could not follow -up with the jewelers saw across the bottom. The new dovetail saw (push) is coarser and harder to get it just where I want it. A few hundred more practice cuts needed. Have fun.
  4. Imagine when he needs sanding discs in the Systainer 3rd from the bottom... BTW pics like in the OP are almost all glamour shots and people store them in a completely different fashion.
  5. Thanks for the additional pic. That's a fancy version of what I use. I like the track for the stops.
  6. Yes sir.
  7. Yep, Looks like their 1000, 4000, and 8000. I like them.
  8. I like the way you think.
  9. Ok. That's 3 of us.
  10. They look like Norton. I have their 200/1000 and 4000/8000. I really like them.
  11. Today
  12. Well, if you prefer a short answer, here you go: indeterminate
  13. 1.5" thick is enough but more is better. At 1.5" wide I can just barely keep in in the batch holder for end grain processing. 2" is solid
  14. What brand did you get, Vinny?
  15. You were warned. It is obvious you did not listen. Well done!
  16. I suppose with 2 cutters you could set them to different diameters and cut rings!
  17. Hey, I resemble that remark!
  18. Just saw this resurrected thread. Beautiful work blue ! Signed and dated it ? Looks like a family heirloom to me.
  19. The chip ejector in my DW735 is powerfull enough to fully inflate the bags of my 1.5hp delta dc, through 10' of 4" flex hose, with the dc off. Pretty sure it will work through a cyclone, especially if you have only a coarse filter after it, or vent outside. Like several have said, the planer produces shavings, not so much dust.
  20. Try lowering the outfeed table.If you get snipe on the end of the board then raise it a tiny bit till its gone. Good luck Aj
  21. So you truly need a plant at least 1.5 to 2" thick as it grows? Then any three or four inch length will do?
  22. One of these With a 30 gallon trashcan and a shop vac filter on the output should work well.
  23. Measurements are important but when it comes to drilling for dowels, they play no role. Referencing the same face on both boards is what you have to pay attention to. With my jigs that means I cannot use the same setup on both parts of the same joint: I have to move the wooden fence to the other side of the jig to drill the other part, because if I didn't do that, I wouldn't be referencing the same face on both parts.
  24. Anything that is at least 1/2" thick by 1" wide by 3" long is usable, but just barely. Smaller than that and I can't process it to get my end grain closeup.
  25. bleedinblue - You are very talented! You built a gorgeous crib! Would you mind sharing the plans or location where you got them from?
  26. As is usually the case, you get out of it, what you put into it! I've been using a cheap ass jig from Rockler. I shouldn't say that. It will probably be "ok" if I were more accurate with my measurements. Thanks bud!
  27. Thanks, Ken! Dowels will work! I've done this a thousand times LOL The secret is a good jig (I use steel bars and assemble my own jig depending on the joint) and most important, always reference the face of the pieces to be jointed. And take all necessary steps in order to prevent your jig from moving. That includes clamps, screws, whatever it takes. I mark all corners before starting and use masking tape on all the holes on my jigs which will not be drilled. When possible I attach a wooden fence to the jig and always clamp it to the face of the piece. Also when possible, I attach a small fence for the corner and slide out of the way if I have to index the jig, like on this pic:
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