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    • When to call a yard on defect boards
      By wdwerker · Posted
      This has been an interesting read ! My grandfather taught me how to pick lumber when I was 15 and always put the pile back neater than it was when I got there. I guess that's why 41 years later the same hardwood lumber yard only lets me and a very few others hand select our wood. Everyone else gets to work out of the top 2 or 3 layers (which seems generous compared to some of the comments I have read.) #1 common is usually only going to yield short or narrow useable pieces, especially in walnut ! You pay for what you get. The time and agony of trying to get all your parts out of questionable boards is why FAS costs more. I also will pick narrow boards that are straight depending on my cut list and leave wider boards for someone else. If you go ripping a wide board chances are some of the pieces will warp, twist or move in some way as to be un-useable. Almost every large order to be delivered is not going to be picked carefully. So buyer be aware of what you are going to get.  The guys in the yard are loading this many bd ft of this wood for several stops of a delivery truck. So your order is just one of many. If I order premium quality they will replace the rejected boards if I bring them back. # 1 common is a crap shoot, that's why it's cheaper, You could  split the order and buy enough FAS for the most critical parts , then buy enough common to finish the project.  I usually buy 20 to 30 percent extra to cover waste. Make that around 1.75 to twice as much for #1 common in walnut.
    • To shim, or not to shim
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      Anybody need some petrified sawdust cakes? I tore both of the beds off to find at least 1/16" of hardened,  dust impregnated grease on the slides. I'm soaking it in degreaser during football practice.  I'll clean them after and start again
    • Do you ever just go to hang out?
      By wdwerker · Posted
      I love it ,H3nry has such a small shop yet he's tackling such an impressive and original project !  Does the couch and bicycle  have to be in there too?  Maybe you could hang the bike on the wall or from the ceiling ?  But I could also see sitting on the couch working out the details of a project, or having a cold beer.
    • Any experience jobbing out parts-cutting to CNC shop?
      By AnalogKid · Posted
      i often  operate the CNC router at the scenic shop i work in. all our drawings must be 2d polylines in dxf format but this can vary from place to place but dxf is universal, hence the name, drawing exchange format. we dont do outside jobs often, if ever. only our in house projects but we charge somewhere between $100-$125 per hour.
    • Do you ever just go to hang out?
      By h3nry · Posted
      Alas no room for even a stool in my current shop - but my last place ...
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