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    • band saw tire,
      By ncfowler · Posted
      sometimes it just not worth getting up in the morning, ever have one of those days where everything you touch goes to pot? Last week I was getting ready to cut something on my band saw, when I turned it on the upper tire broke off the wheel,, Great! with a little research I was able to order a new set. It came in on Friday as I was packing up for our last craft show, I took a quick look and notice this was going to be a job for an latter time,  Well the show was a bust, rain, tight wallets, and so on, When I came back late Sunday I decided to try to fit the belts, instructions said heat the tire in hot water and pry it over the wheel,  nothing about how to keep the dam thing from slipping off every time you put pressure on it, well after many attempts, and lots of choice words I was able to get it placed, fired it up and made sure it ran right, I did some test cuts and had to do several minor adjustments, I did not replace the lower tire but after making my adjustments I am thinking about replacing it, the lower wheel is in good shape, what do you all think?
    • Bunch O' Boxes, part deux
      By wtnhighlander · Posted
      Red oak?   Nay, I give you ORANGE oak!       1 coat of RIT dye (Sunrise orange), liquid form, straight from the bottle. Flooded on and wiped back. Followed a day later by a coat of amber shellac.   Sorry if that damaged anyone's retinas. I should have opened with a disclaimer.  
    • Mirror
      By wtnhighlander · Posted
      Nice frames, the ones I can see. Some of the image links are still whacked.
    • Delta DJ 20 or Grizzly 490x
      By wtnhighlander · Posted
      If you have the room and the power available, I'd say go Grizzly.
    • Oak Curio cabinet
      By TerryMcK · Posted
      Looking great Steve
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