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    • I haven't seen the HF DF for less than $160, when people reference that price, that is usually with it being on sale and the 25% off coupon on top of it.  (IE, on sale for over $200, then knock off the 20-25%)
    • If you go with an edge guide (which should work fine for you) make certain that your edge guide of choice doesn't have a notch or space in the middle of it. If it does, attach a piece of wood to the edge guide so you have a long smooth edge to slide along your work.  You are showing a few slots that are going to require very long edge guide rods to reach, so a different plan may be needed. Clamping a straight edge strip of wood (fence) to your work for your router to ride against that is spaced correctly away for the distance from the router bit to the edge of the router base will likely work better for you. Cut the slot in the direction that the leading side of the router bit is moving away from the fence (for instance, fence on left, move router away from you, fence on right, move router toward you). This will help hold the router against the fence as you cut the slot. Otherwise it will be difficult to cut the slot straight. Charley
    • So I am tasked with building a table top lazy Susan that will be used for card games. My father brought me about 200 bft of chestnut, red oak, poplar all taken from a tobacco barn in KY. I thought the Susan would be a great way to display the wood. I'm not into the rough rustic look of most reclaimed projects plus I needed jointed edges to glue up the panel so I thought I would go ahead and clean up the wood. You can still see the nail holes, cracks, and worm holes so all the charm isn't gone. All cleaning has been done by hand but I used my planer for thickness. Ready for the glue up. The middle chestnut and left and right oaks have a crack so I'm working on keying them tight. I need to now cut the circle out but have no clue on how to do it. I know I can made some jigs for the band saw or router and I don't mind using a power tool but don't have much room in one direction to mess it up. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
    • Like others have said the gripper is not my go to but when I need it I love it. Their block on the other hand is my go to on the jointer https://www.amazon.com/GRR-RIP-BLOCK-Smart-Hook-Pushblock/dp/B00DNX3N7S/ref=sr_1_7?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1477149983&sr=1-7&keywords=Microjig
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