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    • Table Build in Senegal
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      BURT...  step away from that table Burt Reynolds.
    • Table Build in Senegal
      By TIODS · Posted
      I'll echo Eric's questions about the lumber..  I look forward to seeing the build.
    • Don't like the food
      By Eric. · Posted
      The worst experience I've ever had in a restaurant wasn't even a was a Goodcents sandwich place.  It was summer and for some reason really hot inside the building.  The place was packed and the guy making the sandwiches was a sweaty mess.  Really sweaty.  Beads of perspiration were rolling down to the tip his nose, and dangling ominously over my food...and just at the very last second, he would wipe it away with the back of his arm.  Which disgusted me but since he was wearing those little plastic bags on his hands I accepted it.  Finally....bloop...he missed one, and it dropped right onto my cheese.  I grabbed my wife's hand and led her right out of that place without saying a word and I haven't been back since.  It's not really fair to blacklist an entire chain because of one sweaty dude, but I can't get that image out of my head.
    • Mahogany Spear Gun
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      yes, ithe would be a firearm equivalent to a mid action bullpup.   This is going to sound weird but,  is it possible for the oil from one wood to color the other?  The area of padeuk where it touches the purple heart  is starting to look quite purple.
    • Does hide glue stick to epoxy?
      By Gilgaron · Posted
      Hide glue is very sticky and will stick to nitrile gloves while PVA does not, but RPCV is right.  You could even glue the repair in with hide glue, too, if you're worried about adhesion between various types of glue, although any reversing of the chair joint will remove the repair.  That might not be a bad thing.
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