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    • Fishing Net Build
      By davewyo · Posted
      I had a nice long day in the shop today. Before lunch I set up and cut my thin strips. I went with 3/64" thin strips but when five of them are put together they look a little beefy. I may have to go down to 1/16" for later nets, or vary the thickness to obtain an interesting pattern.  http:// After lunch I cranked up the steam box and waited a bit to let things come up to temp. At this elevation (6250') I have a hard time getting the internal temp of the box much over 200 deg. F, so I let the pine box heat up real good, until it's is puffing nicely. From what I've read a good starting point for successful bending is to apply the steam for one hour for each 1" of thickness of the stock. My steamer produces 1.5 hours of steam which gives me plenty of time. My stock is 3/64"x3/4" and 60"+ long so I figured on what I thought would be a long time but hopefully not too long a time; say 10 to 15 minutes. So I put my three maple and two walnut strips in the steam box and gave it some time. I open it up and and fumbled them a bit trying to arrange them for the jig. I had practiced putting a strip of wood in the jig, but 5 strips were more challenging. I hadn't thought about if I should put them in one at a time or stack them together and get them in the jig all at once. It wasn't what you would call a smooth operation.  While futzing with one at a time I snapped one of the walnut strips. Oh well, this isn't a glue up; I'm just trying to pre-form the strips. I continued on with the next maple strip. Then I snapped the second walnut strip. Hmmm, there seems to be a trend going on here. So I clamped in the last maple strip and there is lies cooling over night. http:// So...what was my problem with the walnut? Did I have a weak spot in my stock? Did I steam it too long? Not long enough? Was I too slow to make the bend or did I not bend it gently enough? I don't know, but tomorrow I try again and the first variable I'm going to check out is steaming time. I feel like the porous nature of the walnut and my long steaming time may be the culprit.
    • TWWG Split Top Roubo Build #544
      By TIODS · Posted
      Bench and shop look amazing Mike!
    • Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!
      By andrew-in-austin · Posted
      If any of you are thinking about buying equipment from Hammer this is the weekend to do it. Up to 35% off. Not sure if this link will That's one example, 16 inch combo planet/jointer for $4160 FYI you might have to register to see those prices
    • TWWG Split Top Roubo Build #544
      By estesbubba · Posted
      Nothing too exciting today - some shop cleanup and made 15 dogs plus have extra blanks in case any need replaced.   
    • Glue failure risk
      By K Cooper · Posted
      Ross, I bet the glue between the boards did not get below freezing and that you're good!
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