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    • I admit it; I'm a dinosaur.  I still listen to CD's.  I built a media cabinet with plenty of storage for CD's . . . or so I thought.  I needed somewhere for overflow and so I adapted a piece that I generally offer as a bedroom or walk-in closet accessory.  This one is scaled for three rows of CD's. I have this material marked as sipo but, find it a challenge to differentiate it from sapele if the ribbon is well pronounced. Both woods come is thick and wide pieces which I love as this let's me be really selective with the material I want for certain parts. Here is a sled I made for my router table.  This is used for non-edge cuts in larger pieces like these stopped dovetails. The top and the bottom both have borderline art-deco stair stepped profiles.  I get these from the tablesaw and a jig. This should be a familiar design element if you have seen any of my other builds ;-) The cabinet is hefty and so I use metal reinforcement for the hangers; one on each side board. The back is ship-lapped slats with a decorative bead. Raised to fit in a groove around the sides and top they slide in from the bottom during assembly. The glass panel door carries the G&G cloud-lift theme. The green tape helps with marking the pull location. Just some gratuitous progress shots. I enjoy making my own pulls and trying to tailor them to the feel of the piece.  This is sipo, brass and cocabola. The door "latch" is a washer in the top of the door . . . That aligns with a magnet in the underside of the cabinet top . . . And here's some overall shots. Thanks for looking.
    • T&T I'm dynamite T&T I'll win the fight T&T I'm a power load T&T watch me explode
    • That handle looks awesome!  I've made a few of those  
    • Nice! What's the finish?   
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