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    • Hiding Bug Holes in Curly Maple
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      First of first,  are you sure the worms are gone? Second, Are the holes round? You can 1) make a few small plugs out of like colored and grained offcuts, glue them in and sand flush. 2) use a wood filler (my least favorite option) 3) sand a bunch and mix your dust with epoxy or glue and fill the holes. Sand or scrape flush. 4) make a large patch to cover the area you're worried about. 
    • Rosewood ID
      By Dknapp34 · Posted
      Thin enough that I let it sit in my basement for many months before I made any cuts because I was afraid of tear out ruining it.  I'll see if I can get a good measurement when I get home from work tonight.  The veneer is laminated on a thin layer of solid wood, which is then laminated on a thicker solid wood inner core.  
      By jimbofoxman · Posted
      I live 500+ feet off the road and can't see anything from my house.  Atleast for now, I have an old iphone running Manything and IFTTT pointing out the front to the driveway.   When I leave a designated area IFTTT tells Manything to start recording, tells it to stop when I come back.   Manything then alerts me when motion is detected.  Our security company at work sent us extra window decals so I have those posted around as well.
    • Rosewood ID
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      Out of curiosity,  how thick is the rosewood veneer?
    • Hiding Bug Holes in Curly Maple
      By tedfmcm · Posted
      I'm about ready to finalize the prep for the top of my coffee table made out of curly maple and there is a small 2x2 inch section of some worm holes in the wood that I want to disguise/hide - any suggestions?  Currently they are 'more white' than the surrounding wood...should i scrape them out and fill with something?  The finish i will be using is coat of de-waxed shellac with some dye to pop the grain, sand back, and then 3-5 coats of arm-r-seal. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
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