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My last project

My last project

    Andrew Pritchard
    Jul 26 2012 10:57 AM
    This is just awesome. And slightly creepy. But mostly just awesome. Gotta ask:

    a) What gave you the inspiration?

    B) Whose arm is it?

    c) Are there any instructions on how to make one yourself?

    d) Is that Kanji on the arm - and if so, what does it say?
    Hi! Thanks for your response :)
    1. As inspiration served simply a piece of wood (a poplar) and desire to make an unusual lamp.
    2. My hand was an example.
    3. There are no any instructions, but there is a photo of process of making here: http://vk.com/album16006402_154699873
    4. Yes, that is Kanji. The hieroglyph "gekkou" means "moonlight"
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