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Anti Termite Chemicals



Anti Termite Chemicals

Termisolve B PRO is unique and effective anti termite chemical.
Many anti termite chemicals contain poisons. Termisolve B-PRO contains solvents and
Inorganic boric salts along with traditional herbal extracts which are known as anti termite
since a long time. In a nutshell it is a combination of modern chemistry and proven
Knowledge of our ancestors.

Salient features:

Termisolve B PRO is applied as a treatment to the surroundings of existing buildings
to prevent and correct termite problems.
Termisolve B PRO is ideal for pre and post constructed buildings Anti termite treatment of structures
Anti termite treatment for timber structures and wood.
Termisolve B PRO is ideal barrier between termites and the building.
Termisolve B PRO can be used by following ways.
Treatment at the foundation level.
Treatment to top surface at plinth level.
Treatment of soil at wall and floor junction