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  1. I think the concept is cool. Introduce really well-made tools in a limited run. No risk upfront since you're taking pre-orders and making people wait for months to receive the item. If the item is a dud, you're losses are minimal if anything. if the product is a hit, you can always bring it back for a second run or make it a full time product. That's pretty awesome. But....calling it One Time Tool does feel deceptive since it's simply not true. Maybe Limited Time Tool would be more accurate. I don't know the history of the whole thing but I wonder if the program truly did start as a one-time production run. But then they realized some of these items might deserve a second run. By then they already created this One Time Tool monster. Just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, as the guy who just had an inventory reduction sale on digital videos.
  2. As it turns out, we have numerous submissions that accidentally went into the spam folder. Not sure if yours is one of those but when you properly submit pictures, you should see a thank you page. If you didn't, that could mean the submission didn't work and you might try re-sending. Remember there's a 2MB upload limit on the image size.
  3. Sheesh! The guy asks for a wood source and you guys give him a lecture. What is this?! An online forum?! lol That afzalia was indeed something special. And while the color is definitely close to bubinga, the figuring and grain patterns are unmatched. But hunting down bubinga is probably the direction to go since it shouldn't be too hard to find some figured bubinga. That will get you even closer. But again, I can totally see his reason for wanting to match what I did in the video, because that afzalia wood will knock your damn socks off.
  4. We actually don't have many sales in the Guild. We consider it to be a premium product and the price generally reflects that. While there are a special few who might not balk at an even higher price tag, the vast majority would. We always have to walk that balance between premium pricing and ridiculous pricing. Compared to other online services in the woodworking arena, I think we're probably one of the most expensive. But I stand behind the prices 100% because of the overall value. I actually think it's worth more but I have to keep in mind what the market will bear. So yes, the price definitely matters. As far as these sales go, we tried not to present any false pretenses at all. Bottom line is we're moving and moving is expensive. It doesn't help that we're moving to a place where the real estate is much more expensive. So we needed to pad our checking account just so we could pull this whole thing off comfortably. I'll also have some significant expenses with regard to turning the new garage into a shop, so I need a little buffer there as well. Once these sales are done, you won't likely see a sale in the Guild for another year. The Early Bird Bundle is the only ongoing sale that really make sense for us. And honestly, you can't beat it at a 50% discount. As for general fund-raising, we have a few things available for purchase at And we're looking to start a Patreon campaign for The Wood Whisperer as soon as we have time to work on the rewards and goals. The thing is actually live already but we haven't promoted it yet: Thanks for your support SeventyFix!
  5. So if you can believe it, I'll be offloading my ClearVue before the shop move. I'm moving into a smaller space with lower ceilings. Furthermore, my stepdad won't be around to help me do the heavy lifting and installing the CV is really a 2-person job. So my thinking was I would go for something like the Dust Gorilla Pro What I like is that the unit has a stand. It's a much more manageable installation and can be moved fairly easily. I'll probably be building stuff in my new space before the space itself is truly 100% converted to a shop so the ability to move it will be pretty important. I love my ClearVue and I especially like working with the people that run the company. That's the reason why we went with them over Oneida when building the "dream shop." While the performance of the system was important, we prefer to do business with people we like. But this time, my specific needs will override everything else. I really wish ClearVue would expand their line a bit to offer alternative systems and perhaps smaller systems that might be a little easier to install.
  6. Yeah time is a little short these days. And Eric's right about the phone. I usually don't even call my family back. The iBox jig can be a little finicky to set up. Like Eric says, it isn't hard. But that doesn't mean it isn't a little convoluted. There's a lot of steps. But between that video and the instructions the kit comes with, you should be able to get it close enough to dial in.
  7. That's exactly what it is. But it's also a bookcase.
  8. I am!
  9. I suppose. But with only 400 people in attendance, going through the trouble of hitting that specific launch day feels a bit like a fart in the wind. I can't speak for everyone, but I can say I heard absolutely no one discussing FWW's new site at the event. I'm not in the magazine business so I'm talking out of my butt here, but it just seems like it would be a complete waste of resources trying to dominate the hot ww news of the day.
  10. Just curious, what would be the motivation for Fine Woodworking to release their website on the same weekend 400 people attend a conference? I don't think many people would miss the talks because their busy scrolling through, lol
  11. Too legit, some might say!
  12. Already. We're in business. I think. Thanks again!
  13. Cochese and Shaneymack, I deleted your pending invoices. Can you see if it will allow you to renew now? If not, I can just delete the original invoice and see if starting over completely resolves the issue. Thanks for helping me figure this out.
  14. I know a number of folks were having through getting their Supporter renewals to work properly. Took forever but we finally had it patched last night and it SHOULD be working. If anyone can confirm that would be awesome. Just let me know if the credit card transaction goes through.
  15. Just giving the profanity filters something to do.