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  1. Why not just pay to have it shipped? The cost of shipping would probably be under $100. That leaves you enough for a jointer and DC.
  2. Coupon is gone. Can a mod please close this thread.
  3. Not sure yet. I have not noticed anything significant...yet!
  4. I just remembered that I had an open journal for my workbench build. This has been a very slooooow build for me (trying to beat Mel's record for longest bench build ) I did at least get the top completely laminated and the bottom of the bench flattened. The top was a huge PITA. I tried to use a planer sled at first but that was too much of hassle. Instead I glued up 5 sections and flattened each section by hand and then ran the opposing side through the planer. I also did not use anything to help with alignment. This required a lot of hand planning but I did not mind and actually enjoyed the experience. For the last month I have been working on the legs. I have them laminated and jointed on one edge. I am going to skip plane them with my LAJ and then send them through the planer on a planer sled. I hope to have this done by the end of October. I am hoping to have the bench done before Christmas but that might just be wishful thinking. I just need to have it done before next October (Which is when I plan on having all my household stuff packed up)
  5. I have the Veritas Plow Plane with the entire blade set and conversion kit. Even though I have only scratched the surface of what this plane can do I would highly recommend it. No reason you can't use rabbeting block plane everyday I have been using one as my only block plane exclusively for the last 3 years. Since then I have added a skew rabbet plane and a shoulder plane, which now takes the place of some of the tasks that I use to use the rabbeting block plane on. I am now wanting to add a LA block plane.
  6. I think all Eric is trying to say is that When you start adding a smoother, jointer, etc..., the LAJ becomes more and more unnecessary. The LAJ is okay as a smoother, okay a jointer, okay for rough stock removal, okay for shooting, and okay for various other tasks. I guess I also share his sentiment, When I bought mine 3 years ago, I set out to have it as my only bench plane and to supplement my power tools. If I would have known I was going to go get more into hand tools I would have went a different route. The fascination with the LAJ is overstated and Eric is just trying to shed some light on it.
  7. From the Festool FB page: "Great question. Over the years, we've been listening to craftsmen who have told us that they want to try Festool but the price is an obstacle. We believe in the quality and performance of our tools, so we decided to do something unusual. By putting the PRO 5 LTD at a lower price point, we hope that it will be the first Festool purchase for many people ... and we don't believe that it will be their last."
  8. You could always keep the sys and sell the Sanders for $100. You would be surprised by the number of people who either don't know or don't take advantage of the deal.
  9. @Eric, What kind of bikes? Motorcycle or Bicycle? Shane I could see some potential for reselling some of these in the future. Is the Blue systainer a promotional one? I also ordered one. I like to finish sand with 220. interesting move by Festool!
  10. I think you should consider a Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane and a Veritas Smoothing Plane (if you are set on staying going with Veritas). These two planes will serve you much better than LAJ and a rabbeting block plane. If you are truly upgrading your planes, then upgrade the capability of your plane kit not just the brands! The Veritas LAJ is not going to do anything that your other Jack Planes cannot do. I use my LAJ primarily for shooting and for heavy stock removal before I switch to my Jointer Plane. Since you already have a smoother consider adding another joinery plane, like a plow plane.
  11. I am with Eric on this. The LAJ that I have now sees limited use. I would go with a smoother. I like the size of the No. 3, that's what I use. Don't rule out a No.7 either.
  12. Is anyone buying a Grizzly tool in the next few days that could use a 10% coupon? I have one and am not going to use it. I want to give it to someone who is actually going to use it though.
  13. I was just more or less sharing my experience when setting up my shop(s) and how I focused more on the tools than what I wanted to build. Eric was right when he said that it had nothing to do with Festool itself but more with how I wanted to build furniture after it was all said and done. I failed to mention one Festool tool that actually saw a lot of use and that was my ETS 150/3. Last lesson, compromise is not always a good thing when setting up shop. This is a hobby, like your RC hobby if you think you are going to be happier with one tool over another than don't settle. The one exception is if your budget is really really limited and you won't be able squeeze any more money out anytime soon, compromises might have to be made. But than again to quote Eric, "you might want to find another hobby."
  14. Correct! To be honest I would have been happy going with a few better quality core power tools right off the bat. My switch to hand tools was mostly driven by my move to HI and not wanting to drag them with me. Although, I am really enjoying using hand tools. When I make my final move and get settled I will be adding a TS, Jointer, and bandsaw. Somethings I just do not enjoy doing by hand.