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  1. LN Survey: Bronze #4 or Steel #4 1/2?

    I went a different route and went with a #3 in iron, only because they were out of Bronze. I like the smaller profile of the #3 and will probably never add a #4 but will consider getting a 4.5 in the future and use my LAJP strictly for shooting. Just food for thought. 
  2. Table saw from Craig's list

    When you start talking $300-$350 for an older model contractor saw, why not just spend the extra $200 for the Ridgid 4512. When I first started out I got burned on a couple table saws from CL. If you don't know what to look for and have never set one up properly and old table saw can be unsafe.
  3. basic sharpening

    Save yourself the money on the MKII guide and  buy a combination stone instead and a plain single wheel honing guide. Then build a simple sharpeing guide jig to always set the same angle. When I first got into sharpening I haxd an MKII and hated it. I then went with a simple single wheel honing guide but have recently switched to the LN, which is amazing but expensive.    I personally would stay stay away from sand paper, paste or anything that requires effort to setup in order to sharpen. Sharpening needs to be easily accessible, easy to setup and easy to setup and efficient.
  4. Did I messed up how I handled cupped stock?

    I would not plane it down anymore but think it will still be fine for the chest. Not sure if you are building the one with shelf or not. If If you are make sure that the bottom of the top of the chest and the shelf both have the cup facing down in the dado. 
  5. New Saws Crap?

    If everyone thought like this, LN, Veritas and Bad Axe would have been out of business a long time ago!  I stick to what I said before!
  6. New Saws Crap?

    15k tables and 5k guitars are really not relevant to this conversation. In reality we are talking about saws that cost between $200-$300 (premium) vs saws for $20 -$100 if buying big box or vintage(not professionally restored).  Most of us spend that much on cell phone bills if you have a family. my point is, a $20 hard point saw will get you sawing! You will never regret buying a premium saw from LN or BAt or any other boutique manufacture and will last you a lifetime. If you like the idea of learning to sharpen and restore saws that get a few cheap vintage saws. I personally dislike any sort of tool restoration and will just send my saws back to the manufacture for resharpening. 
  7. New Saws Crap?

    I still think you should just go to HD pick up a $20 Stanley hard point saw ans some dimensional pine, then go home and build a saw bench or two! There will always be use for a $20 hard point saw in some capacity. 
  8. New Saws Crap?

    Just bought two LN's but have not had time to put them to use.
  9. New Saws Crap?

    If you are using your hard point saw on softer woods like pine, poplar, and even soft maple, ripping is not an issue! 
  10. Which lunchbox planer to buy?

    I agree with everyone else here. I have owned the Ridgid, Delta, and now have the Dewalt 735, it's not even close! The 735 is hands above the other two and worth every penny of the extra $200 it costs!
  11. New Saws Crap?

    If you are just looking to learn how to use a saw for hand tool woodworking a Sharp Tooth saw from one of the big box stores is a great place to start. They are about $20 and work pretty well for both ripping and crosscutting ( I used on for a while and still do from time to time. I also have a couple nice vintage full size hand saws that do not see a lot of use. One is a NOS, and another is a Disston that needs some work. The reason they don't see much use is because I prefer a smaller panel saw, something closer to 20" or 22", they just feel more comfortable. Like James said, there are plenty of cheap saws out there but sometimes you get what you pay for. If you are interested in restoring saws and learning to sharpen, then go out to estate sales and find some or buy one in better condition off ebay.  If you just want to learn how to use handsaws, then go to HD or Lowes, buy a $20 Stanley Sharp Tooth saw, some dimensional pine and build a saw bench! This is what I would do.
  12. Planter boxes

    Thanks, that makes sense
  13. Planter boxes

    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to my wood dealer soon, and will check their supply of Redwood. Hardware Hawaii does have some Redwood but can't remember how much it was. What did you guys use for construction of the boxes, just screws?
  14. Planter boxes

    I am looking to build some simple planter boxes. For those that built them before, what wood did you use and how simple did you go on the construction? I think I have seen where plastic storage containers are used inside the planters to prevent the wood from rotting.
  15. Jointer planes - questions, questions

    I would save up and go with the LN # 7, thats what I have and really like it. I think the #8 is a bit overkill. I at one point owned a Veritas BU jointer and hated it. But in all fairness, I am not a huge fan of any the Veritas Bench Planes, they just don't feel nearly has good in my hand as the LN's do. I also tried the LN BU #7 and did not like it either, I thought it was way to light for a jointer plane. I just don't care for the Wood River Brand, not when you have a good American made option. You are going to have this plane forever (maybe longer). Buy what you want the first time and you will never look back, take it from someone who learned the hard way!