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  1. I got this bad boy in the mail today. I am excited to try it out. Hopefully, I can finish my bench in the next month or so
  2. Sawbench is the way to go. Only way I rip by hand.
  3. I would check out the FOG. It has been a few years since I have visited that forum but from what I remember several members have a variety of different Euro Sliders.
  4. I also have the Bosch 1617 and can vouch for it. I went ahead and bought the edge guide too. DC is not great but honestly, DC is not great on any router, including the Festool OF1400. I recently used the router and edge guide to make a bunch of mortises for a workbench. The Bosch 1617 had plenty of power and made nice clean cuts. I would rather spend the money on higher quality bits. Link to the edge guide
  5. A quick update. I apologize for not having an update in a long time but I have made some progress since my last post. The base is almost done. I have cut all the joinery on the legs and rails and have done a few dry assemblies. I need to cut mortises on the top for the legs and drill the holes for the pegs on the legs and top. I also need to do all layout and joinery for the Criss Cross hardware. I am going to have to find a friend with a drill press or go to Hickam AFB and use their woodshop. Hopefully, I will finish in the next couple months.
  6. Finish the Dutch Tool Chest! I have been using mine for almost three years now and I love it.
  7. I would go with a simple pen turning starter kit like this. This way he can start making pens right away. Sometimes using hand tools can be intimidating, with a steep learning curve. This might cause him to lose interest. It makes sense to get a lathe since he wants to make pens.
  8. Just got an email from toolnut saying mine shipped!
  9. Thanks Kev!
  10. I actually got a little bit of work done on the bench the last couple of days. I do have a bench update. This weekend I was able to mill the legs to final dimension. I used the planer for a lot of the heavy lifting but had to first get a reference edge using hand planes. I decided to cut the legs to length by hand. I was a little apprehensive at first but decided what good is a $300 handsaw, if I am afraid to use it! My cuts were a little out of square but nothing a little hand planning could not fix. I made sure that when I cut to the final length that I cut on the waste side of my line to leave room for planning to final length.
  11. That is my thoughts exactly. The table is my least favorite of all the pieces but it's a set and I like it as a whole. The table is going to have a tablecloth covering it 90% of the time anyway. I have little one's and they are messy as hell. Tablecloths make clean up a heck of a lot easier. I love the chairs, that is originally what caught my eye with this set. The reupholstery job is hideous but I think the original upholstery is still on underneath that gaggle of blue cloth. I think I am going to remove them soon and see what is underneath. I am on the fence on whether or not I am going to start the restoration work. I still have a workbench that needs to be finished first. I might be it off until we move next year.
  12. I am pretty sure it's veneer, it really looks like it is.
  13. Plans changed one more time. Our friends with the mid-century modern set decided to honor our offer of $1000 and we said yes. No plan to build a table anymore but at some point, I will refinish the Mount Airy set I just bought. I am horrible at wood identification when its comes to vintage furniture but it looks like walnut, which would make sense for the time period. The table top looks like it might have a veneer on it but I am not 100% sure. I noticed some splits near the ends of the legs that I need to fix ASAP. The original owner (I am now the 4th owner) reupholstered the chairs herself (they look bad), so I will need to either reupholster them at some point. I am pretty sure she covered the entire seat, which I believe is not what the original chair had on it. I am tempted to remove the upholstery on one of the chairs just to see what is underneath. I also not sure if I want to tackle a refinish project before I move next year.
  14. Terry, I actually am not a huge fan of Koa. On a small piece yes but on a big table more than likely not going to make it into my project even as an accent. I have worked with poplar plenty, and it takes paint very well. I was actually referring to the top of the table, it will probably be made from some wide 8/4 hardwood, I am thinking cherry. I tried to sell my wife on a simple trestle table design today and it was not well received. She did found several other trestle tables that she liked but I hated all of them equally. They were too ornate and had big beefy legs.
  15. I feel like I have a pretty good source for materials and the prices seem right for the area, they are just a lot higher than on the mainland. I am set on poplar for the base and I don't mind paying higher prices for some nice wide clear boards.