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  1. jmaichel added a post in a topic Hybrid handsaw   

    I would also like to add that Bad Axe saws as are pretty damn sweet! I have three BA saws all filed Hybrid and not sure I will need to add another saw at any point. If I do it will be a 14" sash saw filled crosscut and I will have Mark refile my 16" tenon to a rip cut. 
  2. jmaichel added a post in a topic Spend $1,000 for me   

    Your bank account would know the difference but you might not see any glaring difference between the two besides the wider beds that the Powermatic has. If this is going to be your last purchase for a while I would strongly consider a Grizzly 14" bandsaw and Grizzly 6" jointer. I would much rather have the capability of both a bandsaw and jointer rather than just a 6" powermatic jointer. I have owned both the Grizzly machines and was very happy with how they performed. With proper setup they will work just fine. 
    BTW: I have a 10% off coupon from Grizzly that I am not going to use that you are more than welcome to have. It expires on October 20th so have to let me know sooner than later if you want it. 
  3. jmaichel added a post in a topic Sculpted Rocker   

    Looks freaking awesome!!!! Well done Kev!
  4. jmaichel added a post in a topic Sculpted Rocker   

    Great looking chair so far Kev! I can't believe I missed the start of this build. A sculpted chair is on my bucket list for sure. Nicely done! 
    I am kind of surprised that you went with BF for this project especially using walnut. I have noticed that not only is walnut really expensive but its very hit and miss these days. If you have never been to Edensaw, you need to go. Worth the trip to PT, their selection is bigger than anything I have seen or even heard of. 
    I forgot to mention that Edensaw also delivers. Maybe not right your area but I think they do deliver to B-Ham.
  5. jmaichel added a post in a topic my wife surprised me big time this birthday!   

    The gift of being able to sneak tools in the shop without her knowing 
  6. jmaichel added a post in a topic Cheap Chisels?   

    I have a set of four Narex Chisels and a couple LN Chisels. The Narex are good but there is a significant difference between the the two IMHO, LN hands down a much better chisel that holds a much better edge than the Narex. I almost always reach for my LN's first unless I run into a situation like I did the other day when my 1/2" LN chisel came out the socket and smacked the concrete. I did not want to mess with rehoning the bevel at that time and was glad I was able to grab the 1/2" Narex. I digress, the Narex Chisels are a very good value but do yourself a favor and buy 1 premium chisel. 
  7. jmaichel added a post in a topic For the record Eric was right!   

    I am about to be wrong on a for a second time too. I have always hated the idea of a shoulder plane but I will tell you what, after cutting a bunch of tenons recently I wished I had a shoulder plane. Wrong twice in one day!
  8. jmaichel added a post in a topic One More For the Tool Chest   

    I like the ply handles but I did not really get them by choice. I am little OCD by my patience (really lack of) always gets the best of me and I end up ordering a pre-built saw usually during one of their sales. 
    I have not used the new saw yet but I love my other two. The saw is much better than the sawyer!
  9. jmaichel added a topic in Hand Tool Village   

    For the record Eric was right!
    For the last couple of years I have only had one blade for my LN 62, this worked fine for all of my bench plane operations up to this point and not needing more than one blade was kind of my mantra for awhile. I am building the outdoor bench and am using some African Mahogany that has some gnarly grain patterns in it and is giving me a bit of trouble. I broke down and ordered a second blade and put a 50 degree secondary bevel on it. It has worked out pretty well but there are some grain patterns that almost warrant the 90 degree blade. Anyway, Eric you were right all along, There is a need for a second and even third blade for the No. 62. I will probably just end up with a dedicated smoother at some point in the near future. 
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  10. jmaichel added a post in a topic One More For the Tool Chest   

    All three saws fit in the till. There is a little bit of slop in the first slot but nothing that warrants building a new till at this point. That open area to right of the chisel storage has come in pretty handy. 
  11. jmaichel added a post in a topic One More For the Tool Chest   

    Thanks guys! Graham, it's gets pretty hot here. I often find myself dripping with sweat after only a few minutes.
  12. jmaichel added a topic in Hand Tool Village   

    One More For the Tool Chest
    I told myself a couple weeks ago that I was done buying tools for awhile. Then Bad Axe decided to have a sale and I just could not resist. I bought a 12" Stiletto Dovetail saw, one that was on my list for next year but since it was on sale the only logical thing to do was buy it. My chest is not looking pretty full and might need an overhaul to make room for the new saw and other recent additions .


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  13. jmaichel added a post in a topic Expansion Time   

    Your shop was awesome to begin with but I could definitely see you running out of space. I think we even talked about it when I visited. Look forward to seeing it completed when I wake up tomorrow 😀
  14. jmaichel added a post in a topic Added Some Power   

    I am really not that upset about it. I have added a few new hand tools to make up for the lack of power tools. I live in a 4-plex, so even if I did bring all the power tools they would not see a ton of use because most of my shop time is between 9 -12 at night. 
  15. jmaichel added a topic in Power Tool City   

    Added Some Power
    I have been buying a lot of hand tools lately but decided that I needed to add a planer to help with milling, because milling stock by hand SUCKS!!! I decided to go with the Dewalt 735 to see what all the fuss is about. I almost settled on the 734 because I could get it locally but with Amazon I only had to pay an extra $30 to have it shipped over the weekend. I will say my wife was not very happy to see the planer show up on our front doorstep and I quickly had to switch subjects. When the LV and LN boxes showed up she did not say much besides "these came for you today." and I was off the hook. I am probably pushed it a little bit by ordering the planer, especially because she knows my neighbor has one that I could use. He has the 734 and runs all sorts of pallet wood and scrap wood through it. He even said they he has a couple nicks in his knives and that is does leave some marks in his wood. I did not want to be a snob but after he told me that, there was no way I was going to let my precious African Mahogany touch those planer knives! The only logical thing to do was to buy my own planer. 
    In the interest of full disclosure, I did at one point own an older Delta Lunchbox planer (along with all my other machines) but sold it before moving to HI. I bought the thing used and I could not get the cutterhead stay set to save my life. It was a PITA, it worked but it was POS with no dust collection. Just thought I would share, I am probably not going to be able to buy any new tools for sometime now but I am pretty well set. 

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