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  1. Definitely a project small enough to use screws. Have to think up a different project to buy a nail gun. Thanks.
  2. I have a pin nailer and a brad nailer. I've been looking to pick up a larger nail gun. Can't really find an overall tutorial on nail gun sizes and uses, etc. I'm designing a new pressure treated privacy fence. Good excuse to by a nail gun. Friends have recommended spiral guns, etc. My quetion is I'd like a gun that works for the fence build but will also serve me for other purposes down the road. Any suggestions? Also, what type of nails would you use for treated lumber?
  3. Couple of questions. I am done laminating the kdat flooring to use as the rails and styles. I used PL glue do do that. Right or wrong that is done. I am now to the joinery process with the domino xl. I'm using 12x100 dominoes. I'm not sure about using the PL glue with the dominoes. As I see it the adhesive options are: TBIII, PLglue, or west epoxy. What would you do and why? I am in Charleston SC. The doors do see moderate moisture. The panels with be pvc beadboard. I would like to bond those into place to make it more solid. Feel free to critique and give recommendations. Pic is dry fit.
  4. when you use it do you use filler? how much?
  5. Is alder as soft as poplar?? last question. thanks.
  6. in cost and funtion? It's not readily available in my area. thanks.
  7. anyone have any ideas on how to move this trunk which i've estimated to weigh 1000-1100 lbs over a fence. dragging is not looking good due to tearing up his lawn.. i did buy a nice peavey from nortool this morning. yard is part aluminum decorative fence and part wooden fence. Also, any ideas on lifting this thing into a trailer would be nice.
  8. Anyone done this? Anything I should be aware of. I have dried Mulberry, White Oak, Redleaf Maple with no problems. I suspect treated wood is a different animal.
  9. Yes, fine tool. Couldnt do without it now.
  10. making some small racks for work with some reclaimed flooring i nabbed from a downtown Charleston, SC church. My thought is a BLO finish. Having never finished pine outside of latex, is that gonna work???
  11. Hey, I see a lot of these things in the shops of pros and semi pros. Never seen Marc, Matt, Shannon or Bois use one. What are they used for and is there a video tutorial anywhere? I am curious to watch one work.
  12. How big does the chainsaw need to be for this thing to do some heavy cutting? How much does a ripping chain set you back? Is the saw dedicated to the mill or easy to remove? Why not buy something like a lumber smith?
  13. did you say poo??? careful, mods might be after ya.