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  1. Nice, Kev! Good to see you making some videos.
  2. Are you guys really thinking about specific angles like that? Outside of my shoulder plane, I only have this one and my low angle block, but I just hone the secondary bevel a little higher than the factory grind. Related topic...I actually went to buy a 4 or a 4.5...but really wanted my thumb and forefinger to be able to turn the adjustment knob while I held it...just out of reach though. Was really awkward to get to the knob...even when i took my hands off the grip. My hands are normal sized, btw...I don't have tiny carney hands Anyone else experience this?
  3. iPhone 7
  4. Don't forget classes at the Woodwright School in NC. Extra bonus...Roy!
  5. Loving my new toy. All that stuff about the LN blades being good to go out of the box...not even close to what a little work on the back with the ruler trick and secondary bevel with the water-stones did for it. Quilted Alder in the scrap bin...who knew? Rocketman decided it was time to stop smoothing
  6. Another scoop. This hardware doesn't require a ferrule like the other, you can drill straight through and cap it with hardware in the back.
  7. The pizza handles were some kind of faux rosewood or Linham Vitae. F'ed up my sinuses big time. Ice cream scoop is a sugar maple branch from my front lawn.
  8. Been mostly using instagram lately to post woodworking content @gossimerwoodworks , but it's mostly all been small lathe projects for me lately. Here's a few
  9. Doesn't have to be submerged. The water will wick up the stone.
  10. You can store the norton stones in water. Shaptons don't have to be soaked
  11. In that photo they're sitting on a big hunk of granite countertop that was removed when my kitchen sink was installed. Rests right in top of my utilatub. For the couple quick secondary bevel passes on the 4000 and 8000 and a few passes on the 8000 on the back to remove the burr, it's very little mess or fuss, and doesn't take more than 2 minutes. Nice to have it all set up and ready to go. Mine are all single grit. Didn't bother with 2 sided combo stones. Sounds like a bit more hassle for not all that much savings.
  12. Also he's clearly going through a tough time emotionally because of the divorce. Plus his boss has been riding him ever since Barb in accounting left the office short-staffed. Pay attention to the little details you overly critical misanthropes.
  13. Yes sir.
  14., man. Wish I just bit the bullet on the $200 years ago. Watched the sharpening video (part of the 10 part handplane video series with Mike P on FWW members only). Was an excellent beginner sharpening (and hand plane) reference.
  15. Lobotomizer It's a remake though, based off the old Stanley #5150