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  1. 2 poplar bowls. Here's where they came from: One went to my neighbor...who helped me get that trunk down the block to my house in July! Made this tiny one from a blank I bought. Padauk I think. And finally, this one from 2 big trunks of soft maple that a buddy gave me. This one goes to his dad, who cut it down and saved them for me. All were roughed out in the summer. The maple one I filmed from chainsaw to finished bowl. Need to do a lot of editing before the video is done.
  2. Yep. For my wife. Thanks for the kind words.
  3. If you subscribe to the $4.99/mo FWW member content, there's a video series called 'Basic Box Making w/ Doug Stowe'. Well worth the price of admission.
  4. Don't sweat it. ARS is pretty much impossible to screw up unless you're leaving huge drips. I've slapped on coats with caution completely thrown to the wind with a dirty rag in a dusty room. Once you got that 4th or 5th coat on there you can sand it and polish it to glass.
  5. Something called 'candle cups'. Got em at a craft store. Sanded one side flat on the disc sander for more epoxy contact.
  6. The planes are their gifts for tomorrow morning. The fat guy in the red suit will get all the credit though!
  7. Rubbed in a coat of watco butcher block. I don't trust lacquer with the epoxy, seeing as lacquer thinner is listed on the epoxy clean-up instructions. They'll get a couple coats of armor seal gloss in the fourth coming weeks. Cant tell from the photo, but there's some crazy figure that walnut. It'll pop up more when there's a couple gloss coats on it. Was a nice surprise when I took off the white paint and saw that (more of the old white-painted walnut stock - from an old built that Steve took down years ago). Who knew it would live on in a kid's toy [emoji318]
  8. Epoxy time - Wheels and jet engines
  9. Done...and evidently it's 4:30 in the morning.
  10. nerve racking . Got 2 of em' chopped out...2 more to go.
  11. From a cube to a box
  12. Rudder grooves
  13. that in the background?? Didn't even notice. [emoji6]
  14. Wheels, axels, wheel struts in 'the dip' (soon to be iron acetate)
  15. Trying to get some photos in different light to give a better feel of the chatoyancy on this box. The flame Birch was so insanely figured that when it's cut up so small and reconnected at so many different angles there's no distinct figure; rather, it shimmers in every direction like a disco ball. It's nuts. The outcome is definitely worth restoration of not being able to use my planer or hand planes on any of the work