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  1. A lot of the long leaf pine forests have been converted into lololly pine farms and in less than ten years, you're writing your grocery lists on the paper made from those trees.
  2. Ya done good, Ice. If Mom loves it, nothing else need be said! Nice job.
  3. That steady rest, goes between the head and the tailstock, when doing extra long spindles. My bet is that it's mounted on the end as storage.. Easy to lose if not careful.
  4. Or add a riser. Yup, the resaw capacity becomes 12" and your new blade size becomes 105".
  5. I used some highly figured Ash for a couple of tables, surounded by cherry.
  6. Amen, my young friend, amen. That's what makes being here a pleasure!
  7. Great view....... mine is turkey's and deer, damn near as good. Only in the morning!
  8. No, electric heat. But it's warm in the winter, and there's A/C for the hot summers.
  9. Being retired and old and getting up earlier than most of the world 3 to 4 AM and walking into a warm shop on a cold morning and the smell of wood and sawdust, just brings a smile to my face, as does the coffee in my hand.
  10. 6 or 7 Stanley 12'....
  11. I like the #0000 and Johnsons wax.... but it's gotta be a week or more before I hit it.
  12. Is that moat speak?
  13. You'll like it here, a bunch of good fellows with tons of knowledge. Welcome!
  14. The Grizzly table saw I bought last year has a router table wing. And I just can't find a reason to use it. I find that had I put a router set up in there, I'd be going crazy shutting down set ups, so I could cut a wide piece. The only good part is it gives me extra support for cutting some sheet goods.
  15. Hes young on alternate Thursdays of the week.