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  1. nabil added a post in a topic Help With Big Glass Doors   

    Hey Russ,

    here is my take on doors like this.

    -choose nice straight grain for your rails and stiles...........rift/quarter sawn. This helps prevent any racking/bowing of the frame.

    -Use mortise and tenon joinery to put the frame together. Personally I would use a cope and stick bit set along with M&T.

    -Glass should have a 1/16" clearance all around. I normally bed the glass inside the rabbet with some clear silicone.

    -If you still feel the frame is not ridgid enough you may want to add a muntin and split the lites into 4.

    best regards,
  2. nabil added a post in a topic sharpening jointer knives   

    You may find a sharpening service listed here that will work for you:

    Best Regards,