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  1. I do know that the clear plastic cursor for the fence is no longer made. I had to replace mine about 6 years ago and the one I found online was a mirror image of mine, th mounting holes were on the other side. Apparently they changed them recently. So if this one is damaged you will need to make your replacement.
  2. Yea thats a Unifence, I had one on my Delta Contractor saw. Its one of the nicest fences I ever used. Great fence if it is good shape of course the rest of the saw has to work too.
  3. This is basically my routine, and depending on the size it goes to the jointer or the hand plane. I even hit the glue side. I like the glue line rip because it does give a clean edge so it cuts down in the next steps what ever they are.
  4. That is weird. I have their glue line rip and that is not the kerf I get. I wonder if they changed something recently. I used it to cut all the tenons on my bookcase project last fall
  5. I have the Freud Glue Line Rip which is 30 tooth that I am real happy with. It also leaves a flat kerf so it is nice for dados, grooves and rabbets.
  6. Maybe you need to change the tip to something with a bigger opening. Just for the heck of it, try a 50/50 mix on some scrap. Are you running the paint through a paper cone filter into your cup?
  7. I wouldn't worry about it, its a shop floor. Mine looks like a color chart from your local paint store. The beds are coming along great.
  8. Looks like it might be Chris Paulk's Garage.
  9. The plane looks great, nice work Lester. It sounded nice too in the video, just like they are supposed to.
  10. I would think that the western red cedar would be pretty easy to source in Washington. Like finding redwood here in California.
  11. Very interesting video. It reminds me of the same care and quality that goes into the Auriou Rasps.
  12. That looks nice so far Daniel.
  13. In the case of furniture making and the use of a miter saw, you start getting into the category of you get what you pay for. If like meyer stated above you are going to us it for rough cut sizing of your lumber it can be dicey if you are dealing with warps and twist and there are better, safer ways to do that. If on the other hand you are speaking of using it on final cross cuts for size then you are going to be disappointed in the results you get from low end prices. In the lower end saws you are going to have a lot of deflection which is going to give you disappointing results. If you invest in something like the Bosch glide you can get nice results and have a tool that will last a long time. I have the 12 inch glide and am extremely happy with the cross cuts I get for final size.
  14. Marc on has a lot of free videos that may be of interest Joining the guild and purchasing some those projects, even though you may not think you are ready for something like that, watching them can teach you a lot of techniques for things you are doing presently. They are very detailed as far as learning new techniques.
  15. Welcome to the forums. Glad tho have you here, this is a great and knowledgable group to be around. There is a whole handful of guys up around your neck of the woods that you will probably hear from before to long.