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  1. I know that it can really feel this way. But most times it is just a matter of them finding out that you are serious about purchasing lumber. Asking questions, restacking lumber properly when you are done and things like this go a long ways to letting them know you are a serious customer. A lot of times they seem of putting because they are busy with contractors and unless they see you are not just a looky loo trying to find something for nothing, they have other things to do. I thought my place was like this but now I am on a first name basis and they've even put me on their contractor data base for pricing. It didn't happen over night its a process.
  2. Big Orange Retail Giant (Home Depot). In other words try to go to a quality lumber yard not a big box store.
  3. I got to say when you mentioned using mirrored glass I wasn't I would care for it. Who asked me anyway? But after seeing it in the doors, it's pretty cool looking.
  4. Old-growth wood is lumber that was grown naturally in virgin, so to speak, forests. There are some areas of some forests that are still untouched where trees haven’t been harvested for use because they are usually protected. These trees grew slowly due to limited light and competition from the other trees. Because of this slow growth rate the growth rings on the trees were packed very tightly together which makes them stronger and sometimes more resistant to rot and disease.
  5. No, not me. I worked with a guy named Chauncey but of course he went by his middle name, John.
  6. I keep telling you guys, his name is Chauncey.
  7. Yea Coop has it right you can do a lot of table saw work on a good bandsaw. So I would do what Kev said look at the jointer and bandsaw. Welcome to the forums
  8. That Icnra stand has slots in the legs so the front, back and two sides just slide in. But building the internal parts for the drawers and such are a bit challenging because you have to do it with the outside already in place. Kind of backwards of normal case construction. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't have ordered the stand, I would just build the whole thing from scratch.
  9. The top on my LS system is 27" wide 44" deep. With the fence pushed all the way back I am 22" to the front edge of the table and I have never had the need for more real estate. If you are getting the smaller top you would only be 1 1/2" narrower on either side of the router. I think you would be fine. Hopefully TIODS will chime in again I know he has had experience with both sizes of router tables the Jessem and the Incra. Just a couple of pics of mine for you to compare.
  10. Sounds like a good deal. I hope everything goes together and runs well for you.
  11. I like that cabinet, Great Job.
  12. Are you replacing, repair, matching something that already exists? If so try taking a scrap to your yard for a match.
  13. I use small squares of scrap wood but the leather sounds like a better idea.
  14. Maybe you should just hold on to the money until you see an actual need for a tool based on a project you have coming up or are working on. Why by a tool just to by it. What if you pick something up for $400 and then never use it, then down the road you find a need for some other tool but now you are broke. Wait until a need arises. That would go a long way at the lumber yard too.
  15. Welcome Andy.