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  1. Getting my 2nd coat of primer on. Ya painting is so dang boring! Decided to get that started for now and then come back and deal with the doors.
  2. Damn you were right that was short and sweet lol. That attaching to the outfeed table is brilliant!! Does it line up when the sleds are down or when you hook it up there you take the back sled off and it goes right out to the outfeed?
  3. ok perfect. Let me find the hinge I think I want to go with first haha
  4. hmmmm ... I am thinking I will need something that has a little wiggle room in them judging by the test fit. Everything is not lining up 100% like I was hoping. So I would need to move to the Euro style to get that ability to make slight adjustments?
  5. this ^^ Mark has mentioned is several videos about how to use it ... he just moves it along not putting any pressure down on it.
  6. Yep flush trim bit. Easiest and quickest way I know. Thanks for the explanation Steve that helps a lot!
  7. Figure while I'm still working on hinge selection I'd be productive. Knocked out the shelves tonight. Slooooowly keep on keeping on 6 of them ready. Not sure we will use 6 but it is there just in case.
  8. perfect, thanks guys! Are Euro the only hinges that can move in and out and up and down once installed to make the slight adjustments?
  9. oooh ok ... gotcha! maybe something like that would be easier to just get everything on and moving along.
  10. the frame is 2" wide and 3/4" thick ... if that makes a difference. Or do you still consider that too narrow?
  11. So something that looks like this? Would these work for this?
  12. do you have a picture of your chest right now and marked out where the hinges should probably go?
  13. so as far as hinges go ... with my weird overhang measurement does that limit me on the hinges I can use? Should I try to trim up the doors a little to get them a little smaller? Rebuild the doors? lol Thoughts?
  14. So here's where I am at. There is 7/8" overhang. Not sure why I was going for a 3/4 but guess I mathed it up wrong. The face frame is 3/4 thick if that matters. Got the face frame sanded before I started messing with the doors. Next I'll round over everything with a 1/8" bit. Then start plotting install for the doors. Thoughts on hinges or where I am at with doors to install hinges?