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  1. Just saw this on FB. Get back to the store and get more green Shane [emoji1][emoji1]
  2. I am going to need to build a new wall cabinet for our bathroom because we have a huge open wall and are running low on space. For the most part it would hold the basics ... towels and bathroom/shower stuff. All the cabinets I see that I like are $200+ so I figured why not do it myself then and most likely save money and it be better quality. I am not sure on a design yet ... nothing too crazy. Not sure if I want all open or doors or a mix of both. Maybe open on top and then a full slide out drawer on the bottom? Wood - not sure either ... our bathroom is white/gray color combo. So nothing really stands out as being an amazing accent color so I think I am wide open for options. I was also thinking of nice plywood, maple or burch and just edge band a nice accent color on. Finish ... will need to be water/steam proof since it is in the bathroom. Recommendations on that? ARS?
  3. Oh awesome! Cant wait to see this because that is an awesome idea hooking it into the OF table!
  4. haha I like the intro there! How many hours of sanding did you have to put in to get this wrapped up? Looks amazing though! When we will get to see the planer stand hooked up to the table to see how that goes?
  5. looking great! That top is going to really pop once finished!
  6. either should be fine as long as both are against the fence and you have enough room to keep your hands safely away from the blade. I would assume it is just personal preference and depending on how wide the boards all because I like to cut wider boards flat and not standing.
  7. just getting caught back up on this ... amazing looking OF table there! great work as always! Cant wait to see the final couple videos
  8. man I am gone for a couple weeks for the holidays and come back to all this amazingness! great progress Shane! all that bubinga in the burn bin
  9. So after an amazing gift showed up on my porch yesterday from some super amazing guys, I knew it was time to get to work and give it the proper living area in my shop. I dont know just yet how I exactly want this to look, but I do have some ideas. I dont have much free time to work on it until Friday so until then I can work on my drawing and get that part figured out at least. I do know I want some storage .. maybe 2-3 shelved ... and possibly a place to slide back the lumber. It also needs casters so I can tuck it away when needed. I am thinking a love child between the below images: @TIODS Drum Sander setup ... Overall size will most likely be just big enough to hold the 735 on top. I dont need a monstrosity floating around the shop. Going to work on a few sketches now and see what really sticks.
  10. I saw this today and thought it would be pretty cool to make a version of this myself ... my questions are what should I use for piping? how clean will this be for long term use? I guess depending on your piping you can screw your spigot into it like they did? Would the brass turn green or effect the taste of the alcohol?
  11. What do y'all think that black thing is that the bottle goes into? That looks the easiest to build and just put it in a wood box
  12. Oh that's a good idea. I'll take a look. Pretty good idea but just was trying not to have to hang it
  13. Ya I'm thinking the inside is like a water cooler at the office. Where the basin fills up to the bottle and then stops. Just need to find some stainless steel parts lol
  14. Dang this is looking better and better!! Keep up the good work!
  15. Always a fun topic So I have a work craft show that they let employees sign up for for free so I figured why not. I could turn some pens and make some cutting boards and maybe some bandsaw boxes and other smaller things. So I was going to try to put some other cool looking woods together along with the basics. I was going to use walnut, maple, cherry, oak ... but was hoping to get a few others in there like pecan or sapele and maybe some other you all know of?? Thoughts? I am mainly asking because these people wouldnt know quality wood if I beat them over the head with some 8/4 figured walnut!
  16. How's it going?
  17. Wow that did cut very smooth! Too bad you didn't do a quick cut with a combo to show the difference
  18. I've read steel is best. But haven't seen anyone selling more than a 36" is that big enough for jointer etc etc? http://www.leevalley.com/US/wood/page.aspx?cat=1,240,45313&p=56676 For a 50" all I can find is something like this for half price of veritas 50" Anodized Aluminum Straight Edge Guaranteed Straight to Within .005" Over Full 50" Length SE50 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017CGDO4S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_X9ctyb44RJXS4
  19. What are your thoughts on a length of a outfeed to support an 8 piece on the tablesaw. How far past the blade should the outfeed be to make sure the board is supported enough not to start tipping up too dangerously to handle. Yes an 8' outfeed table would be great, but that is not realistic. So trying to figure out a happy medium to where I could rip an 8' board and still be safe about it. I could of swore I read somewhere that it needs to be at least half the size of your board behind the blade ... but I could be wrong. (so 4 feet behind the blade on an 8' rip)
  20. Oh wow! 8/4 bubinga?? Hopefully your BF pricing is way cheaper than mine lol Why is bubinga going to be harder to come by now?
  21. Good to know as well. Glad it can be used for more than just setting up machinery and if you don't drop it you should be good using it for a long time.
  22. Does it feel kinda cheap to where you think you could easily bend it out of alignment?
  23. This may be what I actually go with because I could use it for more than just setting up.
  24. So with my terrible pic are you saying you would put the screws in the middle like I have it? That's a drawing with the table flipped over and the legs up haha.
  25. So for this one ... I have been looking but I am not sure on how they connected the top and the legs... I was thinking for the legs they look like they possibly have a dado to receive just a little of each of that shelves then the seat I would assume figure 8 connectors or something a long those lines? I cant tell if the only have supports going leg to leg on each end or if they also ran something lengthwise as well. If they only ran supports on each end, would figure 8s still work? Or is there something better? For this one ... The support bar would be connected through dowels/biscuit/domino maybe? Then the seat installed with a blind mortise/tenon .. is that a thing?