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  1. Now there..4 of us... Welcome to the forum. Nice bench build. I dig the massive slab tops.
  2. I definately agree with OSB walls over sheetrock. I can drop a screw in anywhere to hang about anything I want and I like having stuff wall mounted near where it is used.
  3. What does the reducer need to reduce? The outlet it comes with is the correct size for a 4in tube.
  4. I wonder how hard it would be to rig up a coopers plane that they use for shaping the barrels to cut your octagonal poles into cylinders.
  5. I've never heard of the company. What's their story?
  6. Couldn't of said it better myself
  7. What length does the top of the bench need to be? I may have the piece for you at home.. last cut on a Claro log about 15 years ago. Been sitting on my rack for 3 years.
  8. For a shop floor, nothing works better than a thin layer of sawdust to make the statement "this is a shop".
  9. An inch a second sounds very fast. When cutting veneers, I'm running maybe a sixth of an inch per second.
  10. I was thinking ft at first then remembered the plug it cord and issue I had with mine at first. The plug it for the track saw is different than the plug it for the Domino and sanders. Different size wire so you can't run the bigger draw to on a smaller wire. The first time I traveled with the tools, I brought the wrong (smaller) cord. Now I run everything on the bigger wire which fits all.
  11. Good to know. Thx
  12. That is a very sweet find and at only 16deep, it won't take up an ungodly amount of real estate.
  13. Which saw are we speaking of?
  14. I tried a few colors in my shop. About a third each color. One was a beigeish color one muted blue and 1961 corvette pearl white. I went with the white. It felt so much lighter at my table saw which was by that third. That was the deciding factor.
  15. If you have to go through northern Missouri, it ain't worth it..