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  1. I like my milwaukee 16 more than my fatmax 16 tape measure.
  2. If I may weigh in on the subject. I own about 20 tape measures. Currently I know where 7 of them are located. I bring a tape measure to a room to do something like hang a picture, measure for a piece of furniture or something, and then that tape measure is offered as tribute to the room until it is rescued at a later point in time.
  3. I had the Rikon 10-325. It was a good saw when setup really well, but the guides are pretty crappy and they seized numerous times I had to keep soaking them in bearing cleaner and then lube them every couple of months. Don't go bigger than a 1/2" blade. That said, the laguna 14|12 has way better fit and finish, along with better blade guides.
  4. Take some pictures and post them here. Sometimes you can polish a turd. Other times it's best to just get something new. Squaring machinery, cleaning off rust, and tune ups are a part of woodworking.
  5. For resawing you're gonna want to step it up to a 3+ HP machine. I did a bit of resawing and ripping 10" x 10' 10/4 maple when I built my Roubo. I used my Laguna 14|12 to do this with a couple of different blades. Working with pieces that big on a 14" saw is a surefire way to make your table/trunion flex under the weight of a large board like that. I stepped up to a MiniMax mm20 5hp machine with a 1.3 TPI carbide blade and it's an absolute monster. There's a night and day difference in performance.
  6. I properly fit my panels and use spaceballs. As Marc likes to say "I'm someone who likes a belt and suspenders." The strips you're talking about are Panalign strips made by CMT.
  8. Perfectly drilled holes are important for square and alignment. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. I usually finish purpleheart with fire. Takes care of any future issues.
  10. If I had to rip long boards by hand, I'd load 1 bullet in a revolver, spin the cylinder and then make a line every 8 inches, when I reached each line I'd get one chance to end the misery. If I got through the whole board before I was able to end it, I'd crack open a 6 pack and call it a day. On a serious note though, if I absolutely had to, I would just use the holdfasts and let the board hang off the edge of the bench and then maybe a small stool to stand on for needed height.
  11. Mel, You might want to consider an American made machine.
  12. I only put in my dado stack for when I'm doing tenons, or using the kerfmaker. BCTW FTW!
  13. In all seriousness though. I've been considering getting rid of my Jet cabinet saw and getting a Hammer
  14. I hear Marc is selling his Dewalt flexvolt one. You could probably make it into a euro slider with parts from an old xerox machine, a handful of woodscrews, and some twine.