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  1. i assume treesner that you have checked the drawer and your base for square?, if they are not that could be some of your problem, the other thing i see as an issue is that you will have to install some guide strips on top of your slides in the case to prevent the drawer from binding, they should be flush with the inside of the leg, wax or a product called slip-it for wood slides will help greatly.
  2. wise words, i want tools that work, and i hate to buy the same thing twice because the first one was sub-standard and didn't work as advertised. i apply this to most things, my wife says i want the best of everything and i tell her i don't want to buy 10 junk garden hoses, i want to get the best one and be done with it. i would rather have one great plane instead of 5 that are junk and don't fit my needs.
  3. thanks Terry, i've read his books, good thing to do on a non- shop day, as if there's any of those around here.
  4. welcome to the forum, great looking shop, and that bench looks like it will be built to last, looks great so far. be sure to post pictures of your progress.
  5. i think Ice nailed it, everything i would have said except for sanding, when i'm sanding my thought is i'm about to put the finish on and i can finally see the grain pop and my thoughts go to the next project.
  6. i held on to my dads old Craftsman saw way to long, nostalgia i guess, sold it to a friend who wanted it and bought new, never looked back. sometimes its just better to move on, especially if you're serious about woodworking.
  7. nice work Joe, i like them all.
  8. coming together nicely dave, like the mirror glass, keep the pictures coming.
  9. count me in on this one, i've been wanting to do something similar for a while now.
  10. that looks like white oak to me, having a lot of something is not always a good thing, those pieces are so small glueing them up end to end would be a waste of time IMO, you could use them for small projects if you're really attached to them, white oak is nice to work with but to try to make long boards out of them would not end well. and, welcome to the forum
  11. i don't think so, i assume that your TS lives in the same spot all the time so i think it would be a good idea, i'm sure you could design a fence that would work, and if you're going that far why not make storage underneath as well, drawers, shelves, whatever . you would have to consider dust/chip collection for underneath and above the table.
  12. beautiful work Wade, make him some coasters for the fine craft beers that will be on it soon.
  13. home run Ronn, very, very nice, well done top to bottom!
  14. sounds like you're pretty well equipped, i would head for the lumber yard if it were me. remember " wood will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no wood"
  15. Wow! thats really coming together nicely dave, beautiful work!