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  1. Welcome to the forums Jeremy.
  2. Are you still there OP?
  3. I heard material x3.
  4. Looks like a good day for it. How is the painting coming?
  5. Its a nice thing to do for mom and it looks good all together . How are the shelves held in?
  6. Nice . I bet you have some time in it . I see the 16 draws but what is in the center of the bench? Will you finish it or leave as be?
  7. I like the Fat Max as well. Easy to see the numbers doesnt hurt either.
  8. 10 in your house. Must be 25 in the shop then.
  9. Never used ARS but wouldnt 3000 grit make it look like plastic?
  10. Well its very nice. Thank you.
  11. You planed that out well Eric . Is the bandsaw a bit lower than the miter saw outfeed table?
  12. I like the bowls. Nice.
  13. What works for me is I go fast when I stain and dont leave it sit before I wipe off. Then I go back with a bit of stain if I need to and touch up.
  14. I also think it would be a pain and would look for ways to build a router table you can store somewhere.