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  1. Hi Andy. Im not saying it wont work ok but the bag will fill up fast depending on how much you do and it seems in the way. His wood drags on his bag if you dont hold it up also.
  2. Cool Cat .
  3. Nice frame and gift Mike
  4. I have that sliding table and love it.
  5. I have a Makita jobsite saw I use away from shop and never feel all that safe using the darn thing. Even a contractor saw is way nicer.
  6. Nice work and great match on finish.
  7. There ramps,jacks and lots of other things are fine for home use. I like going in the store but I admit I have no woodworking stuff from there.
  8. Im not shore why you would need 3-phase. What are your plans?
  9. That is some nice work Kev. Is the floor in the shop good and solid I hope.
  10. Welcome. Thanks for your service.
  11. Bad Idea.. Forget it.
  12. Please guys. There must be better looking he/shes than this. Also how do you all now so much about this stuff?
  13. I also have a 30 pack frig. Never thought about keeping my flakes in there.
  14. I still feel the same way but I respect your feelings guys.
  15. Too used.