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  1. @Tom King, great discussion. I just returned from a very pleasurable driving trip through parts of NC (I did wave, but I'm not sure you saw me). I used some of my time while not behind the wheel to do a little google research on Southern Yellow Pine, and learned much the same. It's not that the trees grow differently, it is that we have changed what trees are growing, and how long we let them grow. OP, Here is one web page I found particularly informative on different species of "pine"
  2. Here is a link to Marc's video on sharpening. It covers his method for flattening the stone towards the end, but there are numerous other methods to successfully sharpen tools and flatten stones.
  3. I get the question, but without the mask in hand I can't guess how that might be done. I would consider wearing the hard hat with the attached ear muffs. The hat combo might be easier to take on and off w/o becoming entangled in the mast straps. I have gone to wearing ear plugs rather than muffs. I think it was This Old House that said they provided better protection. True or not, plugs might also be less likely to become entangled.
  4. Very nice station. I have also heard you can use mineral spirits on the DMT for lubrication which keeps it from rusting. The Schwarz mentions it in his handplane book. No idea if that is OK for the waterstones, though.
  5. @collinb, you sir are a Workmate-aholic.
  6. I thought of that, but didn't know it was OK to write on them? Because mine aren't really two colors before I flatten at least as far as I can tell. Maybe they don't need flattening as much as I think.
  7. One advantage would be the DMTs don't need to be flattened after use. I'm still trying to figure out when the Shaptons need to be flattened and how much to work them on the DMT before declaring them flat.
  8. You could glue the wide faces together (they are already sooth) to make a very thick chopping block style cutting board. But, I think you can only make so many of those. Small boxes might work particularly if you have some thinner pieces. What about some signs?
  9. Would you folks recommend the same approach, dissasemble and move the pieces, if the table saw is brand new?
  10. Bump. I use the Shapton/DMT system Marc describes in his video. The Shaptons require much less water than you need for traditional water stones. So I was looking for more of a sharpening puddle than pond. Looking around at household stuff that might work I came upon this solution for around 15 bucks. I found this baking pan at Target: Wilton ultra bake professional. It's 16 x 12 inches and comes with a plastic cover. Initially I thought I'd use the heavy metal pan and just use the cover to store my stones in the pan, but it turns out the hesvy plastic cover makes an almost ideal "puddle". The cover is not perfectly flat. The outer surface has a shallow rectangular convexity. A piece of cardboard covered over with a couple of layers of packaging tape fills in the gap and is waterproof. Inverted and nested into the pan gives me a puddle. I have been using it a while and it is working out well. It is roomy with short walls and easy to clean. I put a layer of that rubbery non slide shelf liner between the lid and pan and under the pan to keep things from sliding around.
  11. @Pug MINUS 38. Jeez Louise, Pug say it aint so. Please, promise us you won't go to sleep, not until Spring. At that temperature it may be the last time you do
  12. Rubber cement. Buy it in the office supply section. You can peel off the sandpaper then rub off the adhesive with your finger. Re-apply the cement and new sand paper.
  13. If you folks could take a brief break from the humor (just a brief one), could someone explain how the Hammer takes a dado stack? As I recall there are two large pins on the blade mount that require companion holes in the blade, so I am assuming the blades are proprietary or at least a special design. ...and hoping not to open Pandora's box, @Llama could you direct me to your sliding table rant, I'd like to check that out. BUT, please don't feel obligated to start ranting again .
  14. Thinking up the next step in a project or a solution to a problem while driving to work and wishing I wasn't.
  15. I am in the learn the skill camp, just because I like learning. I wouldn't hold it against someone if they didn't have the skill or interest in learning it. However, there are some times when a Domino just won't do. I can't see how you attach a Rubo leg to its top with Dominos.