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  1. thanks for long answer to a short question:)
  2. bbarry one point to remember is what the guy said about switching sides when jointing in case the fence isnt true 90 degrees.. sometimes the little things make a big difference but are hidden in plane sight.
  3. what is the zoom factor on these shots? is what you would see threw a 10 power loupe?
  4. kon jelly make sure your gettun apples to apples and not apples to squash.. wouldnt be the first time a salesman said yes we have that and its not what we are after.
  5. well its not real expensive and if it safes some time on a job one time. its paid for it self:)
  6. that was what thought light work, i have a hole hawg for most work but the small stuff i was thinking this could do.. mainly driveing screws and small drill jobs. will look at them tomorrow in the local tool store.. side note. sorry about having this thread in the wrong place to stat with.. thanks for moving it as soon as it arrived.
  7. i was shown this by a friend and he said it worked great, but the revues i have found on it vary a lot. there seems to be 2 versions the 50 series and a 100 series. how would this hold up in a hammer type cordless? and users out here for some input on this attachment? LINK
  8. eric is correct, and gee dub has a good point as well make the pieces as short as you can before ripping to width.
  9. what speed you running the conveyor at?
  10. another vote for the woodmaster over the shop fox or others, the company has top notch service people, and the machine is rock solid.. mike, i watched your demo and how much did you change the depth setting during the 6 or 7 passes you gave your panel? i have a 3875 single drum and only problem i have had with it is i had to replace the velcro pad because of a divot trench caused from a glue joint and higher wood height on a piece i ran threw for a friend when i first got it. lesson learned after that the scrub plane came out first to get close. also if you try to take to much of a cut at one time you can stall the piece and it will get a snipe like defect, but can be solved by taking smaller cuts to get back where you need to be.
  11. i to have mixed min wax stains to get to the color desired. perhaps you could lighten the legs some to help in your color match.
  12. well its been 2 or 3 wks for the traps and i finally got one 2 days ago. have checked all the possible openings and found some daylight in the OHead door area its now dark as well so maybe i got the problem solved.. in the future i will use traps exclusively.. dont need sick dogs or cats in the neighborhood on my account.. but i am in the country and pets ae to be leased not running loose
  13. loos similar to a stanley 113, but no knob?
  14. do you have a sketch of this project to show where your concerned with joinery? on a corner you could use a miter lock and that looks like one piece and works well.
  15. my first nesting area was in the pulley shield of my air compressor which is next to the OH door, then found them in a drawer in the main shop.. cleaned out both areas then put out poison,, 2 weeks later had more fuzz in drawer:( set traps next to the drawer and window sills that showed traffic.. will reset in new areas tomorrow in case they dont want to climb to get food anymore.. have closed of the area i think they came in at. OHead door opening