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  1. Yes i do. I tensioned the saw when it was warm and then ran it when it was cold so i bet anything that it's from the constriction due to lower temperatures.
  2. It didn't even break on the weld. If you look between my middle and ring finger there is another break starting ... I feel like it shouldn't make a difference but the blade was probably sitting at 40 degrees F or 499.67 for those that prefer the Rankine scale.
  3. Went to resaw some zebrawood last night and 90% of the way through a short cut i heard a loud bang and then every thing went silent. ResawKing blade snapped after less then 200 BF of re-sawing (I don't know how else to measure this). I was cheesed. Called service they weren't the most inspiring to deal with on the phone and they told me to email them pictures. I sent the email at 9:00am CST they responded put an order in for a new blade closed the service ticked all with in 25 min with no questions asked. I now have a nice smile on my face. I no longer question their customer service.
  4. You have a great point! Curly maple and walnut it is!
  5. Bear Mountain boats, the company Nick Offerman shot a canoe video for, uses west systems and special clear fro the fiberglass on their boats. I don't know off hand if they put any additional finish on top of it though.
  6. WOOO!!! Passed super happy about that now to pick out some expensive exotic to make a frame to frame up my professional certificate! Rosewood or Cocobolo ... or maybe becote .
  7. Is it impolite to say use walnut and don't stain it, maybe try and follow Gee_Dubs finishing schedule he did for his walnut dresser. If dead set on stain I'd stick with an oak or ash. Ash > oak in my opinion.
  8. I've always meant to ask. Are the DC plastic bags meant to be reused? I also thought about just putting a 2nd filter bag on the bottom to catch the chips and dust.
  9. Starting this for everyone. Share you small Christmas projects if you like. If you want to keep them secret post them after Christmas. I used a thread like this from a couple years ago to try and get good ideas for this year. I made my mom a few spurtles, at her request. My shaping of them was noobish (left) to start and got slightly better (center) but they are still far from perfect. Also made my first cutting board so i could truly join the woodworking community. The cutting board was to match a serving tray that i made for her last hear. This year she wanted it refinished because she mucked it up. My dad liked my purple heart mallet a lot and wanted one similar but smaller. I have a couple other gifts I'm working on I'll post later.
  10. Hope it works! Working in the cold sucks! Snow from the last 2 days. Why don't you just keep a CO detector in your shop near it? I didn't think these put out much CO but i could be wrong.
  11. Sanding by far. I enjoy sweeping. Moping is even better.
  12. Good work mel i like it!
  13. That's what i was going to suggest when i read this but I've been busy shoveling the last 3 days. Did you get the 20 lb tank attachment? I have the small guy and it worked great for a single stall when i was working in an apartment garage.
  14. BLASPHEMY!!! There are a few different P100 filters and i don't know the difference between them. They all have the P100 rating which i think is the one we are looking for for dust.
  15. I can't help you on the model but i can tell you that if your protecting yourself from dust you don't need organic vapor cartridges. The pink P100 filters will work fin there.