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  1. Welcome! As mentioned above you want a film finish on a desktop.
  2. Freud glue line rip.
  3. They turned out great!
  4. I have not...I use Zirconia Alumina Abrasive from Woodworker's Supply it lasts a long time. I put 100 grit on the front drum and 120 on the rear.
  5. Yep like TIODS says it happens but you made a nice recovery.
  6. Great use of space!
  7. Just water and pop in mine...but the suggestions above provide food for thought on other uses
  8. Looks great! I'm with shaneymack on the grain match.
  9. They look great!
  10. If I was buying today I would get the supermax single drum when I was in the market 10 years ago the cantilever designs did not get very good reviews so I went with the General International 24" double drum. Having said that I use it quite often.
  11. I have 100 on the front and 120 on the rear drum If I only had one drum I would just pick one of those two grits and go, regardless you will do some finish sanding so not a big deal in my opinion.
  12. Unfortunate for sure.
  13. Turned out great!
  14. Great job AJ!! ...and your helper as well