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  1. Not on purpose maybe...but I find myself, while engrossed in my work, forgetting to close a gate on a pretty regular basis LOL
  2. I love the front board and end cap combination! Nicely done!
  3. Oneida designed mine syetem (26' x 36' shop) and it does have about 6' of 8" out of the dust collector then splits to two 6" runs with 4" & 5" drops to tools off those two runs. My collector is a 5 HP dust gorilla
  4. Pug can't help you with that one but I have had the Laguna 16HD for 10ish years and the Laguna 1412 for about a year both have been awesome saws.
  5. I agree. That was the first thing I changed instead of hard sole slip ons I wear tennis shoes now, between that and the rubber floor tiles I can last about twice as long as before. Went from about 5 hrs to 10ish.
  6. I haven't taken any classes here but visited last fall when I attended the WoodenBoat school. Rick is correct awesome location and some of the pieces they had on display (made by instructors and students) were simply stunning.
  7. Man Ronn you just keep knocking them out of the park! Great job!!
  8. Welcome!
  9. I am in MN and my shop is heated and air conditioned so I would nt have that issue but since they are made from recycled tires you wouldn't hurt the tiles mold may be an issue though I would check with or maybe other folks on here will have thoughts on that one.
  10. I have used mats from Rockler/ Woodcraft for years and just switched to the rubber tiles Marc recommended on one of his off cuts videos. The tiles weren't that expensive the shipping was fairly hefty though. Anyway these things are awesome I ended up buying more and covering more of my shop. Not sure why but I just do not get anywhere near as much back fatigue even after a full day in the shop. Definitely a thumbs up from me. FYI the Guild gets you a 28% discount
  11. Great use of space Rex!
  12. Very nice Brian!
  13. I'm with Chet K. I have a tool fund and I no longer purchase tools until needed for a project. I also keep a tool wish list in Excel that I add items to. Most of what goes on eventually gets purchased but several have come off as well. I started using hand tools a couple years ago and a great example is bench planes. I started with a WR 5 1/2 fully expecting to get a whole compliment but after working with them most of the ones I thought I would get I haven't and several specialty planes have made there way into my shop. Most of which are small hand planes, my WR 5 1/2 is still my most used all around plane. I did purchase a LN bronze 4 smoother last summer that I love but it had been on the wish list for over a year
  14. MattK, Mike Pekovich did a nice article on routing out for these over at FWW magazine i used his process when I made my tool chest