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  1. Wow, that's an interesting tool, looks like it's in gorgeous shape too. Pretty sure South Bend never made a wood lathe, and the screw along the front definitely looks like it's for metalworking. Probably best to find a metalworking forum, or maybe look over at VintageMachinery.
  2. Even with a 6" riser, you won't quite have enough capacity to cut the larger log, and even the smaller log could be a stretch when you factor in a sled or jig to keep the log oriented. So you still need some way to trim the log down to fit. Or pick up a real big new bandsaw. Assuming you have a chainsaw, you could always buy an Alaskan mill setup for <$200. If you expect to do this again, that might be a worthwhile upgrade.
  3. Great looking shelf! On the Nest, very few (if any) IoT devices are properly secured from the factory. There's a pretty good chance your device is being used as part of a bot-net for hire. Not necessarily a threat to you, but it is a problem for other folks.
  4. I had a Rockwell Homecraft 10" saw starting out. Not exactly the same, but it did share that awful fence/rail system. I got $50 for mine as well, but it took some selling.
  5. I'll second the wipe-on poly. Thin veneer like that is going to need all the protection it can get.
  6. Welcome! Looking forward to more pictures of that bench. Any chance of a shot of the top?
  7. Naw, get yourself some Daffodil Essential Oil and rub it on your big toe, clears that right up.
  8. The Harbor Freight is a fine entry-level option, but it probably won't be able to manage all the shavings coming off your planer unless the planer has an active/powered ejector. I use my DC for cleanup after the planer has done its damage, otherwise either the impeller or the cyclone will clog up.
  9. The few times I've tried to fill a gap with a sliver of wood, I've always ended up calling more attention to the patch than the gap would have. Essentially going from 1 gap to two smaller lines.
  10. I'm no expert on stain, but it would help if you can provide a little more information. What wood are you using? What stain are you using? How many coats have you applied?
  11. Have you built your requisite Ruobo workbench yet? Seriously, you could make a hell of a workbench top out of those. Workbenches are good spots for wood with a history, and you won't care about the odd look.
  12. I have a similar foil on the ceiling of my 1-car shop. It's decent stuff, but I'm not a fan of the light and look. Of course mine is on an 8 foot ceiling, much more noticeable than your installation. Impressive work Freed, I've been popping in occasionally, but never have anything to say other than jealousy .
  13. If you're thinking of doing this with the other planter box, I would use Coffee Table Lift hinges. This particular style is assisted opening, and don't have a crossbar which would reduce internal access.
  14. I've got a Joiner that was responsible for a minor amputation when my father used to use it. There's something special about using a tool which has tasted blood .
  15. There's good advice here, and pictures will be necessary for us to help. Here's my advice though: Don't try and get them all working. Decide on one project you want to tackle, and just start with that. Keep it to one machine if possible. Want to make a box? Great, focus on cleaning up just the table saw/crosscut slider, forget everything else for now and buy some S4S stock. You can slowly fix up the rest of the tools, but right now you need to make something, and feel that satisfaction.