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  1. Wow... it's been a busy month. Unfortunately, not busy in terms of woodworking. My oldest is on a robotics team and we spent the last month prepping for the state tournament that happened this past weekend. They finished 12th out of 25 teams, which isn't too shabby for a second year team that lost half of its members midway through the build season. Super fun experience and I'm very proud of these kids. That all being said, I'm looking forward to wrapping up some projects over the next couple of weeks and preparing for some upcoming ones. I'll be updating this project and the walnut/poplar desk project and getting them wrapped up. Got some new toys for my shop to play with, too... can't wait!
  2. You forgot duct tape
  3. Always know where your towel is.
  4. Yeah, I'll get some scrap... there's a bin of it out in the shop. This stuff is 3/8" so not much thicker... I'll let you know how it goes! Worst-case, I'm out the $30 it cost me to have this made and will have another one done with the holes being done as a part of it.
  5. 1/4" with a countersink for the mounting screws on my Triton router.
  6. That sounds like a good way to do it... I've seen some sites reference special drill bits for plexiglass... I take it that's not necessary? Lower speed w/ a slower feed rate, maybe?
  7. Then it's a question of lining everything up properly with the hole in the plate when I can't see it... I guess worst-case I can drill a hole in one side of the MDF clamp-up to match the one in the middle... line that up and then mark and drill...
  8. So here's the plate, fresh from the mfg floor. The rails were drilled in the wrong location so they're fixing those. Now I've got to go home and mark it for the holes to mount to the router. Now, anyone have any tips for drilling acrylic? I'm worried about cracking it when I go to drill the holes for the screws... the main hole and rail slots were laser cut here and now I'm starting to think I should have given them the router plate and had them laser cut those, too...
  9. I thought it was more about how you use it... @Marmotjr those all look great! I'm going to have to play with those. Thanks for finding and sharing!
  10. So I'm having the manufacturing floor at my workplace make these components for me out of acrylic for a more permanent mortising jig to use on my router. Looking forward to getting the pieces so I can get it all put together. I'll still need to drill out the holes to mount it to my router but I figured I can easily handle that part. Maybe I'll bring my router plate in, though, and have them do it after this part is done.
  11. I recently started using the Cutlist extension for Sketchup, which for a free plugin, works quite nicely. I was curious what you guys have found useful?
  12. Oh, that's brilliant. I really like that idea. Guess it's time to buy a v-groove bit!
  13. I think my shoulder might not have been fully square on one side of the tenon. On closer inspection the other side of that is together and flat, no problem. This is the back of the door so I'll figure out some fix for it but at least it won't be seen all of the time. I'm cutting the panels today and will rabbet the back of the frame with my router for the panel to sit in. Going back, I wish I'd have gone with my initial idea to cut a groove for them to sit inside the frame but I'm here now so I'll make the best of it. The panels will only be attached at the top and bottom of each with a single Brad in the center of the board. They'll be connected to each other via tongue and groove without glue so they can expand as necessary.
  14. Well, last night was stressful. Dry fitted the frame, had to make a few adjustments to the tenons, but it came out okay. Then I applied glue to the tenons and started putting it all together... that's where things went wrong. Some of the joints that fit nice and tight before all of a sudden didn't want to close up. I was able to pull some of them tight with clamps but ended up with a couple gaps I just couldn't close. Having already applied glue (which had begun to set because I messed with it so long) there wasn't much I could do at that point. I ended up with a gap on one of them that's slightly smaller than 1/16". I'm wondering if I can cut some thin strips of wood and glue them in to fill the gap and try to hide the mistake. Honestly, I'm just sick over this. [emoji29] Any advice?
  15. Wow! That is all absolutely fantastic information! Seriously, I'm blown away. Thank you very much for sharing all of that. This is the kind of knowledge that I love here in this forum and I am very thankful to those who offer the information so freely. For my mortises, I plunged full depth at each end and then took several passes at increasing depths to slog out the middle. The triton router I have has excellent dust collection for vacuums so that helped keep a lot of it clear as I went along but the initial plunges did tend to burn a bit if I went too fast. I chalk that up mostly to using a straight bit rather than a spiral up cut bit. I've got one of those marked for purchase soon, though.