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  1. I had to look it up too, I thought it was something like that but I hadn't seen that style before.
  3. Oh you're right, I forgot about the newfangled Phenolic Roubo's
  4. Looking good! Rockler router table?
  5. Oh my, I think I am in love
  6. @Anna S is the top slab curly cherry?
  7. My brother lives in Baltimore with his wife and they can't imagine living anywhere else, just as much as I can't imagine living there, lol, so I totally get the draw of the city just from the conversations we have about it. Certainly don't begrudge anyone who likes it, I just enjoy looking at the way other people find their own peace in different environments.
  8. Make me think, is there a digital fraction caliper? Edit: Ask and ye shall receive...
  9. I would totally move into a city. If they took out all of the *shudder* other people
  10. You're not the first person to use bubinga either but the way you are using it is looking fantastic so I am going to give you credit whether you like it or not
  11. Hello, fellow MD'er! Looking awesome so far, keep us updated!
  12. Seem like good timing for @Janello!
  13. Great ingenuity with the jigs, they clearly worked out really well
  14. (it is 3450rpm but a few pulleys and a diy jack shaft and you are set) I found what I assume is the ad for the lathe too and it looks like it still has the old motor, maybe you can troubleshoot it? Also, 1/3 should be enough to get you started