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  1. This site is really helpful. It gives the wood properties as well as showing what it looks like when stained. -
  2. My first thought was to glue up some 2x4's and then cut out your octagon. Laminated poles are more expensive than solid poles, but they stay straight. Here is a brochure from where I used to work. .
  3. The pan was dry. I think it was for sawdust. The walls are ugly and white. I'm not pretty and my shop doesn't need to be either. I'm done painting.
  4. I delivered some face frame stock to a cabinet shop in Kentucky yesterday. On the way home I picked up the saw I bought. I am starting another thread on stocking my shop with tools. I won't have big or fancy tools, but maybe another beginner might get an idea to help them. I am really busy at work lately. Probably won't get much done on the shop for a few days.
  5. Nothing fancy here. Just showing the tools I'm going to use as they come into the shop. I picked up my Frankensaw Saturday and started checking things and seeing how it will go together. A few things needed to be tightened and the motor bracket slot needs to be tweaked a little. The fence rail goes out to over 9 feet to the right of the blade. I will probably cut that off a little. They had a sheet metal catch pan screwed to the bottom of the saw. It looks like that's where they had the dust collector hooked up. More later.
  6. Looking back on old threads and I found this. Nice shop. What model is the sander?
  7. You could run two (or three) 4" mains and be sure to leave them both/all open all the time to let the dc get the proper airflow.
  8. I have decided on a Fuji Mini Mite 4 for my spray system. My question is about accessories. I read somewhere about a cheaper, different brand of gun that some people bought as extra guns and were happy with. I can't find the article/thread. Does anyone here have another brand of gun that works with their Fuji setup? Also, what kind of pressure pot do some of you have? Would making a pressure pot be conceivable? Many people run 120psi air pressure in pvc. Why couldn't a person make a small 8-10 psi pressure pot? Any other info about your spray systems would be appreciated.
  9. Worked on the ceiling today. Didn't have the whole day to work or I might have got it all up. I slid 3 1/2" insulation in after getting the Ayr Foil up. It's sagging a little more than I expected.
  10. Got any pics or a thread on your build?
  11. I have the beginnings of an idea in my head about a table saw extension that will raise and lower so you don't have to change router settings. That's how I build a lot of things. I get a vague idea in my head and it progresses from there.
  12. They aren't ready to sell the 66 yet. I won't say that motor couldn't be put on it, but it would take drastic modifications. The motor is bracket mounted and the 66 is designed for a face mounted motor. It may be a while before I can work on the saw. I'm getting really busy at work and the shop isn't completely done yet.
  13. The bolt spacing is 3 1/2" on both. The bracket spacing is a little bigger on the motor. I will just use bushings to make it tight. I will need to get a new pulley unless I happen to have one in my stash of stuff. I'm pretty good at making things work. The old Dodge pickup I used to have was running on a GM HEI ignition and a GM alternator. The Dodge ignition was very unreliable so I changed it. When the alternator went out GM was 1/2 the price of OE. It took an hours worth of work to save $40.
  14. I got a deal on a Frankensaw!!!!!! Last Tuesday, I mentioned to one of the guys at the shop I work for that I was looking for a table saw. He said they still had the saws that they replaced with SawStops and were going to sell them. I'll condense our discussions down to the deal the owner offered me. They use hydraulic motors to run their saws. He thinks he sold the motors from the old saws, but he does still have the SawStop motors. I am going to buy a 20 year old Grizzly 1023 with a never used 3hp SawStop motor, and a long homemade fence and extra long (6 feet to the right of the blade) rails for $300. He told me to take it, get it put together, and use it before I pay for it to be sure everything still works good. They were using this saw and fence every day in their shop and only replaced it with the SawStop after one of the boys got some fingers in the blade. It has some surface rust, but everything looks and feels in good shape. They also have a 15 year old pm66 that I get first chance at if one of the boys don't want it. I would have to find a motor for it if I bought it.
  15. What program is that? It looks like something good to have.