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  1. Switching from drain tile to just about anything else that is smooth will make a drastic improvement.
  2. Same with my 12"
  3. Whoops! He must have sold it already. He deleted the ad. He just put it in last night.
  4. I think I'm going to pass on it. I have enough to do already without overhauling machinery right now. This is the ad if anyone else is interested.
  5. I threw that post up real quick before I left for church. It has a blade in this pic. They're asking $350. I found other ads asking $600 - $1400 for better looking units. The backwards table makes me think he found it in pieces and put it together. Thanks for the comments. I know nothing about Unisaws. Any more info I should know?
  6. I spotted this on Craigslist. 2hp, 220volt. They say it runs good. what would it be worth?
  7. I bought the Dwara100 about a year ago to use on install jobs. I have other installers borrowing it all the time when we're on a job. We run screws into tight spots with an impact gun all the time. It works great.
  8. Most of the cabinet shops (there are several dozen) in my area use miter saws for finished cuts in the shop. Dewalt 12" sliding compound miter is the saw of choice for cutting trim for high dollar cabinets on the job. They definitely do not bang them around because the cuts have to be right. That is the miter saw I have and will use in my shop (if I ever get it finished).
  9. It might take 15 minutes if you only put one outlet at the breaker box. It could take an hour or two, depending on where and how far from the breaker box you put two or more outlets. If you don't trust your skill at diy electrical, you could do it yourself and let a pro inspect it. It really is pretty simple. You could gain a little skill and save some money.
  10. In my previous wood business, I had to get 3 phase to run the bigger machines. The nearest 3 phase lines are 1 mile away. They wanted an arm, leg, both kids, and their kids also to run a line to me. I bought a phase converter from American Rotary. The next time I need 3 phase, I will get one of their converters again.
  11. I just found that guys videos. He has a real interesting way to choose a dust collector.
  12. We use silicone to fasten bathroom counter tops. We had to go back and change a counter top once. Two guys laying inside the cabinet pushing up as hard as we could. The silicone held and ripped the corner blocks out of the cabinets.
  13. Made some more progress. Got the first layer of ceiling insulation and started on the walls. I installed a fan for a spray booth; more of my "never throw anything away" stash. I'll add the motor later.
  14. I missed where you said "welding aluminum". You weld the bead inside the big nut to the bolt head creating a huge bolt head. Steel to steel That is true. As long as you have good ventilation, you're ok. I used to weld galvanized panels 8 hours a day.
  15. Heating the metal around the bolt and trying to turn the bolt while the metal is hot works real well on steel. I'm a little gun shy about heating aluminum. One second your heating it, the next second it's a big puddle on the floor. I forgot the last part about heating the bolt. You have to let it cool and shrink back to normal size before trying to remove it. The heat along with the expanding and shrinking breaks the grip of the corrosion.