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  1. Thanks for pointing this out @Pwk5017. This is the only after market manufacturer I've found for the craftsman TS I own. The price is a bit much, but when the microjig splitter I just installed, which I've had mixed results with so far, finally needs replaced, I'll take a good look at these guys.
  2. That may be one coolest unintentional typos I've ever seen.
  3. I actually like the third, and the final one. I think they're the same. I think the more top heavy the table looks, the more striking the twist on the legs will be.
  4. Excellent work! Any tool is practically useless unless placed in the hands of a craftsman. It's up to the craftsman to wield that tool to make something beautiful. It doesn't matter if it's a hand plane or a CNC, the tool won't produce without someone using it correctly.
  5. Yup, that's what I was thinking! I love it. It'd probably over complicate the build, but instead of straight 90* corners on that bottom shelf, maybe skew them 10-15* so it looks like the shelf is twisting too. Like imagine if those legs were straight, and then somebody grabbed the table top and twisted it, how would the bottom shelf deform with that.... I'm having trouble visualizing it myself, and those joints are going to be complicated enough as is.... I love it how it is though, even if you don't add my brain fart into it!
  6. Shhhh.... I think they might have noticed by now......
  7. hehe... I figured it was close enough to still being on topic.
  8. I see that Infinity has carbide blades and HSS blades for both the 734 and 735. At the price the carbides cost, would it be worth upgrading to a helical instead? Does anybody know how their various blades compare to the stock ones?
  9. Here's the design I'm going to try. I wimped out and compromised, added 4" 3/4 verticals slats on the sides just to help with the weight a bit. They also give the caster screws a better purchase. 21"x16"x6" drawers should give plenty of storage space. Some select pine boards for trim. Thanks to those who suggested learning to use components rather than groups in sketchup, that really helped! Now to build the thing.
  10. Well... I audibly went "ooooooo" when I saw that leg design. I really like them. I'm assuming all 4 legs will have that "90* twist" to them, correct? An oblique view angle on the drawing would probably show that better. Are the bottom spreaders going to be square or rounded (like the legs)? Bear with a me a second here with this train of thought.... In 3d printing, a "twisted vase" design is usually one of the earlier things one designs and prints. Basically one takes any polygon shape, and extrudes it into an open top box. So a Pentagon would be a 5 sided box, a star shape would be a star shaped box, etc. One then takes the top or bottom face and rotates it x degrees relative to the other face. I can dig up a pic if your not following me. When I saw you leg design, that's what I thought of. That somebody had grabbed the bottom of the table and twisted it 90*. Maybe you could designed the stretchers at the bottom to reflect that twist too? Instead of making them perfectly square, make the angles off enough to give a hint of rotation to them. I dunno just brainstorming. Then again, A perfectly flat and square bottom would contrast and highlight those curved legs beautifully. But thank you, I think I've found a design for the end tables I want to build, If you'll allow me to steal this.
  11. Alrighty then! Thanks brendon.
  12. I got a small stack of different colored polish from the drug store a while back, and have been playing with it on the lathe. It's kinda cool to blend the colors together when you buff them out. It'd be a pain to do it by hand, but at 4k RPM, they blend pretty well. I don't have any pics or finished pieces, just test pieces. But I got the idea from bowl turning videos where they blend the inside of a bowl out the a different shade on the rim.
  13. Got my 735 planer running (yes, until I get more hose, I'm using basically a pillow case. ). I plan on making a mobile cart for it, with drawers underneath. Going to be using 3/4" ply for the structure and 1/2" for the drawers. I'm planning on cutting dado's for the drawer runners, instead of sliders. The dado's will be at regular intervals, allowing me to make modular different height drawers. I'm going to later make a new stand for my drill press, and want to make it the same size, so the drawers can be interchanged between carts if desired. Both carts will be mounted on locking casters, as I'm renting this place and mounting to the walls is pretty much a no no, so mobile and modular is key. (Even my 3 7' 2 sided shelves are on wheels. Sadly, I found out they don't fit in a medium sized Uhaul). My question is, will the sides of the cart, with the 3/8" dado's cut into them, be strong enough to support the planer? It's 92 lbs, plus whatever stuff will get placed on top from time to time. The back will be another piece of 3/4" ply, with the top resting on the back and sides. I don't want the sides to start to bow out and pinch the drawers, or worse, fail completely. I was thinking about laminating another sheet of 3/4" to each side to strengthen it, but that seems like overkill.
  14. Jealous that the dog will have a better urn than her? Sounds bout right.... GSD's are way more loyal
  15. My girlfriend has been a woodburner for a while, and is very gifted in that aspect. But her knowledge of the wood itself, and how to treat it, is severely lacking. Most of her older works, she only applied a finish to the show side of the piece. Now most of them are warped, mainly due to the moisture getting in one side, and not the other. While being just a neophyte in woodworking myself, I always put at least a coat on the hidden side of pieces to help prevent this.