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  1. Yeah it all sounds easy enough, but...! My wife is not convinced I will get around to making it in time for the summer to start here. As the old saying goes; a man will get around to it, you don't have to nag him every 6 months. Off to the timberyard now...
  2. Woah. Looks like I came to the right place. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Cheers wdwerker!
  3. Hey- thanks! No other photos, just found this on pinterest. Good point about the L's. Would L's themselves hold up to twisting (with an apron, dowels, and corner brackets) or hiding solid 4 x 4 inch leg behind the Ls? Cheers...
  4. Howdy- I'm a newbie here, be super grateful for some advice on how to emulate this table. It's the legs that have me worried; looks like there is an apron underneath, but no stretchers, so the lack of solid legs makes me worried about racking. Dimension wise I figured about 6 foot long, 1m / 39 inch wide, but what to do with those legs (what is that leg design even called?) Thanks in advance!