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  1. Has anyone bought there drum sander paper from Red Label Abrasives and is any good
  2. I just ordered the Jet 22-44 drum sander should get it next week. I have the 16-32 and sold it for almost for what I payed for it. It was a little small for what I need . I have learned buy bigger than you think you need because you will use it. Dose anyone have the 22-44 and what do you think of it and dose it compare to the 16-32 which I was very happy with it. I bought the closed stand one.
  3. This was a complete new build I did out of maple.
  4. I make all of the doors in the shop then I reface the cabinets face frames and sides the ones that show with PSA veneer in the customer home ,I use general finishes dye and water base top coat so there's no smell. That's the hole idea of reface you don't have to do anything to the counter top.stays in place.These are the before you can see there's a huge difference. They replaced the back splash.
  5. Well said. I too use solid 1/2" poplar for my drawers but I dove tail them they look better. This is a reface kitchen I did . I like doing them there fast just make doors and cover the face frames in veneer Take a look at my Facebook page JMAwoodworks there's a lot on there.
  6. I pocket joint and glue the face frames then I dado the the top sides and the bottom. everything gets glued clamped and tacked. never had a problem. This is another one I did the same way. Like I said I have made a lot of cabinets this way. I just finished one to day I will post some picture once he install them.
  7. I use 3/4 maple plywood for the shelf's I have built many cabinets boxes out of 1/2 maple plywood and never had a call back because of a problem I only get call backs for more cabinets. .
  8. No I used 1/2 Maple plywood. I didn't paint them so I don't know sorry
  9. I built this kitchen for a customer of mine. The cabinet boxes are1/2" maple I never use partial board. The doors are 13/16" poplar with 1/4" mdf center panel. The top cabinets are 42" I made all of the crown.They did the painting back splash and had someone do the counter top. They were very happy the way it turn out .
  10. The biggest one I ever done was this 480 Gallon stand and canopy. It was built around a steel frame. I made the sides out of maple and the door frames are walnut. I made all the crown out of walnut also. The size of the tank was 36"w x8' long x 36" tall
  11. I also clean up as I go along and at the end of the day. Sunday moring is my day to do a good cleaning and empty the dust collectors barrel because Monday is garbage day. I spend a good 8 hrs in the shop Monday through Saturday so I make a lot of dust.
  12. I used General Finishes water base stain antique cherry and Enduro-var . For a pre stain I use white glue and water . Yes it was a salt water and I always use water base and never had a problem.
  13. My name is Joe from JMAwoodworks I live in Cheektowaga.
  14. HI I'm new on this site my name is Joe from JMAwoodworks I build a lot of custom Aquarium Stands for many customers This is just one of them out of cherry . I also do other types of cabinet building.