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  1. How did you manage that? Ripping on one? What type of Drum Sander are you using? Jet?
  2. I suppose not too many people on this forum are still Radial arm users ? LOL I thought for sure there would be some die hard Radial Arm guys that love the Dewalt or old Craftsmans
  3. Did you glue the shims and then trim them AFTER or anything. The shims dont seem to shift?
  4. I literally think of it this way "my respirator is likely still doing the job for the dust" Now chemicals, and paints, thats a different story. But for the dust, Ive been known to throw a shop vac hose on it a time or two lol for staining and painting I almost always wear my respirator with a door open and a fan sitting in front of the door pulling the air out when i spray, i spray outside with my respirator on
  5. Honestly you shouldnt need a 3HP motor unless your doing this stuff all the time. Like for a living. there are several 2HP motors out there, or motors that run off 220\230\240v that would work fine on a Unisaw. Some people want to have enough power to make sure they dont slow the motor down even 1RPM when ripping 4" lumber. The people who bring a timing light into the garage with them and have a buddy hold it while calibrating their saw daily... LOL but thats just not necessary for most applications. Ive been happy with a 1.5HP motor, and have had no problems after putting a good blade on it. Before that i had no complaints about a 1HP motor. Just do the proper calculations for any pulley size difference, check your RPM's, Voltage and HP of course and make sure it can be mounted securely to your saw Now, with the price of the grizzly and a few other brand saws saws being as affordable as they are, it might not be a bad idea to glance for them or a used Jet saw on CL. I see them pop up all the time Once you approach spending 800$ or so. You might as well consider buying that brand new Grizzly for just a couple hundred extra. Something with a shiny new top that has never had a beer left on it lol
  6. I really love this thing for dado's Its so fricken easy to hog something out by eye. I also have went a different route with my table saw, im building my dewalt 7480 inside a table with a good delta t square fence. So having something with an arbor large enough to except the full stack is nice
  7. I dont fully understand how you line your fence up to the blade across its length with something like that It can be pretty square at <5 inches or so, but out at 30 inches, you have to check as well when you first set these things up. I have a nice calibration blade blank and think i can mostly get it using some 1,2,3 blocks
  8. I have a craftsman 10" radial arm saw that i love. I mostly leave my dado stack on it. As i begin to reconfigure my shop and making something a little more permanent, i am looking to you guys for pictures and ideas on how to layout my SCMS and my Radial Arm saw together. Ive seen a few pictures where they are in the same bench and sharing a fence. Ive also seen where guys make removable blanks that can insert a kreg k4\k5 into it. I have a 2 car garage i have to make work. So as multipurpose as I can make this wall with 2 nice long 90 degree fence, the better please share how you are using your Radial Arms saws and why it works for you? My favorite video ive seen so far is Frank H. on youtube. OF COURSE, my shop is not as massive as his. so ill have to compromise a bit lol
  9. My first time using my shop vac with my planer this happened. Even with a cheap ebay 5 gallon cyclone lid. i just under estimated the chips coming off my planer. About 8 cedar boards in, the 5 gallon bucket was full, clogged, and had filled my 14 gallon shop vac with fluffy hamster bedding. Since then, i bought bags, a hepa filter, a 30 gallon blue barrel and dust deputy. MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better now lol
  10. Yea those are the ones i just ordered. Im going to give those a go
  11. mY 2.5" RIGID hose fits on the thing just fine at the biggest part of the taper. However im plumbing my garage with 2" hose and have some 2.5" flexible pvc and clamps that will work even better
  12. i just found them on amazon too. i must not have been searching correctly before I was struggling to find them in 2.5" during my late night shopping. Im ordering these with some other amazon items HERE ARE THE BLAST GATES
  13. Im building a table saw station that will house my Dewalt 7480 with a Delta T-square fence. when used in the table. The precision i need most is the aligning my blade to the fence. I can see a precision straight edge for aligning the top, but my largest concern is making sure the fence is square to the blade at all points on my custom table first and foremost. For that, I would prefer to use a nice t-square to reference off of for all the 90 degree measurements
  14. To reply again I looked at the ball valves at my local Home Depot They only had 1 of the 2" valves for my setup, cost 12$ and DANG I couldn't hardly open the thing with 2 hands ! So tight, it almost needs that water to work properly Soooo I WILL be making my own blast gates after all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'm looking at the T square 24" would allow me to calibrate my table saw And I definitely want the straight edge too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk