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  1. I am really looking for reclaimed. A lot of the mid to late 70s houses here had this type of Cedar planks inside. I would love to find a place that has reclaimed stuff. So it semi matches the age of the wood in my house. I have a month or 2 before it will be warm enough for me to work. So I am in no rush. Just gathering information for now. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk I will have to check out that mill next time I am in Tacoma though and see what they have. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  2. I think I just found the title to the post I make for the project Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  3. Actually I used nothing. I used a hot glue gun to join two ropes together. It's tricky to start but if you just wrap it while keeping it super tight it will stay together. You have to fix it every once in a while. Or you could hot glue it to the wood. This being a really nice post I wasn't going to do that. I might make another one out of a regular 4x4 and that one I will glue so I don't have to fix it. And the top is only coming undone because I just left it loose at the top. I plan on doing videos as well at some point. They love the rope. A lot. Gets used more then anything else in the house. Gets used more then the giant cat tree they have. I didn't build it. But still an awesome tree. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  4. I plan on having a post that follows along. Just to cold in the garage to start much. And no table saw. And I have already begun with the sisal rope. They love it so far. If you look at the picture you can see it on the post. I will continue it up and have a platform for the cats to climb on. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  5. Well we have 4 cats. So the first picture is a giant open room (not that giant) and we will be doing shelves and walkways along the walls. Probably a rope bridge of sorts for them as well. Few beds things like that. Just an awesome place for our cats. Mostly something for me to do in my really really early retirement. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  6. One of four. And thank you Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  7. That is good to know. I think we settled on the western. The Eastern one I had in the picture was just to get close and see what we thought in general. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  8. The boxes are big enough so I can do lego storage on top and a kitty tunnel under it. So air won't be a problem. With two boys I going to make sure they can get out lol. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk I was thinking about those. I will have to figure out the correct poundage that I need. I don't want the kids to have to jump on the top to close it. I also don't want it falling on its own lol. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  9. Yep it seems fairly easy to get it new. I would prefer getting reclaimed so it has some weathering and aging just like the planking in the house. However new is better then nothing Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  10. I would except I have 2 boys and 4 cats. That math doesn't equal out to having drones in the house lol. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  11. Western Red Cedar is a lot closer then I was so thank you. I will see if I can Google from there. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  12. Haha. Now that would be awesome. Definitely not in the cards. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  13. So I have this cedar planking all through out my house. House was built in 77. I am wanting to convert the big giant room into a cat room with lots of shelves and such for them to play. I would absolutely love to be able to match the Cedar I already have. I know it won't be exact. But I have no clue as to what kind it is and where would be a good place to look for it at online? I can't travel far or much due to medical issues so online is my best bet. I did a quick mock up with some red cedar planking I found at HD Big 15 lb fluffy cat for size reference. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  14. Downside is this is the other one. That's why I was trying to avoid hinges. Wanted access from both sides. However after looking into the struts more this might be the better option. Thank you Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  15. So we have these indoor planter boxes in the house we just bought. I love the look with the lids on so we want to keep it. However we want to use the inside to store Legos for the kids. What we are trying to think of now is easy way for the kids to lift it up so they can get in. I was thinking gas struts but figured I would see if anyone has a better idea then me. And for the gas struts what lbs would I need? Just use the weight of the lid as reference? Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk