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  1. added a post in a topic To paint and how to paint, that is the question.   

    Just an idea. They have paint that will actually make your wall a dry erase board. You could paint with that and then use the walls to do sketches or write down dimensions, whatever you need.
  2. added a post in a topic Another Table Saw Question   

    Make sure you are using a splitter or riving knife on your table saw. When cutting thick material you can easily pinch the blade during the cut.
  3. added a post in a topic Creative use of a biscuit joiner   

    There are fasteners that do that very thing you are talking about using a biscuit slot. They are called a lamello fixo google them and you will see what I mean.
  4. added a post in a topic Finish for Curly Red Oak?   

    Any topcoat will bring out that shimmer in the curl. Shellac is a great sealer and will help get more uniform results with any stain, dye or finish you decide to use. I may be wrong but it's been my experience that the more gloss in the finish the more chatoyance you get. Especially if you rub out the finish to a high gloss. The finer the scratches in the finish allows more light to penetrate to the curl in the wood giving it the shimmer or chatoyance.
  5. added a post in a topic Grain Popping with 2 colors   

    I just used General Finishes orange dye and ebony dye. I'm sure you can experiment with mixing colors but this is my first attempt at using dye. I am liking the results of using dye rather than stain. I finished it with several coats of spray can lacquer gloss. I like lacquer vs polyurethane because it dries quicker and you don't have to sand in between. Thank you for the compliment.
  6. added a post in a topic Grain Popping with 2 colors   

    Here is the result. Let me know what you think.

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    Picture Frame

    In album: Tiger Maple Picture Frame

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  8. added a post in a topic Finding new/used wood!   

    You could try the Wood Workers Emporium. I used to live in Henderson. They have 2 locations, one in Las Vegas and the other in Henderson. The Henderson location is on Gibson just off the 215.
  9. added a topic in Finishing   

    Grain Popping with 2 colors
    Marc, I recently watched your video about making figured wood POP. I am making a picture frame for my brother-in-law and I want to make it in two colors. He is a really big fan of the Detroit Tigers and my wife bought him a poster of an old newspaper headline from 1984 when they won the World Series. I got an Idea to make the frame Tiger striped. I thought I would use curly/tiger maple and first dye it with ebony to pop the grain then sand it down and dye it orange to look like a tiger. Do you have any recommendations for doing this procedure? I made a sample on a scrap piece to show you what I mean.

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