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  1. That's looking good, Nut. Nice looking cherry, good figure. For the dutchman, just look up how to do a freehand inlay with a router. You'll wanna go a bit deeper than a standard ornamental inlay, but the concept is the same. Marc has an old video on the free site. Piece o' cake. Are you planning to use those slabs live edge for the top of this cabinet? (Please say no.)
  2. Congrats Rick! I have a similar model...the one Grizzly I'm completely satisfied with.
  3. You got a link by any chance, JT? Thanks yo.
  4. What are the little white button-looking things?
  5. Mine has been hanging from the boom for a few years and it's perfectly straight.
  6. Yep. I bet this is right based on Occam's razor. No other explanation makes sense without a leap. It damn sure didn't come from the factory like that.
  7. There's no way in hell I'd accept anything but a sparkling pristine brand new unit for my 800 zillion dollars. Festool is way too expensive to accept less. And they're fairly delicate instruments...not a chance I want some moron fumbling around with mine. It's marred and missing a cord...that's used in my book. Call me picky. The story I got about Rockler was that they didn't follow Festool's promotional protocol. Meaning, they would offer a discounted price before any other retail outlet. Obviously Festool doesn't like this because they want total control so they can screw the consumer full and proper. Apparently Rockler did this repeatedly until Daddy took away the candy. Well done, Rockler. Ya bonehead.
  8. Do you not have a router, holmes?
  9. Congrats on the house. Chud's right may not think there's much wrong with the place...or there may not be at this moment...but start peeling back the layers of that onion and you're gonna find...stuff. But that's home ownership. It never ends. Welcome to the club. Also, it's depressing how slowly the house gets filled with handmade furniture. But ya gotta start somewhere...
  10. They're right on the money. We sell full sheets for $129. It's true that buying hardwood can actually be cheaper, especially when it's available for $2.90/bf. It always makes sense to buy hardwood if hardwood makes sense. Sometimes you just need ply though, depending on the situation. Walnut is $140 but with the cost of walnut hardwood it's closer to a wash.
  11. Make sure one of the options is "if it's a taco, it goes in my mouth."
  12. Apparently it's more like 3 hours, almost to the Michigan border.
  13. Which has nothing to do with building furniture. So it's totally irrelevant.
  14. Brass-plated.