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  1. Need help on finding a hinge

    Quadrant hinges...
  2. Dust control curiosity

    I'm pretty bad about wearing my respirator, but up until a couple years ago I was a smoker, so like Carus said, kind of pointless to worry about dust. But now things are different and I need to give it more of an effort. I sealed the deal about a week ago when I gave myself a sinus infection by sanding without the respirator. I'm committing to wearing it a lot more from now on...even though I hate it. Unless you have a Bill Pentz approved dust collection system (unlikely) that is actually CORRECTLY designed and installed (even more unlikely) then you can't rely on your DC and/or air cleaners to protect MUST wear a respirator. What level of risk you decide to assume is a personal decision, but I don't think there's any doubt that a lifetime of breathing fine dust can and will have an effect on you at some point. But at your age Collin, I'd be more worried about that strung up table saw mutilating you in your sleep than some fine dust particulates. It takes years - decades - of regular exposure to kill someone...think of dust like you do Big Macs. You can probably survive a few per year, but a few per week will catch up with you eventually.
  3. The wife and kids got home about an hour ago. There is now a pile of jackets and bags and crap just below the new racks. Never saw THAT coming.
  4. Shop Tour

    Yeah, sorry Josh, but this is against the rules here. Since you're new and might not know, I'll just give you a warning...but Marc might delete this thread later if he's in a bad mood because he got a splinter. If you become an active member of the forum and you post regularly in both yours AND other people's threads, feel free to link any video you create if it's woodworking related. But the forum is not here solely to drive traffic to your youtube channel, so please don't treat it that way. Thanks.
  5. I made my marks, set the Domino in place, held a square to the base to make sure it stayed properly aligned, then plunged. "Freehand" I guess is how I would describe it. I don't know if it's common practice but it's how I usually do it. If I'm doing something super-critical on a big and important piece, I'll set up stop blocks to be sure it doesn't wiggle around on me mid-plunge. But I took the gamble on the racks since they were minor projects.
  6. Miter Saw Thoughts

    I don't know of any miter saw that runs on 220. I'd like to have one though!
  7. Wiping wet glue

    But here's the rub for me though... "Regular surface prep with sandpaper and/or handplanes will remove any glue-clogged fibers. In making many many panels since 1993, I’ve never once experienced glue size (or a joint failure)." Totally agree, because it's easy to surface prep panels. It's different when you're talking about joinery, and I'd much rather let the glue harden just a bit and scrape away the excess with chisels and scrapers than try to get into those corners with wet rags and then later, sandpaper. So I get what he's saying but there are some caveats IMO. And I'm too lazy to go into the house for water anyway, so I'll continue scraping. I also don't like raising grain if I don't have to.
  8. Nah, Krenov would have come up with something far more clever. This was a lazy man's design who just hacked out the first thing that came to mind. Once everything is hung you can't see the damn things anyway. I could have made them even more basic than I did. Illusion, they're all the same.
  9. Miter Saw Thoughts

    Yeah but if you use the same vac for your miter saw that you use for all your other tools, you're constantly plugging and unplugging and dragging that thing around the shop. I just found it logical to hook an old crappy Craftsman vac up to the miter saw and keep it that way forever. I use my CT for every thing else. YMMV
  10. Miter Saw Thoughts

    Don't waste your money on a CT for your miter saw. Spend a couple hundred and buy a cheapo vac and a switch so it comes on when you turn the saw on. Or use an old piece of junk shop-vac you have around the house. That's what I did and it sucks fine. You gotta lose your mind to drop CT money just to keep it hooked up to a single tool. Buy a CT when you start buying other Festool tools. The Kapex is great for DC and accuracy, but it's totally lacking in the ass department. It does not like to cut through 8/4 exotics unless the stock is dead nuts milled square. Even then it squawks on occasion. That's my only complaint about it...underpowered. But it was made for finish carpenters doing trim and casework, not for furniture makers, so I'm kind of whining when I don't really have the right to.
  11. walnut or cherry?

    Flip a coin, they're both awesome.
  12. It's my design. I stopped rooting for a single team after they ruined baseball, somewhere in the mid-to-late 90s. Steroids and ridiculous ticket and beer prices have me turned off of pretty much all sports. If I didn't have a bald spot I'd probably not wear any of them.
  13. Somewhere between three and five years of whining wife, one day of work to turn it off. Procrastination is a killer.
  14. Trip to the lumberyard

    Ah, good research Mike. So "jacaranda" is a word kind of like "mahogany" marketing BS. Clarified, thanks.