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  1. I can't imagine waxing a finished piece with anything but Renaissance wax. It's so choice. And the smell...delicious.
  2. IMO the only part to ponder is how much money you wanna spend. Those two are a world apart in quality. And the Veritas is a very decent vise...which should tell you how killer the BC is. Night and day, not even close. If you can afford it, do it.
  3. It's Vic Hubbard with the long Roubo. Standard depth though, I do believe.
  4. LOL!!! Good eye, man!
  5. Nope, you'd be all good. Use a minimum 4" thick top like the plans call for and I see no way it would sag even at 8' long. That's gonna be a massive massive bench.
  6. You're gonna eat all that bacon in three days? Tasty stuff there.
  7. JT, dude, I thought we shared a pet peeve about quoting a bunch of pictures. Get with the program yo!
  8. Yeah but if 75% of the common is garbage, you break even...except for all the work you have to do to cull out all that garbage. Obviously 75% would have to be total rat $#!%...but you get the point. Quality costs money. I don't mess with commons unless I get it basically free. It's crap as far as I'm concerned.
  9. The exact ratio I'm not sure of, Coop. It's kind of a gooey substance so I guess it could be something like 50/50. I doubt they're using beeswax on top of shellac. It's possible, but I imagine a crystalline wax like Renaissance would be best for that. Anyway, that's what I would use in that situation.
  10. Man, lemme tell y'all something...I had the attic over the shop insulated a couple months ago and that's where I mounted the antenna...that's the last time I go up THERE in August. Jeez, I think I would have been dead in 15 minutes.
  11. Okay, cool, thanks guys. We watched it some last night. The app kind of sucks but the content is free...hard to complain about that.
  12. Use a square or bevel gauge to set up all your cuts and you won't have to worry about it. I don't rely on those markings and I have a Kapex. If your saw has positive stops you can set those up and you'll use them 99% of the time anyway. How often do you make a cut at 28.5 degrees anyway?
  13. Don't waste your time in Gatlinburg. Take a stroll through the Smokey Mountains instead. Gatlinburg is, while charming, a touristy pile of crap. Like if Dolly Parton had a baby with Shoji Tabuchi.
  14. So much money in that trailer. Are all those Festools duplicates, or from your own collection?
  15. Looks great man. Probably would have been a good candidate for pre-finishing. You can link clamps together to make up for longer distances. Not ideal, but it works. I've done it. Helps if you have an extra pair of hands.