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  1. Eric. added a post in a topic jointer trouble - setup or technique or big bad board   

    99% of successfully getting twist out of a board is understanding how the jointer works and knowing proper technique.  The other 1% is gambling that you'll have enough board left after you get the twist out.  It's not difficult to flatten a twisted board on the jointer once you get the concept (assuming you have a big enough jointer to accommodate a long, twisted board) but sometimes a board is beyond help and there's nothing you can do but relegate it to another project with smaller parts.
  2. Eric. added a post in a topic jointer trouble - setup or technique or big bad board   

    Yeah twisted boards require the most skill to flatten.  The key is to create flat spots at the most offensive material at both ends on the first pass, and to keep those flat spots contacting the tables in the same way on each consecutive pass.  The easy mistake to make is to pass the board over the cutterhead willy-nilly, allowing the board to rock on the table, which removes material in an inconsistent way and leaves you no better than when you started.
    Also, Pete is right about twisted boards...those are best left at the lumberyard to begin with or cut up into smaller pieces that are less challenging to flatten.
  3. Eric. added a post in a topic Help a moron   

    I like the guys at my Rockler but I hate Rockler as a company.  Too many reasons to go into.  We don't need another Rockler bashing thread anyway.
    Unfortunately they don't sell the item I'm wanting and I have to pay tax buying from Rockler so I usually don't.  I get my ARS from them most of the time and a turning blank now and then.  Router bits, etc.  No big purchases.  I used to spend a bunch of money there until they stopped sending out the 20% off one item coupons.  If they wanna stop offering good deals then I'll just stop shopping there.  That's their problem.
    Incra has 10% off store-wide until January 4th, so if you're in the market for expensive Incra stuff, jump on it.  But they do charge for shipping.  I hate shipping.  I want them to lie to me.  Inflate the price of the item and give me free shipping.  Paying for shipping is like money down the toilet.  LIE to me.
    I wanna pay a nickel for a half-eaten pork chop.
  4. Eric. added a post in a topic Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!   

    Yep, AZ already has the discount.  I'm sure the other retailers just love that. LOL
    Earliest available delivery was Dec 7th.  Oh well, she's on 'er way.  Finally.
    Yeah BW, a FULL 8".
  5. Eric. added a post in a topic Help a moron   

    Yes!  That's them.  Just need the rings.  Thanks man.
    Now if I could just find a place that ships free...paying for shipping is so five years ago.
  6. Eric. added a topic in General Woodworking Talk   

    Help a moron
    Put the turkey down, you've had enough.  And help this moron find this thing he can't find...
    Router table inserts, made by Incra or Woodpeckers or JessEm...I can't remember but I know they fit my Incra plate.  They're steel, they have ADDITIONAL HOLES so air can flow through and suck more dust...that's the critical part.  They come in a set.  I cannot for the life of me remember what they are called or where to find them.  I've been looking for a half hour.
    Help a moron.  Thank you.  Merry Christmas.
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  7. Eric. added a post in a topic Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!   


  8. Eric. added a post in a topic Cast Iron Wing's   

    I realize it's a week ago.  Take them anyway, just in case.
    Seriously, you should really turn off the auto-correct and predictive text and whatever fancy tricks you's not working.  Keep the spell-check, drop the rest.
  9. Eric. added a post in a topic Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!   

    Amazon is stocked out of that item.  You could be waiting a while.
  10. Eric. added a post in a topic Osage orange lumber   

    For every species of wood on the planet, there's someone out there who's allergic to it.  Unless they have a deadly serious allergy, the amount of exposure to the wood will be so minimal that I wouldn't give it a second thought.  Sanding wood that you're allergic to and breathing the dust is nowhere near the same as eating a slice of an apple that's been cut on it.  Go ahead and use it.
    Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or a lawyer...don't take my advice.
    Osage orange would be a fine species for a cutting's nice and hard and doesn't have huge open pores.  Your biggest issue will be getting it dried to an acceptable moisture content...between 6-10% is what you want.  Without a kiln I doubt you're there.  It's not as critical as if you were building a chest of drawers, for example, but you can expect some warping and possibly cracking if you build anything with green lumber then take it inside.  A stack of firewood may be "seasoned" and good enough to burn, but it's not the same as kiln dried and good enough to build with.  A moisture meter will help determine how unusable that pile of wood is.
  11. Eric. added a post in a topic Ebay Shipping Fees Too High???   

    Good point, didn't think about that.  The vast majority of my items are small and it costs the same to ship them anywhere.  I just can't stand dealing with cheap people haggling over shipping costs so I roll them into my product price whenever possible.  Also, ebay is a haven for cheapskates.  Amazon is a much more seller-friendly platform...but not a good place to sell lumber unfortunately.
  12. Eric. added a post in a topic Ebay Shipping Fees Too High???   

    Dang.  That sucks, Kent.  Sorry to hear about your new truck and your encounter with the idiot.  They're everywhere.
    However...just pointing out the obvious here and not saying it's what you do...the fact that you could get into an accident on the way to UPS isn't justification to gouge buyers on shipping cost.  I try to charge people no more than actual shipping cost and cost of supplies.
    I've transitioned all of my sales to "free shipping" over the years.  Obviously the shipping is not free and the buyer still pays for it, but at least they can't whine that it's too high.  It's a mental thing...people are willing to pay more for an item if they think they're getting something "free."  People aren't smart you know.  Use it to your advantage.
  13. Eric. added a post in a topic Jet sale   

    You are aware...there's no rule that says you have to glue up every box you make in your entire life all at exactly the same time...?
    Titebond takes about a half hour to set enough so you can take most glueups out of the clamps.  Surely you can find something else to do for thirty minutes?  Try ass kills a ton of time in my shop,
    I have four of each size.  I could probably live with twice that many if I had a lot more space and a lot more money...but I can't imagine owning more than that.  Stock up on F-styles if you want a ton of something.
  14. Eric. added a post in a topic Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!   

    "Sounds" handy is not the same as "is" handy.  If I could get my money back on everything I've bought over the years that "sounded" handy, I'd be rich.  Well, that's not true...I'd still be broke but I'd have a lot less worthless crap in my shop.
  15. Eric. added a post in a topic Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!   

    I'm a caliper woodworker too but I've never once in my life needed a caliper on my planer.  I even bought one from Barry a long time ago and it just sat in a drawer for a couple years until I sold it to someone else.  I just don't see the need for it.  I know I've already been given two examples of how they've been useful but there are other ways to skin that cat.
    If you get one for all means, slap it on your planer.  But it's not something I would spend money on unless I had every other conceivable tool already purchased.
    A Wixey gauge on a drum sander, on the other hand...that's something that I could consider.  Although I've gotten this far without that, either.  It just so rarely matters that boards are a particular thickness if you're using a logical workflow.
    As for calipers, I just have a cheapish i-gaging or whatever it's called.  It has settings for fraction, decimal, and mm.  It works fine, but I'd love a Starrett because Starrett is Starrett.