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  1. I fell off the wagon again...

    I agree. My tools never leave my shop. And never will.
  2. I fell off the wagon again...

    The only thing a Systainer is good for is making your shop look awesome. Otherwise it's just a waste of space. Sorry buddy.
  3. Board Width and Panel Stability

    I find the "alternate growth rings" thing to be rubbish. All else being equal, I will orient them in alternate, but I will not sacrifice grain match to do it. It's way down on the priority list when I'm putting together a panel. Also, a 7" wide board is going to only be a fraction flat sawn, with the majority being rift sawn to quarter sawn. The flat sawn is really the only material that I worry about warping much. And since I use properly milled and kiln dried lumber, I don't worry. Most panels large enough that you'd worry about movement...they'll be forced into flat by something else anyway, be it a frame or just held down with screws like a table top would be. In summary, I think alternating ring patterns is probably technically best, but in practice it makes very little difference.
  4. I fell off the wagon again...

    I made the commitment: No new tools for me in 2016 Proud to report that I've successfully made it almost halfway through. It helps to have no shop time or projects to work on. 2017 I plan to be back at it with a vengeance. Nice haul Shane. Aside from the MFT, I don't even know what you have there.
  5. A place for butts. *Bench*

    Ugh. You need to find yourself some cherry to play with, Iceballs. Hickory and red oak are like twin's a degenerate gambler and the other is a crackhead. Either way, no one wants anything to do with either of them...unless they're a crackhead too. There has got to be a decent hardwood dealer somewhere in your general area that's open to the public. Where do you live again?
  6. Dominos for table legs

    You could always use integral tenons...
  7. Wood choice for novice

    WHY would you post that? OMG, chills up my spine. Thanks for that. To answer your question, hickory is hard, stringy and horrible. Seems to have higher than average tension as well and tends to move a lot when you rip it. It's also ugly.
  8. Morons on eBay.

    You always get fair market value in a truly free market. Retail price, on the other hand...yeah, we can all whine about that, especially when price fixing is going on. Perfect example is like what Festool does. They tell retailers you WILL sell this product for X dollars or we WILL terminate your contract and you'll no longer sell this product. How they can get away with that, I'll never understand. That's not even close to a free market as far as I'm concerned.
  9. This is my Dad's back yard

    Very sorry, Mike.
  10. Morons on eBay.

    Clearly, because you're wrong about almost everything you said. I'm not gonna get into a big debate about it because I don't have the time or interest. Ebay and Amazon are as close to truly free markets as the world has ever seen. But I will say this...just because YOU don't ship to South Africa doesn't mean every other professional online seller in the world doesn't. As long as an item isn't so heavy that it's nonviable to ship, it's available globally. And in the very near future it will be available globally in less than 24 hours. Count on it. If the retailer you've been using can't keep up, it will die. Count on it.
  11. Morons on eBay.

    No it absolutely reflects the global market value of any item. That won't be the same as local market value. There are pros and cons for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can find a buyer for almost any item in the world, and get top dollar for rare or unique items. Buyers can FIND almost any item in the world, and often get exceptional deals, especially when the market is saturated. The market is still free and completely driven by supply and demand, so there's no room to whine about it unless y'all are ready to switch to communism.
  12. Close enough

    There's a lot I'd like to say here that I won't say, in light of the no politics rule. I'll leave it at this... PARENTS are the big problem in this country, not teachers.
  13. Trees

    Yeah I'm with the haters...Neil Peart can wail like a mofo on those drums...without him they'd have nothing. Mediocre and overrated.
  14. Oh Baby !

    Congrats man! Prepare yourself for...ah, forget can't prepare for what's coming. LOL
  15. Minor (really) disaster

    Dang, glad no one was hurt Ross. Something's in the air these days I guess.