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  1. Double Secret Blanket Chest Build

    Thanks man.  Yep, we'll rabbet the panels and fit them into grooves in the case.  We didn't quite get there today.  Grooves are done but not the rabbets.  If we get another two days in next week, we should be done with everything except the lids.  The faintest light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm pretty much sick of these damn boxes by now.
  2. Double Secret Blanket Chest Build

    Nah, before I had my LAS I used my #4 for years.  It fights you a little more than the LA does but as long as you're sharp it works fine.  No question though that LA is better for end grain.  That's essentially the only thing I use my LA planes for.
  3. Double Secret Blanket Chest Build

    I'm documenting the build so he can put together a photo book of sorts to give to her with the chest.  There's no need to have my pretty face in any of the shots.  I don't want y'all to get all depressed and jealous over my irresistible beauty and manliness.
  4. Double Secret Blanket Chest Build

    I use a low-angle smoother to level my dovetails most of the time, but I set him up with the ROS for his.  No point in taking chances at this point.
  5. Endgrain - Scraping?

    Take it home and send it through the drum sander, then ship it back to her.  Planing an end grain cutting board - although it's possible - is not a rational thing to do.
  6. A chair that rocks!!

    Great work Shane.  I like the wenge laminates against the mahogany.  I think once you finish the chair and the mahogany darkens it's gonna be a great looking combination...more subtle.  Looks awesome.
  7. Double Secret Blanket Chest Build

    A little progress was made today on a few things that aren't very exciting. First we leveled the pins and tails on the skirts.  Then we milled the cleats out of some scrap, attached them with glue and screws and flushed them up.     After that we worked on the moldings that will hide the transition between the skirt and case.  They will be simple 45* bevel moldings with slight chamfers at top and bottom.  We thought about using a cove profile but ultimately decided the bevels will give the chests a sleeker and more modern look. I made a cradle for planing the moldings and we cleaned up the table saw marks with a smoother.       Tomorrow we plan to cut the cases to final height and work on the bottom panel joinery. Back to real life on Thursday.  All work and no play makes Eric a dull boy.  I'm exhausted.
  8. Show us the Loot

    A couple game-changing tools right there!  Congrats.
  9. Yeah, I'd notch the legs.  If you don't like that idea, you could use breadboards and tenons into the legs.  Cremona used this technique for his walnut coffee table if you don't know what I'm talking about...      
  10. Do I oil my chisels before putting away?

    I wipe down my hand tools after every sharpening, but not after every use.  And this is what I use:
  11. @%#^^&&*& TEAR OUT!!

    Shelix heads, spiral router bits, high angle planes - all dangerously sharp - are your friends.  And your best friend is a drum sander.  Otherwise, yeah...tearout is a royal PITA.  Invest in tools and sharpiness.
  12. I blame Mel!

    I'll take two pairs of cocobolo please.  Yes I know it's toxic.  I don't care.  I'll PM my address.
  13. Quite the dovetail you've got there

    It's called a hound's tooth dovetail.  It's kind of cool but I's a bit gimmicky for my taste.  Also it's not as difficult as it looks.  Just like most things, once you see it done once...meh, I can do that.  Right?
  14. Ideas needed for a heart shaped jig.

    I'd make a template just like one of these except heart shaped (you'll need two actually, one for ID and one for OD)...   Start with a blank of 8/4, resaw off the lid.  Hog out the bulk of the waste with a forstner, then route the inside clean with the ID template. Cut the lid and base to rough shape on the bandsaw, double stick tape lid to base, double stick tape template to both lid and base, flush trim both lid and base at once.  (Use double stick tape to secure entire box to work surface if it wants to move around on you...use sacrificial work surface since bit will have to eat into it by a hair.) Take lid to router table and cut a rabbet so that it fits into base.  
  15. Drilling in tight places

    Best Thread Title of the Year Award.  It's only January but the contest is over.