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  1. duckkisser added a topic in General Woodworking Talk   

    wood and wire keychain chain
    so I came across these key chains in this companies catalog and really like how they look. was thinking of nocking out a dozen for the holidays for those surprise gifts from friends and coworkers for when they bring me something. seems simple enough to make but the thing is I am not going to pay almost a dollar for a metal ring.  I am sure there is a cheaper alternative that I could use for the wire keychain.  does anyone have any idea about what I could use for the wire? or how can I keep the wood center from popping free from the metal wire ring? some kind of spring steel or memory wire for jewelry might be able to be used but what would keep them from popping out of the wood.
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  2. duckkisser added a post in a topic home made electronic cigarettes   

    honestly don't know difference I made the box for nephew and he did the hardware I just did the wood.  Never got farther then making a couple for him.
  3. duckkisser added a post in a topic Bath wall tile what to do?   

    the pannel takes up half the wall the top half is cedar planks for lining so ill just have to pull it apart and fix the top. 
  4. duckkisser added a post in a topic Bath wall tile what to do?   

    The mud is solid the wall is in great shape hell the entire house is in good shape I realy think the frp is the way to go short term then in a few years if I'm still in the house I'll fix it right. Just need to make sure I fix the seam so water won't seep behind the frp pannels 
  5. duckkisser added a post in a topic Bath wall tile what to do?   

    Behind the shower head is a closet that I can get into that has the pipes exposed behind a plywood panel so I won't needs remove the tile.  I think Steve might have the thing I need to get I'll look into geting that.mthe white won't matter because my walls are already painted white
  6. duckkisser added a post in a topic Bath wall tile what to do?   

    Wonder if they make a surround that I can install above the current tile just need to extend my protection above the tile  a few feet for the water splash
  7. duckkisser added a post in a topic Bath wall tile what to do?   

    Money is geting tight so I'm trying to figure out if there is a alternative or is this a problem that will come up 10-30 years down the road that I can put off for a while
  8. duckkisser added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Bath wall tile what to do?
    So I'm remodeling my new bathroom and the bath room is a 50s style bathroom that only had a bathtub no shower. I need to install a shower but the tile only goes halfway up the wall. Will that be a problem? Can I install a shower head in the plaster wall and somehow seal the wall to protect it from waterdamage?
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  9. duckkisser added a post in a topic Jet 10-20 drum sander paper replacing   

    I have a 50ft roll that I bought for 5 bucks bought because it was cheap
  10. duckkisser added a topic in Power Tool City   

    Jet 10-20 drum sander paper replacing
    I have a jet 10-20 drum sander I need to replace the paper. The sander calls for 3" paper in the book but I happen to have a roll of sandpaper I bought at garage sale that is 2" would I be able to wrap that around my sanding drum or am I stuck buying a new roll of 3" 
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  11. duckkisser added a topic in The Shop   

    Clean up hose
    so I bught a tapered 4" to 2 1/2 dust collection hose from penn state industries I doubled the length of my hose but it's Probably the best thing I ever bought. It's tapered so it plugs and fits into all my dust gates, hoods, and pipes. I plug it into my lathe dust hood and clean up the back end, middle gate for central workbenches, and by my chopsaw by the garage door to clean up the front area. I'll probably put a gate in my ceiling pipe and then I can use that to clean up almost the entire shop.  It's by far the best thing I have ever bought since now I can clean my shop quickly and easily so hopefully I'll clean after every day. Probably not but hopefully I stay on it. Also I'm making a point of puting away 10 things every time I go in the shop like Marc suggests
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  12. duckkisser added a post in a topic New shop build lighting advice   

    I just finished buiding my shop out and putting in lights I put my lights in and even though I spent a long time thinking it through once I got my lights up I realized that I would need a 3ed row and a set of lights on the back wall. so you might have to just put your lights in and then figure it out but you could always just run some extra plugs in the ceiling then you can hook your lights in as you need them.  also you have plugs in the ceiling which always come in handy for a extension cord o a air cleaner ect....
  13. duckkisser added a post in a topic Fitting this vise to this workbench   

    i had to do the same I just drilled the 3 holes and it worked fine. I don't know that I would want to cut the board since it would weaken the strength of the top and might twist or buckle the top slightly.
  14. duckkisser added a post in a topic First turning class - any advice?   

    I rarely use a mask while turning but I hooked up dust collection to keep it clean not everyone has that set up
  15. duckkisser added a topic in The Shop   

    Chisle/ gouge drawe stand
    The more I use my shop the more I realize that I don't like standing up to get to my tools on the wall. So I decided to build a drawer set under my bench then I can just reach over and pop upon a drawer and set up my chisles/gouges on my bench top rather then hang on the wall. I remember seeing in a magazine a chisle case that flips open and doubles as a stand but I can't find a picture or desighn of it. It looks something like this but had seperate compartments like a silverware orginization tray. Can anyone provide me with a link or magazine date of a chisle storage case that turns into a stand.
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