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    I am a wood shop teacher and most things i make are small boxes, plant stands, and cuting boards and so forth because i get most of my wood from a urban lumber company and small shops. they just gives me small cut offs from their boards for the kids to use. i find my inturest drifting towards inlay especialy in wood turnings. i am now working on a collction of different mediums that can be ground and cut up to be used for inlay. check out my work at

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  1. So much quieter in my shop I have actuly forgeten that I have it on and go to bed. Think I'll might figure out a light for it.
  2. My dust collector is in another room in a shed connected to my garage so it can leak all it wants too
  3. So I was thinking of upgrading my dust collector to a grizzly g1030 3hp dust collector for 300 plus pipe and fittings.. I have a 1.5 that does the job sort gets alot but I feel like it does not pull much as I think it should. How should I know if I should get a more powerful unit and what should I look for when I buy it? I have pipe pulled across the shop and branching to the different areas and most of my machines stay clean but not always.
  4. Ouch 140 when I have scrap and pipe to spare for a dust collection box free or 140 think I'll build something but thanks Shane but that is down the right track on what I was thinking for a gravity feed dust hood
  5. so I spent the week working on my shop rearranging and cleaning things up. I also got a new miter saw. its a ridged miter saw which is a huge upgrade from my old saw. the nice thing about this saw is I can fit a 2" hose to the back instead of the 1.5 that I cant find a hose to fit. so I was planning on making a dust hood to put on the back. and I have figured out two different styles that I think will work. first is a angled dust collection like this I would prefer to have this system but I only have a 1.5 hp dust collector and I am concerned that it would be too weak a machine to work adequately. I was also thinking of mounting a funneled box on the back of my bench with a hood feeding into the box and then have my dust collection at the bottom of the box. then having gravity feed the dust into my dust collection. which do you think would be better. also I have seen a few hoods with a plastic cover in the front that keep the extra wood get thrown out the front of the machine. they remind me of the plastic they put in front of industrial freezer doors to keep the cold in. anyone know what they use?
  6. I love that move guess I should have been clearer I only have one spot so I need to some how mount both those jigs in one spot.
  7. Looking for a joint jig station for doing pocket holes and dovetails for my two jigs then the can just walk over and start cuting rather then seting it up before I cut
  8. House is coming along slow but Shirley seems like as soon as I start making headway something else happens. The school got rid of the shop so I'm in a different classroom. So one more school that gave up on teaching kids what they can actuly use in life. Does not matter most of them can't read let alone do algebra, history, science....hell I ask them to name the earths land masses and they start naming countries. So instead of expanding the program to teach skills like motors, plumbing, electrical, drywall ect they get rid of it so they can cram more kids onto the property and get more money.......... Feel like we don't teach or help the kids anymore we just house them and collect a paycheck from the state. Sigh........guess I'm more bitter then I thought. I I keep finding those portable one but I want a permanent workbench
  9. I have a pocket hole jig and a dove tail jig I want to make some kind of station for building joints with but it seems like most people just clamp it down to a work bench when they need it and put it away when there done. Anyone seen a joint cuting station designed for these two jigs that will be in a permanent location.
  10. i looked into a bunch of reviews as well i found this kid who saw that there was some sag flex in track and riged it up so that it wont flex. i was going to get the the fully loaded system with a dwalt router built into it. i plan on contacting the company and seeing if they have addressed the issue of the gantry (think that would be right word) has been stiffened up so it wont flex but i can do like this kid did and stiffen the system up. and they have a program for carving reliefs called vcarve that i think ill get.
  11. my friend has a cnc router that he just got i think that im going to have him make me some small disks with my name and "company name" and emblem on them then i can just use a forstner and glue the disks in.
  12. thinking that i will buy and build a cnc router for my shop this seems like its manageable in price and it seems to have decent reviews. going to start saving up now and hopefully by Christmas ill have saved up the money needed. went to see a friend of mine and he just bought a cnc and we were playing with it and it seems great especialy for someone who wants to do more inlay in the shop.
  13. very nice looking are you concerned about the lid warping down the road? looks like it might bow outwards
  14. i have my lathe stand up(cabinet) up against the wall that way the chips dont fall behind the stand which i filled with 3 bags of sand so its too heavy to move around on my own. if they fell behind it i would never clean back there.
  15. its good to have the kids in the shop especially the girls as far as i am concerned there is not enough girls making furniture and other fine wood working. hopefuly this wont be a one off project for her.