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  1. need router for my router table

    I just wrote to the company asking if the had a diagram showing where the adjustment is so I can figure out if the hole will go through a rib or not
  2. need router for my router table

    cant add a plate its already has a router space and the rest is solid metaljust no router plate and im sick of squatting down to adjust my router that's why I want a crank.
  3. im looking to update my router in my router table (old router is a pain to adjust depth as its just a plunge router no micro adjust. I was thinking of buying the triton router to install onto my router can be used as both a plunged router or a fixed base with a micro adjustment built into the handle but It also has a crank that can be threaded through my router table top. the only problem is that I have this table saw/router it has no plate or space for a lift that's why im buying a router with a built in lift (also it saves me money so what ill have to do is drill a hole in my table saw top to fit in the crank. before I spend the money for the router is this a terrible idea to drill into table top? or will it be ok? also need to drill a hole for a pivot pin the table saw does not plan for that.
  4. First timers guide for the lumberyard.

    when you go in make sure you know what your buying just like in normal shoping if you go in to grocery store not know what you will buy you will buy extra ice cream, tht pack of cookies you don't want ect.... before you know it you will have a stack of lumber you wont be used
  5. Today's slabs

    how much were they?
  6. Modifying Dust Collection System

    sorry did not get back to you havent had internet for about a month since i moved just got it up and going. when i first started we needed something right away so i had a large purple 55 gall drum that has clips on the lid to lock it in place and a seal on the inside. i cut a hole and fed my shop vac hose into one side added a elbo on it that is the feed in so it sends the chips towards the wall, and a intake is near the lid after 4 years i would totally do it different and go with the thein and mount that to the lid of the drum. in my personal shop that i just set up ill do that when ever i have 5 min to dedicate it to that project. instead of doing a harbor freight DC and fit to the lid of my drum ill instead build one out of pvc and plywood and mount to the bottom of my lid then lift it off when i empty the drum. why inside because the drum i have is a double layered plastic container so if i mount to the top and cut a slot in the lid it will put dust inside the inside and outside layer of my drum. ps i agree april is cute and talented
  7. craftsman 21914 need repair

    ya i was looking on the same site and could not find the part so i am just wondering if you can just mount a different table onto the column as long as its the same diameter.
  8. craftsman 21914 need repair

    cheaper to buy a new drill then have the metal shop make one
  9. craftsman 21914 need repair

    my school has a craftsman 21914 drill press that needs to be repaired the table broke off and the table is now discontinued. does anyone know if there is another table that can be mounted to the drill press? here is the manual for the machine that I have.
  10. Flooring help looks difficult

    good idea with the mdf spacer that should help me keep things in line I already have floorboards so I should be able to skip the raw wood and finishing it before I put in the tile. so just have to lay the wood then lay the tile separate. then just cut each tile to fit.
  11. Flooring help looks difficult

    What if instead of tile I use an some kind of epoxy floor filler then I can lay out the wood and then fill the inside. Or maybe I could do a random tile placement like river stones then I would not need to have perfect tile layouts or level floors or leave off large tile and do small tiles they would be easer to cut and lay in since there in 12x12 sheets not realy woried about time to put in don't have a family and I have lots of free time thought to come in and spend a hour every night working n it.
  12. Flooring help looks difficult

    Custom with hardwood
  13. So I want to do my front entrance like this but this looks very difficult has anyone done anything like this and can explain it to to me or show mea web site maybe a utube video showing the walk through. I don't really know what to search for does this technique have a name that I can look up? By the way was going to do this with my wall to match.
  14. Lumber price list

    My guy usualy sells to be on a huge discount. I buy the odd ball lumber he can't get rid off or he cuts large blocks for turning. When he sells me lumber its usualy the left over from a large deal. For example he has a order for 10000 bfof lumber he will sell methe left over boards from the tree's or he gets rid of old stock to make room for the 10000 bf order to dry. Sometime it beans I have to let the lumber dry in my house for a few months but I still get lumber for next to nothing. Only bad part is few boards are matching lumber. Bought 42bf of cherry 3/4 by 6in by 8ft for 50 bucks if I go by owl then I should have paid 250 guess I did good. Think I'll go buy the rest of the boards. Want to makEsome furniture so I'll buy all he has.
  15. Lumber price list

    Anyone know if there is a price list out there for lumber I figure there must be a price standard. I know prices change and there are all kinds of lumber grades but I still need to figure a price to offer for some lumber. So does anyone know of a database that has prices that I can use as a bases for figuring out how much to offer?