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  1. 4848 CnC machine

    Im looking to upgrade to Aspirefrom VCP 7.0 next year. Im glad that Vectric gives you a 600.00 credit towards the aspire software not many companys out there would do that. Ive just had a request to cut very thin sheet metal 1/16th of a inch. Have you ever cut any and what kinfd of feedrate would you use with a .125 endmill?
  2. Mitre Saw for furniture building

    Yeah what Shaffer said very useful cutting down the ends of long stock cutting out twisted materialand with an older blade it saves your expensive ts blade. There will be situations when the workpiece needs to be stationary for a cut versus moving through the blade.
  3. 4848 CnC machine

    Ive been away for a couple of months getting familar with my new machine. I purchased a zenbot 4848 cnc and things have been going great. I started making money with itone week after I got familar with the software. Ive been looking at them for the past year and half and the unknowns of programmingwas the only thing holding me back. So I took the leap and things went very smoothly, I chose Vectrics Vcarve Pro and Cut 3d that use very straight forward programming thats easy to learn. All in with every thing I picked for my setup I spent about 4,000 and Ive alrdy made close to half my money back in 2 months. I made a totally enclosed 6ft sound proof room out of my storage room in the shop with sound proof glass doors andwindowsin my office/program area. The capacity of my cnc is 4' x 4' bed with 5 inches of z travel powered with a 2.25 hp router.
  4. Thinning my router herd...

    Do you still have the evs not pictured?
  5. Thinning my router herd...

    You have a pm
  6. 3 - 150ft rolls of drum paper 120.00

    Sold my double drum sander I have the rolls left 60g 4.5" wide 150ft' 100g 4.5 wide 150ft and 180g 150ft 3.5" wide. 120.00 plus shipping
  7. I wish you were in my life, Domi-hinge!

    Ive been using the ibox and incra hingecrafter with good results being able to glue the hinges and sand them smooth flush with the box leaves a very nice look.
  8. Selling my Double Drum 25x2

  9. 5 sets of bed rail fastners

    5 complete sets of bed rail fastners 4 sets are 5.5" long 1 set 4" long. 80.00 includes shipping.
  10. Toaster style 3x27 belt sander

    Very nice older model belt sander all metal construction in great shape. The cord is in great shape no rot or missing parts runs strong. 75.00
  11. Selling my Double Drum 25x2

    I hate to sell it but it needs to go to fiance my cnc. Ive owned it for less a year and have used it very little. I bought it from an older gentlemen losing his vision and he was the original owner. I installed a new kevlar belt and bought enough sandpaper to last a long time. Its 220v 5 hp motor infeed/outfeed tables conveyor belt in great shape. Sandpaper from 20g to 220g. 1150.00 obo
  12. Sanding Mop

    No the arbor was already on the motor but measure your shaft it will be either 1/2 or 5/8 shaft and the arbor's are on ebay or amazon and you can specify righthand or lefthand threads. Ebay has the best deal around 6.00 including the shipping.
  13. Sanding Mop

    Ive been needing to find a better way to sand trim and moulding and I knew I needed a sanding mop. The very expensive sanding mop kit from stockroom supply is 339.00 with no motor. The sanding mops refills and mops with mandrels for your drill press are 50.00. I have this 1/2 hp double shafted motor that use to have a grinding wheel attached so that was the power for my mop so my drill press could stay freed up. One side of the motor will have a 220g mop the other side will be 120g. Went to harbor freight purchased a 25ft x 2.75 abrasive roll of 120(7.99) to test my theory. All you have to do is make two 6" x 2.75" templates with your sanding fingers .25" apart 2" long on each side of the template leaving a 2 " solid center for your .5" hole. Cut your 6" strips sandwich them between your templates and use any tape handy to hold it all together. I used a older bandsaw blade to cut the sanding fingers cloth side up had no issues with sparking. Crisscrossed the sandpaper cloth to cloth attached to my arbor. I will make a more robust mounting system in the future but so far Im very pleased with the results All in if you have an older motor lying around shaft arbors are 6.00 the roll abrasives was 8.00 double that for 120/220 setup 28.00 for a sanding mop machine that took less than 30mins to make.
  14. Safety issues with elevating a table saw?

    you could get a bench top model ts and build a workbench/table saw stand to suit. If you're looking for a heavier ts some model's legs are easily removed.
  15. Safety Speed Cut MFG Co Panel Saw/Panel Router model 7400

    I have the Safety Speed H6 (the big one) with mid fence and it is one of my most important tools in the shop. Cutting down sheet goods is its main feature but I use mine alot cutting down glued panels flush. I traded a 42 inch Heat Buster Fan (I paid 75.00 for) and 500 cash.