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  1. She finally arrived!

    OK.. Now your just bragging
  2. Best fine-detail (⅛" or so) bandsaw blade?

    I have been using a Timberwolf1.4" 10tpi for that kind of work. It hasperformed wonderfully.
  3. A new and glorious dawn (in my shop)

    Wow, you give sure are in need of pics! Seriously though, congratulations on getting your shop setup in a way that makes it a pleasure to use.
  4. Eye want.

    I got these in a prescription safety lense.
  5. B E A S T bandsaw in the house

    First, congratulations on a outstanding acquisition. Second, how do you find these kind of auctions?
  6. Hello from NE FL

    Welcome, I am in NE Florida as well.
  7. Big Ass Lights

    Wow, that's a whole lotta light!
  8. Big Ass Lights

    Shannon, I have been considering these lights for my shop. I see you installed two; is this a two car garage? Regards, Chris
  9. Found some old tools (old tool gloat)

    I was wondering if it was a #3 or maybe a #2.......
  10. In desperate need of parts...

    well, it only took me 2 1/2 hours to get the darn things loose enough to remove the blades. Now I can take a couple over to Fastenal and hope they have something that will work.Unfortunately, Ace Hardware has the worst selection of metrics possible... I have tried before. I really appreciate the help. Especially your assistance PB that was definitely above and beyond.
  11. In desperate need of parts...

    Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it... I just wish I knew what thread and head size to ask for... It's not in docs anywhere
  12. In desperate need of parts...

    Wouldn't care.... Can't type to save my life today.
  13. In desperate need of parts...

    It's a hex head, but would care if it fit.
  14. In desperate need of parts...

    Folks, I have exhausted all of the avenues I know of looking for this.... I have a Ridged TP1300 planer. 2 of the blade lock screws have rounded off and the parts have been discontinued by the mfg. I have tried and a few others to boot. Does anyone have any ideas? I can't see spending hundreds for a new planer just because I can't get a 75cent part. Thanks, Chris
  15. GF Salad Bowl

    Hey Boatworks... I have used the GF Saladbowl finish quite a lot. As far as sheen goes it is somewhat like a semi-gloss to satin depending on the surface. I usually flood the surface and let it soak then wet sand, I do 2 or 3 coats with the final being a wipe on for a nice sheen. I typically use it on turned bowls I know will be used with food products and I have used it thinned 50/50 with mineral spirits as a soaking finish for cutting boards. The boards I have prepped this way have held up very well. Regards, Chris