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  1. That really is a beautiful piece of lumber. Love the slight curl....
  2. I like the idea for a temporary work space. We have been looking into buying land in another state for retirement. I could see doing something like this for a temporary shop space that I can secure easily when I'm not there. It would only be for as long as it took to do the finish work in the house and new shop.
  3. Marcus... Great work! I have a niece that would love that one!
  4. Hmmm... Guess I don't get it. I'm left handed as well and have never had a reason to turn from the "wrong side" of the lathe. What situation requires that? OP Sorry for the hi-jack.. My lathe is 90 degrees to the wall near the garage door. Mostly because I get more light there and it makes it easy to cleanup around it.
  5. I installed a Mitsubishi mini split. It has been outstanding and works flawlessly here in Florida. PM me if you want details. Chris
  6. Nope.... Not my thing. I only "create" the opportunity.
  7. One of my nieces has been enamored with the Harry Potter series for a while and I thought I'd try my hand at a "wand". She loves purple and I had a 1.5"x 1.5" piece of purple heart about 14" long this is result. I just finished it with spray lacquer.
  8. This last Christmas I decided to try something new for family gifts. I made several from 8/4 Purple heart and a couple from Walnut & Hard Maple laminated block that was overall 3" wide. I finished them with satin General Finishes ArmorSeal.
  9. Just Bob.... Yes, I did seal the slate with a water based sealant that you flood on. K Cooper... The frame around the slate? That was cedar as well. The project sits outside against the building but does get exposure to the weather. It is sitting with a patio brick under each leg to keep it out of standing water when it rains and minimize ground contact. The hardest part of the project was cutting out the area for the tub.
  10. This is a Cedar potting bench with a slate tile top that I completed for my wife early this spring. The substrate for the tops is CDX plywood and the slate was applied with construction adhesive. I then “grouted” the seams with clear exterior grade silicone and sealed the slate. The bin is for extra potting soil….
  11. OK.. Now your just bragging
  12. I have been using a Timberwolf 1.4" 10tpi for that kind of work. It has performed wonderfully.
  13. Wow, you give sure are in need of pics! Seriously though, congratulations on getting your shop setup in a way that makes it a pleasure to use.
  14. I got these in a prescription safety lense.
  15. First, congratulations on a outstanding acquisition. Second, how do you find these kind of auctions?