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  1. What do you think about this homemade Kiln?
  2. Thanks Paul Marcel, that is a good idea. I'll have to poke around and see what i can find.
  3. So what could I use to dry these out faster than air drying? Homemade, inexpensive or something I already own if possible? Little Chief smoker?
  4. Ive got a project to make 6x3x3 sticker stands out of Juniper to next to retailers cash registers. They want them to have a live edge look and feel so I'm using branches. The problem I'm running into is the only juniper i have on hand is wet still ready wet drying for next years heating. I was wondering if i could put these small logs it in the oven to dry it out a little. My hope is to get some of the moisture out. Has anyone tried this? if so do you have any advice? temp and time? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Shannon, I guess i mean to say it doesn't make shavings as well as my old Stanly Jointer or Jack does. Its pretty rough. I was thinking its a angle thing seeing as I've lapped the back of the iron, cleaned the frog (scraped some of the old dirt and crud off, the japanning is still there. and sharpened the blade. Am i missing a step in rehabbing this tool? Maybe its wrong expectations of this Spokeshave but probable more inexperience than anything else. Thanks!
  6. I found a NO 52 spokeshave at a antique store this last weekend for 15 dollars. I'm pretty excited about it! The person who owned it before me sharpened it so the angle doesn't cut all that well. I followed their angle and sharpened it like i would my other irons. its still pretty bad. What angle is a spokeshave Iron suppose to be sharpened at or what have you had success with? Thanks guys an gals!
  7. Oops, here is the link - http://www.mcfeelys.com/product/LU84-11R/freudreg-Combination-Blade--10quot/?gclid=CNTb75u91rICFal7QgodzGEADA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=LU84-11R&ef_id=aTBOVtBAO0AAAMZn:20120927192002:s Ive cut 4/4 maple walnut and oak with my blade and it works well. My saw is only a 1 1/2 horse so i probable could have gone with a thin kirf blade. If im cutting 6/4 or 8/4 I'll make the cut on my band than plane it down to final size. I think i feel more comfortable making cuts in thicker stock on the band saw however.
  8. I bought a Freud ATB combination blade with the PermaShield Coating, I like it. It seems to do everything well. Ive used it for a year now and feel its kept its edge, It comes with a good amount of carbide so I'm hopeful to get a few sharpening out of it. I have used Forest blades in the past at shops Ive worked in and wouldn't say it works as well as they do. I had a buddy suggest the this Freud blade rather than the PermaShield blade. They only had the Permasheild at my local Western Tool so I bought it. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Erik
  9. The table saw and wood corner

    From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    I'm blessed to have 10+ ceilings in the new shop. wood is stacked high! Out feed table has my router and kerosene heater under it. Ive got enough room on both sides to push 8ft stock all the way through.
  10. Milling corner

    From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    Dust collection, jointer and planner and table saw. Notice the 3 hoses coming down, Im in the middle of running air lines to the other side of the shop. I figured instead of hard piping it i'll just use some old air hoses I had laying around. Why fool around with copper or PVC, air hoses will do the trick! Gotta get the planner on wheels... Rather than trying to run big runs of pvc i just stuck the DC in the corner and run 2 shorter runs of 4 inch flex pipe with blast gates. I can wheel my bandsaw close enough to connect to a dust port. Works well!
  11. OH, and my chain saw, on the bench.

    From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    One day i'll build a real wood workers bench but for now my 2x4 beater bench with a small front vise will work well. Dang I love that saw!
  12. Drill Press

    From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    I've used the space above my garage door and put a loft shelf, it holds the medium size rubber maids well. other than that the wife lets me have the entire shop! Well i guess that is camping, climbing and fishing gear.. So she isn't doing me any favors... Need to figure out a good way of insulating that old wood door. Bend OR nights can get down to the negs in the winter.
  13. The messy corner! And bench

    From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    The cab doors leaning against the man door are my wife's kitchen doors. gotta get to refinishing those puppies!
  14. From the album E.B. Millers Shop

    The mess in the corner near the bandsaw. Still trying to figure out what to do with all that stuff.
  15. The PC 895 arrived in the mail a few days back. I had a chair repair project in the shop so I figured i'd make the dowel on my router table rather than ordering one. Took my half inch round over bit to a piece of milled 1in x 1in Maple. My first time using this new router I must say I'm very impressed. Its much quieter than my older PC 690s and that soft start function is really nice! I was happy to see that it bolted up through the same holes in my router table as the 690s as well. I only had to make 2 new holes in the insert for the above table adjustment. Pretty happy with this machine and looking forward to years of use. Thanks for all the help!