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  1. Typically dado stacks come in 2 sizes, 6" and 8". If your going to plow 1/4" dados, rabbits and grooves, a 6" will suit you fine. That's what I did, but I didn't plan for the future. I built a box joint jig, and the 6" wasn't big enough. I actually just bought an 8" set. With that said, your saw may not be powerful enough. The arbor may not have the space to accommodate a big dado stack. Definitely upgrade your saw when you can. With a dado stack, you have a lot of steel spinning at once, can do a lot of damage to flesh. Use push blocks to push the material across the blades, never just your hands. -Jason
  2. Freedom baby -Jason
  3. 1911 holster? -Jason
  4. Maybe light cuts with a planer will help? -Jason
  5. Great pro tip! Keep em coming. -Jason
  6. I think what he means is don't pick something that is "busy". If you have letters surrounded by a lot of graphics, its hard to see the focal point. To much extra detracts from what your trying to see. I see a lot of logos around town that you can't see the name unless you can look at it for awhile. It should be noticeable at a glance. -Jason
  7. how about oak?
  8. Just out of curiosity, what do you pay for a lift of 3/4 pine ply? -Jason
  9. My fellow Mainers, where are you getting your rough and sheet goods from? I have found a couple places but they seem high.
  10. Aaaaand, he is gone again
  11. Tapatalk because its easy -Jason
  12. I saw this on a non woodworking forum and thought I would share it here. Looks like a fun project. -Jason
  13. Timberking makes a really nice machine, its on my wish list. -Jason
  14. Just thinking out loud here. 1. Move dust collector near the end of half wall 2. Move bench to back wall near window 3. Move wood storage and chop saw to front left wall. 4. Maybe move around big tools at the front for better workflow. The table saw is best in the center like that so you are kinda limited. -Jason
  15. Yeah it looks like he has a toe in the water for some woodworking. -Jason