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  1. Dado blades

    Typically dado stacks come in 2 sizes, 6" and 8". If your going to plow 1/4" dados, rabbits and grooves, a 6" will suit you fine. That's what I did, but I didn't plan for the future. I built a box joint jig, and the 6" wasn't big enough. I actually just bought an 8" set. With that said, your saw may not be powerful enough. The arbor may not have the space to accommodate a big dado stack. Definitely upgrade your saw when you can. With a dado stack, you have a lot of steel spinning at once, can do a lot of damage to flesh. Use push blocks to push the material across the blades, never just your hands. -Jason
  2. Holster for Woodpeckers 6" square??

    Freedom baby -Jason
  3. Holster for Woodpeckers 6" square??

    1911 holster? -Jason
  4. Stripping paint from coarse hard wood.

    Maybe light cuts with a planer will help? -Jason
  5. Zero clearance insert ATT. Particleboard

    Great pro tip! Keep em coming. -Jason
  6. Logo Creation & Trademark

    I think what he means is don't pick something that is "busy". If you have letters surrounded by a lot of graphics, its hard to see the focal point. To much extra detracts from what your trying to see. I see a lot of logos around town that you can't see the name unless you can look at it for awhile. It should be noticeable at a glance. -Jason
  7. Suppliers

    how about oak?
  8. Suppliers

    Just out of curiosity, what do you pay for a lift of 3/4 pine ply? -Jason
  9. Question for fellow mainers??

    My fellow Mainers, where are you getting your rough and sheet goods from? I have found a couple places but they seem high.
  10. Where is Bois?

    Aaaaand, he is gone again
  11. Tapatalk because its easy -Jason
  12. Colored pencil ring

    I saw this on a non woodworking forum and thought I would share it here. Looks like a fun project. -Jason
  13. Old forestry film

    Found it here http://blog.archive.org/2007/07/09/your-life-work/ with a whole bunch of other old vocational films. -Jason
  14. Old forestry film

    An hour interesting film from 1946 about forestry, made by the same people that did the woodworker film. Trees & Wood: Forest Industries & Forestry - 1946…: http://youtu.be/Ofdw3je8B4k -Jason
  15. Looking to buy a woodmizer or similar in DC area

    Timberking makes a really nice machine, its on my wish list. -Jason