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  1. Treefrogfurniture added a post in a topic First design - mission inspired tv stand   

    My linkThis is my version of almost exactly what you are talking about. No speaker though. The boxes that require remotes are up top behind the wavy glass, the bottom glass hides the game systems and the DVD's.
    Good Luck.
  2. Treefrogfurniture added a topic in General Woodworking Talk   

    accoustic iPhone "speaker"
    Does anyone have enough accoustic background to be able to tell me what the inside channels for this should look like?
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  3. Treefrogfurniture added a post in a topic Shipping Your work   

    I've used my local PakMail to ship everything from small tables to chest of drawers and they are great. The packaging is top notch and they always work to get me the best price, sometimes he even delivers them himself. I've never shipped to Canada, but I have shipped a Morris Chair and a few small tables across country very reasonably and with no problems.
    good Luck,