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  1. I wouldn't like the nails in the finished project and really, you should be able to glue up a panel 10"x46" fairly quickly using the techniques Marc shows in his cutting board video. Cauls will keep you close to flat. Good luck.
  2. While you can buy bases with wider openings, it's pretty easy to make a new one. Just use the existing base as a template for the screw holes. Clear plastic sold in the glass section of the BORG works well.
  3. How much twist in the board? Twist can make it difficult to get complete cuts until you remove a lot of the board. Fine Woodworking has a video tip up right now on dealing with twisted boards.
  4. The simplest way is to glue up the sides, then plunge from the outside. The edge of the domino shows, but it does not look bad (at least to me).
  5. All of my hand tools are in a plywood version of the ATC. Holds everything and keeps the dust away.
  6. 1" is fine. I used two of the Krenov style saw horses to hold my slabs for my Roubo top. The design is actually very strong. As long as you don't drop the slab onto the horses you can use just about any wood.
  7. Popular Woodworking has a digital version too.
  8. Doug Stowe has a couple of excellent books on box making. They are on Amazon.
  9. So, I was turning a canarywood bowl. I had the outside shaped and was making good progress on the interior when I accidentally bumped the end of the gouge into the rim. The bowl flew off the lathe and bounced across the garage. The tenon is in good shape but the bowl is cracked. There are parallel open cracks on each side and a spider web of shallow cracks on one side. My question is can I save the bowl by filling the cracked with epoxy? I've filled cracks in furniture projects but have never tried this with a turning project. What are you experienced turners thoughts on this?
  10. Not sure the dimensions of the cutter from your photo, but you can get a Whiteside spline cutter for about $20. On Amazon or from Woodcraft.
  11. I have not had a problem plunging from both sides. It's probably important that the faces to be joined are both square, and as noted above use a fine pencil to mark out your lines.
  12. I love my Auriou rasps. I have a 9/5 flat ( one side is 9, one side is 5), a 10 half round, and a 13 modeler, also half round. Those have met my needs for chair building and many other curved projects. Not cheap, but worth it. Curved work is a lot of fun.
  13. Are you planning a single, centered domino? You don't actually need to center the domino, so the spacer does not need to be exact, just close. Also, how thick are the rails you are connecting to the legs? Could you use two dominos for each joint and use the fence from each side?
  14. I can't see the guitars taking up all that much space, leave them in the house. If you need to build some drawers that fit under the bed and keep them there. Oh, and don't forget locks to keep them safe until the kids are older.