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  1. Meaningless Brownie Points.

    I had to google the word, funny thing about search results...  Trump's twitter account was the 2nd result.  The first was the dictionary definition...  
  2. Which mortising machne

    I have the pm719T and really like it.  It's slightly over budget right now but if you can hold off until one of their sales it's roughly $1k delivered. 
  3. What would you rather do?

    I love storms like that!  Forces you to relax and take a break ;-)  Personally I'd be mixing Bombay's and working on designs with a movie playing in the background.  When the kids started driving me crazy, I'd bury them in the snow! 
  4. first video uploaded to youtube

    First sub !
  5. T-Wolf blade tension?

    Where are the gullets riding on the tire?  Tension is subjective depending on the  blade but the gullets need to be riding center in the top tire for support ?
  6. WTO 2016 Yearbook

    :-). I look even worse on video ?!
  7. WTO 2016 Yearbook

    Tree hunting last month with my girls.  It's the only pic I have with me in it :-)  
  8. Best sitcom of all time..

    There are so many great shows listed here that I used to watch as a kid, but have forgotten!  Now that Winter has finally hit for my area, I'm going to be referencing back on this thread for movie night and snow day suggestions!!
  9. Best sitcom of all time..

    Which is why Cheer's rules ?!  Wish there was a way to make these emojis larger to actually see the expressions :-)
  10. Best sitcom of all time..

    If I had to go more recent, I'd say Big Bang theory.  But Cheers is still my fav!
  11. Best sitcom of all time..

    Winner!  You googled it didn't you ?? was a huge 3 company fan!  And Benny hill ?
  12. Best sitcom of all time..

    Mash was a little before my time.  Still watched it, but didn't really get into it..  But, hope on your guess ?!
  13. Best sitcom of all time..

    Cheer's..  Hands down ?.  What can I say, it's what I grew up on!  Just realized that Netflix has most of the episodes avail for streaming so I know what I'm watching for next few weeks ?!   Trivia quiz, what was the real name of the bar Cheer's was modeled after?   GO!
  14. Preferred Tool for Roundovers

    I'm with the above comments in that a router is the way to go for consistency.  If the pieces are as small as they look, like Kev said I'd take the router to the piece, rather than the piece to the router providing you have a sharp bit.  Put the pieces in a clamp, secure the clamp to the bench and take multiple passes.    Double stick tape would probably work, but consider the clamp a belt and suspenders approach ? At the end of the day though, if it's not something your comfortable with stick with what you are.  A rasp followed up with hand sanding will also get the job done ?
  15. GF Arm-R-Seal vs Waterlox Orininal Sealer/Finish

    Another option to throw into the mix would be to go with a clear water based finish.  If the client wants to maintain the light color of the maple, a water based product is going to give you the best results.  Nearly every oil based finish is going to impart am amber tone.  Water based finishes do not do this.  GF makes a couple water based products, I'd probably recommend their high performance.