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  1. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Does hide glue stick to epoxy?   

    I'm with Kev, use a clear epoxy mix (which is usually determined by the hardener) and use it through the entire repair process.   I'm most familiar with West System epoxy so that's what I'll comment on (there are others), if you use their 207 hardener the epoxy will cure pretty much water clear..  Clean up any excess squeeze out with acetone before it cures and you'll be golden.  
    I have yet to run into any kind of finish that does not work on top of this epoxy (most epoxies in general)..
    Good luck!
  2. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Don't like the food   

    I've never sent a meal back; there were times that I thought about it.  Rather I ordered a tall Bombay on the rocks to pickle my tongue and give me a more "open" attitude and still left with a smile :-)  Next morning may have been a different story, though...
  3. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Who / What Does This Remind You Of?   

    No worries about that from me 
  4. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Who / What Does This Remind You Of?   

    I'll be Damned....    After looking at it all day, also kinda reminds me of Tigger 

  5. Boatworks Today added a topic in The Wood   

    Who / What Does This Remind You Of?
    Can't quite place it, but was cutting up some trim for the house and this was staring back laughing at me...  The face looks familiar but can't quite place it..  

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  6. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic CPES, high ambient temps and cheap poly tarps = Royal Mess   

    Maybe try taking a rag soaked with acetone or lacquer thinner and let it it on the epoxy glops for a little while (20 min or so) and see if that will loosen the bond enough to get underneath with ah scraper and pop it off?
    Two potential problems:  the solvent will likely remove any finish you have on the deck, and if prying the epoxy off there is the possibility that some wood may come with it :-/ 
    Been there, it sucks.  I once epoxied a $200 bottle of compound to the deck of a boat..  Not cool...
    Good luck!
  7. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Favorite Finish for Cherry?   

    I like to keep things as simple as possible while still getting the appearance / protection needed.  For cherry I am a big fan of arm-r-seal..  For dark(er) woods it's hard to beat.  Not my choice for light woods, but this is what I'd recommend...
  8. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Ash + Dye + Grain Filler   

    I think the prudent question here is what are you building and how will it be used?  There are a lot of ways to get the 'finish' you're looking for, but not all would be appropriate for it's intended use ...
  9. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic How to complicate the crap out of something simple   

    Well, being the genius that I am it just dawned on me that painting them white is the first step regardless if I take it further or not.  Turn them white and see what it looks like.  If it's too much, then time to start mixing drinks and laying down the glaze...
    I'll post pics after they're painted to get more input!
  10. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic How to complicate the crap out of something simple   

    My original plan was to paint all the cabinets white and call it done, but I'm also re-doing all the window, door and base trim in the main floor (which was also going to be white).  The entry doors will likely be stained a dark mocha color and kinda thought that if the cabinets were left white along with everything else, that would be a whole lot of white going on!  Possibly too much..
    So since the cabinet door I posted is just a test piece I took the glaze to it to see what could come of it.  I like it, but it is a lot more steps!  Paint 2x, glaze 3x, finish 2x...
    Any opinions on having white cabinets with little kids (fingerprints, spills, etc)?
    Wife wants it!
  11. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Scoop / Cutter Combo   

    Very cool Kev; dig the spalting!  
  12. Boatworks Today added a topic in Finishing   

    How to complicate the crap out of something simple
    Try and paint kitchen cabinets to look better than the original hickory ...  The cabinets in my house are hickory that had a really cheap, crappy finish that started to fail after a few years...  Water stains, complete lifting, etc; they look bad..  I like the hickory contrast when they were new, but am too lazy to do a total strip and refinish.  I do enough of that at work, last thing I want to do in my "off time" is more stripping ...
    anyway, decided to take the simple route and paint the cabinets.  Looked over in my cabinet of goodies and saw a few different glaze colors.. Hmmm...  What would this look like?  
    One thing led to another (a Bombay May have had something to do with it) and I have a sample of a fairly close hickory painted cabinet!  Now I only have 30 doors to do plus the boxes...
    why couldnt i settle for  just paint!?!?
    Trying to figure out how to post pics on new system...  Hang with me for a sec....
    ok, if I uploaded the pics in the correct order...
    1st pic is after 2 coats of GF linen milk paint
    2nd if after 2 glaze coats of burnt umber (and a Bombay)
    3rd and 4th are after one glaze coat of van dye brown around the perimeter of the insert panels..
    currently waiting for this to dry before applying high performance (flat)...
    Original cabinets are in the background; not too bad of a match..  Actually think I prefer the painted sample..  What do you think?  

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  13. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Ordered my new jointer today   

    Ok Pug, officially jealous!  Enjoy 
  14. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic How much clearance around a wood stove?   

    I installed a Lopi Leyden woodstove a few years back (best thing I ever did with the house).  We heat the entire house (minus the basement) for $500 / season which is close to 7 months in N Wisconsin..  When it's -20 outside and blowing like a New Orleans (I digress :-/), it's a toastly 80+ in the house!!
    I don't recall any issue with insurance..  Maybe because of location?  Most people here heat with wood as it's everywhere!  
    Stoves are different in construction..  As long as it's installed according to their spec's as far as clearances there shouldn't be many issues...
  15. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic gel stain brush strokes/streaks   

    If you leave it on; yes..  Personally I've gotten good uniform results from 2-3 stain applications wiping off after each coat.