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  1. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic gel stain brush strokes/streaks   

    If you leave it on; yes..  Personally I've gotten good uniform results from 2-3 stain applications wiping off after each coat.
  2. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic gel stain brush strokes/streaks   

    Hey Faz, 
    I gotta side with what Steve said (Wdwerker), sanding to a  higher grit really limits what any kind of stain is able to do.  Depending on the type of wood, it may actually cause problems with un-evenness in appearance.  Personally I wouldn't sand any higher than 120 for stain treatment..
    If you're looking for a smooth finish, that appearance will come with the post stain finishing process; not necessarily when doing the stain...
    At this point what I'd do is sand the surface flush with 120 (not paying attention to what the appearance looks like at ths point) and re-apply another stain coat possibly mixed with an extender / thinner to give more working time to wipe off before it dries..  
    Even-ness comes from the number of coats; not necessarily how it's wiped off..  Hard to explain, but hope this makes sense 
  3. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Forum Update   

    So modern and fancy schmacy ;-).  I dig it
    I did just notice that my user name has switched to my real name other than my traditional name.  Maybe something I need to change on my profile?  Will update if possible...
    Figured out how to change display name, now noticing that the tag line / quote thing is missing..  Don't really care, just mentioning it..  
  4. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Small Gloat   

    That is awesome!  nice score
  5. Boatworks Today added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Small Gloat
    So, been looking at dado sets for a while. All the blades In My shop are from Forrest but had a hard time justifying the price for their set. No doubt they're worth it, I'm just cheap and when It comes to some things...

    Anyway Came across an ebay auction for a new set of 8" infinity dadnator blades. Won the auction for $105 which is half price...

    I don't have many good days, but I'll count today as one of them!
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  6. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Finishing Utile (Sapo) Project   

    Don't know if this is what your working with, but some of the info might be helpful:-). No judgements please!
  7. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic 6 inch disc on a 5 inch sander   

    Depending on the sander it may not make much of a difference. The key is maintaining a random orbit with a rotary action. If the sanding pad gets dogged down and no longer maintains a rotary action tour going to be left with deep pigtails. If the pad keeps rotating with the random orbit then you'll get a clean sanding action.

    If it dogs down, lighten the downward pressure. Worst case is you use the sander for the bulk work and finish up by hand to get a more uniform scratch pattern :-)
  8. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Gluing Exotics~Bocote~Epoxy?   

    That's the key right there. Clean mating surfaces well and most glues will work just fine.
  9. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic I suck at Finishing.   

    Another consideration in addition to the above suggestions is to maintain a consistent temperature during the dry times.  What I mean by this is don't set wet pieces out in the sun thinking that it will make the finish dry faster .  What happens is that the wood warms up and gasses off creating bubbles that can get trapped in the finish. 
    This is specific to the initial 1 or 2 coats.  After the wood is sealed then it's not as much of a concern.  Also, thin coats are key.  I typically use a foam brush rather than a bristle as it does a better job of laying down a thin uniform coat.
    Spraying is great providing the setup and cleaning time is worth it.  On small pieces I personally don't bother
  10. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Oak Picnic Table   

    Very nice  !
  11. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Hi im Matt   

    Welcome aboard Matt! This may sound a little cult-ish but I think your gonna like it here ;-). J/k about the cult, good folks on this forum that know their stuff and like to help!
  12. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Milling stock square   

    Either the blades or the head itself... What planer are you using?
  13. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic How to make twisted maple really shine!   

    I'm going to guess that auto correct was at play and meant to say tiger maple? If so, here's what I've used which I believe is that same process as Marc outlined on another vid.. Basically de-waxed shellac mixed with a dark transtint dye (I usually do 10 drops per ounce of shellac). Apply liberally, wait a minute and wipe off. Wait about half hour and block sand with 120 - 150 until most of the original maple is bare (except the stripes). Repeat 3-4 times and the stripes will jump out and slap you in the face ;-). Topcoat with 2-3 coats GF armrseal (or lacquer if you don't like a yellow-ish look on the white maple) and call it done.. Oil based finish really does a better job though :-)
  14. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic Refrigeration   

    Warm beer = Bad...  I can't say for certain but guessing that each unit has it's own compressor to maintain seperate temps...  Might be able to get away with having the freon re-charged; otherwise time for a change in shop decor (new frig) 
  15. Boatworks Today added a post in a topic HVLP and real milk paint?   

    If you thin anything enough it will spray. That being said you may sacrifice cure / dry times (May take longer), may have to do more coats for complete coverage and possibly not have as good of longevity / durability. If it's for interior use, the last is probably not much of a concern. Best thing as suggested above is to do some testing :-)

    GF isn't really a milk paint, but it does offer similar appearance to the real thing. If you're looking to paint something that you've spent some time building or refinishing it might be better to actually buy some GF paint ;-)