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  1. Trim paint dries to a harder surface. You might find primer easier to sand for the first coat.
  2. Butternut is nice to work with but we rarely see it offered around here.
  3. Plenty of drying time, low speed or by hand, and clean your sandpaper often with a crepe rubber block or a gray abrasive pad. As soon as paint starts to load up the sandpaper it's going to do it faster and faster. I prefer water bourne finishes to latex they dry harder and cure faster, but they tend to cost more too. If your going to use latex use satin or semi gloss trim paint, not wall paint.
  4. There are domestic made ply sheets that are formaldehyde free.
  5. The original looks like western red cedar. That is a classic 70's style design feature. Yours looks like the "clear heart" or " A clear " grades of tongue and groove siding. http://www.realcedar.com/siding/profiles/tongue-groove/ That's just the first site I found pictures like your cedar. I have no experience ordering from them. The wood you used on your cat shelf is eastern red cedar, also known as aromatic cedar. That's the stuff used on cedar chests. It comes from a tree in the juniper family. And welcome to the Forum !
  6. Torsion hinges are mainly anti slam to prevent mashed fingers. With an "L" shaped top and the top used as a countertop . I would either lift the top vertically with some ropes, pullies and counterweights or cut some openings in the sides for access or drawers . I don't see a elegant or practical solution.
  7. The 4 mm dominos are so small I switched to using 5/8 Baltic for drawers . It's actually 15 mm thick so a 5 mm Domino centers up beautifully. I use the 1/2" side of my Domiplate with 2 layers of plastic laminate under it as shims. 5mm x 30 Dominos fit in a 15 mm deep mortice in the ends of the drawer front & back with a 12mm deep mortice plunged into the face of the sides of 5/8 Baltic. Both settings actually go enough deeper to make it work.
  8. Wood doesn't change length enough to worry about. It changes the most across the grain on flat sawn boards. Quartersawn boards behave better. Thickness changes a little but is usually not a worry. I don't see any glaring errors in your drawing. Depending on the thickness of your slats you cut the ends of them down until they will fit into a domino mortice. A few strokes with a rasp will round the corners. Make sure you use the exterior Sipo dominos and an exterior rated glue.
  9. Look at Joe Woodworker's site if you want to add vacuum clamping to your shop. It is so nice to hold a part from below and be able to route all 4 sides.
  10. You need an axe to trim a bush ? All sorts of inappropriate comments come to mind !
  11. Do the math on the cost of 32 square feet of solid wood that doesn't need to be glued up to make any significant width and compare it to the cost of a decent sheet of plywood. You'll find that plywood isn't such a bad deal for use on shop furniture. However finger jointed corners made of ply won't glue up near as strong as solid wood ones.
  12. Water filter, sodas, yogurt , ice packs for aches and pains and super glue will be camping in there soon. All in an apartment sized fridge. The 30 pack fridge with the beer is at home.
  13. Look up epoxy coated euro slides. Can be count for $3 - 5 a pair. Of course if the drawers are made it's a moot point. You need 1/2" gap on both sides of the drawer for most metal slides. If you were in Atlanta I would give you 12 pair, I don't use those much any more.
  14. If you aren't using solid wood to make the drawers then why not use metal slides ? They work better and easier to open. Now if you are building a piece of furniture with dovetailed solid wood drawers then going old school for the drawer rails is quite proper.
  15. The impact or hammer action will kill the gears in a right angle attachment. Why don't you just rent a Milwaukee Hole Hawg for a few days? Spend the money on a auger type bit ! A spade bit will wear out and work you to death.