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  1. battery powered circular saw?

    I have the ridgid cordless circ saw. There is no way it could replace a corded saw. That being said, I find it very handy. I take it (and a second battery) to the lumberyard to break down material for transport. I can rip four sheets of ply in half without fully draining a battery. If you want to rip 8/4 hardwood, forget it. Cross cutting 4/4 is fine, have done lots of that as well.
  2. Safely making French dovetails

    PT lumber is notorious for being soaked when its purchased. This will wreak havoc on your joinery. I hope you are protecting your lungs - PT is nasty.
  3. Cyclone

    sweet! looking forward to the pics!
  4. Powermatic 54HH

    I have the same jointer, and I use a dedicated 20A circuit for it. Are you running it on a 20A or 15A circuit? I've had it slow down a bit a few times, when surfacing 6" wide oak. One thing I do not like about this jointer is the fence lock. Its on a cam, and I would prefer a more "solid" mechanism, that I could "max out" when tightening. I don't like trying to find the sweet spot on the cam, so that I don't over rotate it and loosen the fence.
  5. I have an extra wing as well. When I bought my cast iron router table to attach to my TS, I put the wing I replaced in the basement. I was wondering what I could do with it. I thought about drilling it out and adding it to the saw, but that is a lot of extra weight. I would need to add a support leg or something. The saw would have a router table wing on the left side, then the saw body, then the right wing, and then an extra wing (All CI).
  6. mini dust gorilla 2.0

    I thought the whole idea of the plastic resin was to reduce static. If you change the port on your jointer to a 5", as well as you planer, you should pick up a lot of CFM. Thanks for the info. Any pics of your setup?
  7. Tips for finishing a dining room table

    Take a test piece from your project (off cut) and try the ideas you listed above. It's a good way to see how it will look. 'One test is worth a thousand expert opinions", as they say.
  8. Canopy Bed - big project for this spring.

    Cool project - just discovering it now. Nice progress!
  9. Dust Collector Bin Full Sensor

    Cool protect - where can a person learn about doing a project like this? Is there a good intro website or reference text?
  10. I believe the preferred term is "content creator".
  11. You tube video posters. : / I don't get it.

    I would consider it a creative oultet, not unlike painting, drawing, woodworking, dancing, etc.
  12. You tube video posters. : / I don't get it.

    I'll check out your channel - what's the link?
  13. inexpensive hobby router table / router ??

    I have the bosch mr23 kit (newer kit) and its great. Check out my review in the reviews section if you like.
  14. genius or not so much?

    I would finish a pallet wood project with gasoline and a match