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  1. Berkey Table - update 5

    Got the top cut to final size, using the table saw to rip, and a miter jig to crosscut. Then I layed out the arc using a compass, and a cut off from the table.  The arc is 8" across, and 2" at its peak. Then I cut close to my line with a jigsaw, and cleaned it up with the spindle sander.  I finished sanded it up to 220. Then, I scraped and sanded the top to get it ready for finish.  Here it is, with only some small clean up left to go before applying finish.  Face and edges were sanded to 220, and end grain up to 400.  I simply broke the edges with sandpaper and a block, keeping a modern feel (to be similar to the exiting kitchen counter top). Up next will be finish.  Finish will be 4 or 5 coats of Min-wax Wipe on Poly in a satin finish.  This will be followed up with some wax and steel wool after the finish has had a while to harden up.
  2. Berkey Table - update 5

    That's a good point - i didn't allow for a "stand" for a pot.  The cut out will allow for easy filling, but I still need to hold the container.  Food for thought.
  3. Berkey Table - update 5

    Thank you.  Receiving praise from such a highly respected member of the comminity is very rewarding.
  4. Berkey Table - update 5

    haha - just wanted to get it up off the floor for a quick photo!
  5. Berkey Table - update 5

    here is the glued up base - top is next, then some final prep before finish. Nothing too complex here, just a simple tapered leg table.  I was playing with the idea of a drawer, but it wouldn't hold very much, so I let it go.  I can always redesign/rebuild if I feel the need for more storage in it.
  6. Should I get a Domino?

    Sweet - I cut 40 mortises yesterday in about 30 minutes.  Its a great tool!
  7. Minimax mm20 restore

    wow - just catching this thread now.  Looks great Tom!
  8. Intentional Distractions

    I was without a jointer for a while when mine was arriving from what felt like Jupiter.  I  did a project by hand, and that took a while!
  9. Berkey Table - update 5

    Got some more work done on this table in the last few days. I milled and cut most of the parts to final dimension for the base.  No need to show all this, as I have done so in previous journals. So the first order of business was to make a taper sled for later (needed to cut mortises first).  I made the sled form 3/4 mdf and a few cut-offs from the legs.  I screwed some toggle clamps on and was set to go.   The leg tapers frop 1" at the bottom to a point about 7" from the top of the leg. The I cut all the dominoes in the leg blanks.  There are a total of 40 mortises in this piece.  I needed to offset almost all the mortises (depth) to allow for the tenons not to meet in the middle of the leg. Then I cut the tapers with the sled, and did a dry fit to get the measurement of the bottom shelf. I laid out the shelf, and then cut some 5mm dominoes. I cut one mortise on each side of the shelf extra wide, and will not glue it to the shelf (glued to apron only).  This will allow the shelf to move seasonally without stressing the final piece. I decided to use "Z" clips for table top attachment, so now was the time to cut the groove.  I cut a 1/4" groove about 3/8" from the top. Then I ran a bead along the bottom of the apron. I'll take a pic when I get the base out of the clamps.  Up next will be cutting the top to final size, and cutting out the arc.  
  10. Super Bowl

    I'll be in the shop during the game.  I don't have much interest in any professional sports.   I'm with Steve on this one - I do really enjoy the Olympics (especially the winter games).
  11. Do you file all the teeth in the same direction, since its configuration is rip?
  12. question for the people with unfinished basements

    You guys must live in pretty warm climates to not require insulation on the basement concrete.  Here its now required by code to insulate right down to the floor of the basement, with the exception of the last 12" or so.
  13. I have a pax rip saw (4 TPI), and its relatively new.  The blade needs to be sharpened, or honed is probably more accurate. I'll take a pic, but would like some advice if you are kind enough to help.  I'm unsure if I need to joint the teeth, and they are not at all worn.  Ibwas thinking i would just lightly file the teeth to hone them (I bought the appropriate file).
  14. Estate sale jointer

    A new 6" powermatic is pretty expensive.  If you cleaned it up, and didnt want it, its an easy resell at profit.  I just bought a new PM jointer, and I would buy that one too if it were here.
  15. Simple but tasty project

    Nice project, and good use of left over material.  Did you apply any finish?