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  1. Pug added a post in a topic Refinishing restaurant tables and coming up with a $ ?   

    Figure out how long per table, and pay yourself an hourly wage (a good hourly wage).  Round up to the nearest hour, and add materials/ consumables.
  2. Pug added a post in a topic Fes-pug boom arm   

    the only stains my pug makes are on the floor!
  3. Pug added a post in a topic Fes-pug boom arm   

    That's what I was doing it too, but I still felt a lot of strain on my wrist when sanding for a long sessions.
    And i saved 500 bucks!  Now I can spend that on a new festool!  Tracksaw is looking mighty good!
  4. Pug added a topic in Off-Topic   

    hotmail/outlook scam
    Most people on here are super tech-savvy, but thought I would post a recent phishing scam on hotmail/outlook.  An email indicates that your account requires updating and this is the "final warning" before your account will not operate properly.  Its a scam, so don't click it.  Think it has made the rounds earlier as well.
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  5. Pug added a post in a topic Fes-pug boom arm   

    To give credit where credit is due, here is a link to the post I used to get the idea.
  6. Pug added a post in a topic Plane old camping   

    I used to burn wood in my last home for heat in the winter.  I always used shaving to get the fire going when I had no newspaper.  If i had no shavings, i would just grab a piece of pine and go to town for a minute and I would have lots to start the fire!  Burn nice and hot, as well as cleanly.
    Here is a cool device called a "spill plane" which used to be used before matches were around for transferring flames.  I always thought about getting one, but I never did and now I don't have a wood stove any longer back here in suburbia.
  7. Pug added a post in a topic Connecting 27 mm and 32 mm festool hoses   

    this is the winning suggestion - worked well!
    Thanks for the help fellas!
  8. Pug added a post in a topic HOME/SHOP SECURITY   

    We don't have "household" firearms here in Canada, so we just beat the burglars with whatever is handy.
    I don't think my shop pug (who is almost deaf) will be very effective in deterring burglars.
    On a serious note though, I have been considering adding some more security to my shop.  I am currently looking at better ways to secure the garage door (the only exterior entry to my shop).
  9. Pug added a topic in The Shop   

    Fes-pug boom arm
    I have been drooling over getting a Festool boom arm kit for a long time.  I jiggled things around in the shop, but there was still not enough room to make it worth the while.  Anyway I arranged it, the vac would be in the way.
    So, as all shopies do, I went and looked around for a better way.  I came across a good post on FOG, and did a similar design.
    I decided to use the wall space I had next to the bench.  I used a plumbing flange, and connected a 1" 90 degree elbow to it.  Then I put a 1" by 4" nipple on the end.  I place a 1.25" EMT 90 degree elbow over the nipple (fits very well) and then attached a 48" piece of 1.25" EMT tubing to the elbow.  This allows the boom arm to swing out of the way when not in use.
    I used a scrap piece of cherry I had laying around as the wall mount.  I simple drilled through it and into the studs in two spots.
    All that was left was to attach the hose and "plug it" cord.  I used velcro straps to hold it secure.
    I gave it a test run today, and I need to move the hose a bit further down to get full access to the work bench for sanding.  No biggie - this will prob take about 10 mins.
    Overall the cost was about 60 dollars CDN for this project (not including any festool stuff).  I will run a small extension cord from the CT26 to the "plug-it". I have a short, heavy duty, extension cord from my old snowbliwer that I never used.  Should be perfect.  As for the hose, I will run my 32mm Festool hose from the CT26 to the boom arm hose.  I used a plumbing adaptor to connect the two hoses together (thanks WHighlander).
    Hope you enjoy!  This should be a great upgrade for my shop and allow me to sand/domino easier and with less wrist strain.  As a bonus, the hose reached my TS perfectly.  So I am going to rig up some way to get an overhead TS guard outta this too.  Stay tuned!

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  10. Pug added a topic in Power Tool City   

    Connecting 27 mm and 32 mm festool hoses
    Would like to join the male end of my 32 mm hose to the female end of my 27 mm hose.
    I looked at the festool site, but I didn't notice any adaptors to make this easy.  I did some googling, and found a diy adaptor (short length of hose and two male 27 mm ends).
    Are there other options?  I don't want to have to cut the hose, or fork out 60 bucks for two male ends.
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  11. Pug added a post in a topic Timing is everything   

    Buy first, ask questions later - the shaneymack way!  
  12. Pug added a post in a topic Festool ETS EC 150 Sander   

    they have the planex
  13. Pug added a post in a topic Caring for cast iron   

    I normally go wd40 with 0000 steel wool.  Then a wipe down, and a layer of topcote.  Then wipe off, and apply paste wax.  I don't really see the need for the sander, but to each his own.
  14. Pug added a post in a topic Pictures   

    I just use paint, and crop the photos.  This is usually enough  to cut a 2mb in half or more.
  15. Pug added a post in a topic DC in a closet vs just hangin' on the wall   

    My DC is wall mounted.  I wear hearing protection almost 100% of the time when machines are running,  so the noise is not really an issue.  Works great and gets it off the floor.