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  1. Powermatic Jointer

    How in the world do you guys get these deals?! That's a 2000 dollar purchase here.
  2. childs folding chair

    And imagine what maloof could have charged if he used pallet wood!
  3. Die-forged nails usage

    Can you use them with a pocket hole jig? 😝
  4. This is my Dad's back yard

    Thanks for sharing, and the the reminder of how precious our time here is.
  5. Canadian Tire Maximum Drills

    as a general rule, i avoid mastercraft altogether.. mostly very low end tools, but they do have a few good items in their lineup. i am a believer in "you get what you pay for" when it comes to quality tools for the shop or kitchen.
  6. Trees

    Well, guitars and drumsticks are made from trees... Sorry for the de-rail! I have played guitar for 25 years, and yngvie malmsteen is a monster guitarist - don't like his sound either! I feel like saying "slow down, I can't hear what you are saying !"
  7. Trees

    I dont really like any Rush music - just not a fan of their sound .
  8. Veritas skew block plane

    Looks great!
  9. Sold the Craftsman...

    i cant see the link for the 3650. i can tell you from experince, that the 3650 is an awesome table saw. i have had one for over 10 years, and it still works great. i have been looking to upgrade for a while, but the ridgid does more than everything i throw at it, so i can't justify replacing it. if you are looking at the ridgid, they did have an issue for a while with arbors that were too short. make sure you check the arbor. it is well documented at ridgidforum.com.
  10. My daughters first project

    yup, and she is looking forward to planting this weekend. She spent a good hour today looking for worms in the box, and was very concerned about their well being. 😀
  11. My 4 year old daughter wanted a place to grow some vegetables. So we came up with this plan, and we built this together. She helped measure, cut, drill, and assemble this cedar box. It was nice to spend some time with her building, even though she is young. It's made with 2 X 6 cedar, with 4 X 4 posts as the corners. Joinery is simple pocket screws. The joints are tight for now, but I expect the weather to make them move a lot in the seasonal changes. Ah well, it was fun and i look forward to fresh tomatoes!
  12. Scrap Pile or Landfill?

    this is very true. i used to store my cutoffs in those giant rubbermaid bins. i could burn one of those in a day, easy, when starting and stoking a fire in my woodstove. unfortunately, i sold that house, so now i have to give away all my free heat.
  13. Scrap Pile or Landfill?

    I typically keep any hardwood that I can use for a cutting board (or larger). Anything less normally get relegated to the fire wood box. I continually give away firewood to friends with wood stoves, or this time f year, save t for camping. Its surprising how fast it adds up, Poplar, pine, and other softwoods go to the fire wood pile if they are not over about 20" long and 3 or 4" wide. Just don't have room, and they pile up quick. All construction grade (2x6, etc) go straight to firewood if cutoffs exist. Plywood I cut down into blocks and make sanding blocks (80,100,120,150,180,220,400) by stapling sandpaper onto them. I do really like @Tom Cancelleri's chopstick kit, and would save more hardwoods if I had one. I may get one in the future.
  14. So I went ahead and made it.

    There must be twine in this post somewhere...
  15. Addiction is real.

    I thought this was going to be a post with a picture of Shane and a pyramid of sustainers.