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  1. Some people build on slabs, but normally only if the home is very close to the water. Basements allow a lot of extra living space, and if your digging a big hole anyways... No need for a sump here, all water and snow melt is drained to city storm drain or dissipates naturally. Basement also houses the furnace, hwh, power panel, etc so they don't take up living space on your main level. A key to a nice basement is big windows, and dry.
  2. I wish building code required what you guys are specifying. Builders here can parge the concrete exterior, wrap it in foundation wrap, and then backfill. Then they simply nail a roll of fiberglass /poly onto the inside concrete wall. If I had my way, id love to have a foam insulated foundation.
  3. I have a few speciality sleds (for making photo frames, etc), but otherwise I use this mosr of the time:
  4. I see. I was picturing the long 4' fixtures in LED. Looking fwd to seeing your project come to life. You must not have very deep frost there, seeing as your insulation is up so high. Here in Ontario, mine goes right to the floor.
  5. "...danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"
  6. The last time I tried to hire a plumber, I couldn't get one. I needed a small job done (few relocated supply lines). No plumber was interested in a job that small. With no other option, I took a plumbing course (college level). It ran in Saturdays for 8sessions. I learned a lot, and was able to move my pipes! Woot! Those skills i learned still serve me well, but I certainly know my limits.
  7. Looking good buddy! I must ask though, why the bosch cms instead of another kapex? I would imagine cost is the major factor. What new tools did you get to try with festool rep?
  8. I normally make a disposable jig with Brad nails and hold down clamps whenever I need a taper. It's probably time for me to make a permanent and adjustable jig.
  9. I mostly use pocket holes in hidden areas when required, but this new plug cutter sure looks handy for people who may need an exposed pocket screw from time to time.
  10. I know there are some talented professional renovators on here (like @shaneymackand @Tom King ) as well as people who have finished their own basements. I have been playing with the idea of finishing a room in my basement. I am struggling with the insulation decision though. I live in a climate that is very cold in the winter, and very hot and humid in the summer. The current insulation is a builders wrap (fiberglass and poly to the floor, nailed to the bare concrete wall). I have seen some people just leave this up and frame in front of it. I have seen others take it down, frame, and insulate/poly the framed wall. Mike Holmes says to use ridgid foam board instead of roxal or fibreglass. Anyone care to offer some suggestions or ideas?
  11. I looked into a finishing product called penofin a while back. I never ended up buying it (it was for a deck and i sold the house). Its an oil and highly reviewed.
  12. Lots of hostas here too - and they can big! Like mutant big!
  13. I agree with Mike - order what you need and cut them on an inexpensive miter saw (ryobi has some good prices). Take an afternoon and a cup of coffee and cut away! I would suggest cutting outside to help save time in clean up.
  14. Welcome aboard. I would like to hear your comparison of the led lights to what you used previously.
  15. I was only poking fun, I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, which I seem to have done. The technical ability and dexterity to be able to play in this style is undeniably difficult. Of course, in the creative arena of music, there is room for many ways to express, and the whole idea is make the listener "feel" something. Blues really speaks to me, and I feel much more connected with the music of people like Gary Moore than than speed demon malmsteen.