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  1. I'm not a huge outdoors guy, but like to camp a few times a year. I just came back from Algonquin, and it was awesome! Problem is, my tent leaked around the bottom seams, so it's time to apply a seam sealer. Anyone have any advice/experience with this? I watched a few YouTube videos, but we all know how that is.
  2. Thanks for sharing - a safety reminder is always time well spent.
  3. nifty!
  4. The wife needs some new tires (all season - but for non-winter use only) for her Toyota Yaris. I have used Cooper tires in the past, and really like them. The "Star-fire 2.0" has an attractive price point, which makes me a bit cautions. Anyone have experience with these tires? The other option is the CS5 Grand, which are much more expensive, but a well regarded tire.
  5. Beauty - thanks for sharing your expertise.
  6. I would call it practise and build again.
  7. is the gap too large for a bit of coloured wax to fill?
  8. I use the 5mm all the time. Works great for picture framing, panel alignment, as well as smaller tables (double up).
  9. I also have the 500, and use it quite a bit. If I feel the need for more strength, I just double or triple up the tenons.
  10. I ended up doing nothing 😞. Still need to find time to get some instruction and time on a lathe before pulling the trigger.
  11. I asked a similar question a while back, when I was under the illusion i had more wood working time.
  12. What an accomplishment his business is. Sad to see him go.
  13. What's your opinion of kaspersky?
  14. Ha-ha!
  15. Could always build your own!😂. I think some handsome and creative member of the forum posted one a while ago.