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  1. I have an older ridgid 3650, and i have been thinking about upgrading for years. The problem is that it has always done everything I have asked of it - and has done it perfectly! It's a 1.5 HP motor, but I have no issue ripping or crosscutting any hardwoods. I have built with 12/4 ash, and it handled it like a champ. The only problem with this saw is that it's out of production! If you find one used, ensure that the Arbor is the right length - there was a run of these saws wayyy back that had an Arbor problem (well documented on ridgid forum).
  2. im about an hour outside Toronto, and I could never live in the city - in fact I avoid it. Just too much of everything rammed into a small space: buildings,people, cars, advertising,etc. I am not a hermit, and live in a well populated subdivision. I know all of my neighbors, and i like it that way. My back neighbors are great friends now, and when I built the fence, I framed in an opening for the kids to play in both yards. Having good neighbors is great! Having crappy neighbors, well that would be a different story!
  3. http://www.startwoodworking.com/getting-started Check out the walnut end table, episode 8. It's a great video on how to apply wipe on finish.
  4. Woot! Looking good!
  5. Sounds like an opportunity for a new build - Lego table!
  6. Check out the extension warehouse.
  7. I use sketchup for almost every project I make now. I really like the program, and it it pretty intuitive to use. I also like two add-ons: cutlist and a wood texture package. Like Tom, I have used it for shop layout. I also have used it for deck design, after modeling my backyard in sketchup.
  8. i normally spray outdoors in the backyard (water based only). for years i have contmeplated an alternate setup - maybe in the shop or basement. i google and pintrest the topic, but go round and round in circles. anyone have any photos of their setup?
  9. I have the general air filtration unit - great unit. Runs 800 CFM, and it does an awesome job of cleaning my shop.
  10. Looks great! I would have thought that 1/2" ply would be too thin for a kitchen's requirements. Have you ever run into concerns with strength of the boxes or shelving? I am guessing not, judging by the quality of your work.
  11. I sold my HCM to help finance the domino. I haven't missed it at all, not even once.
  12. That joke just never gets old for some of the USA folks...
  13. He can ship it to me without worrying about customs!
  14. Looking good buddy! What's the plan for finish?