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  1. I have researched this machine to death, as I was also considering it. My shop is quite small, and my current 1.5 HP single stage collector is wall mounted to save a bit of space. The mini gorilla takes up more floor space than I can currently afford. The gorilla has great filtration, being a HEPA machine. The two main issues I have with it are, first, the collection barrel is small. For milling with a jointer and planer, it would need to be emptied a lot. Secondly, the CFM is not great. If I remember correctly, it's actual CFM pull is below 600 CFM. It's hard to get good fine dust collection with less than 800 CFM. I am still on the fence about buying it. If you decide to go for it, let us know how your experience is.
  2. What do you guys think of the newer Laguna, the 14BX machine?
  3. Just take the @shaneymack approach and buy all of them!
  4. Its funny how this thread was bumped up. I am no longer in the shop that was referenced in that quote. My new shop is small, and the heater I have does a fine job of warming it up! I still don't do as much woodwork in the "off" season, however. I still do a few projects, but less than in the other three seasons.
  5. first world problems
  6. I use Waterstones as well, but I am thinking about switching to diamond plates instead. Still pondering...
  7. While this is a legitimate concern, I have never had this happen to me in the 3 years or so I've had the wing. I do, however, perform almost all crosscutting on my kapex. The bigger issue for me is forgetting to lower the router bit, and then having to lower it before I accidentally damage it by laying something on the TS (like moving rough material into the shop).
  8. My rt is a cast iron wing for my TS and i love it. Made a clamp on fence for the router (clamps into TS fence).
  9. I'm not a big fan of oak either - I don't like the big sweeping cathedrals of flat sawn oak. I like QSWO the best, and i avoid red oak completely.
  10. I agree with Mike - taking your shoes off is the least one can do when entering someone's home. I once lived across the street from an Asian couple who were very traditional. They had "guest slippers" that you were supposed to put on when walking in their home. Outdoor shoes off at the door, and cloth slippers on.
  11. I'm a bit confused. Do you have an hvlp set up? I would avoid brushing water based finish if possible.
  12. After talking to a glass repair guy. he said the repair would look worse than the scratches (would distort the glass), so I just left it be. I cant flip it over, as the edge has a bevel.
  13. It's made by general international, and i bought it from Atlas Machinery is Toronto.
  14. I have been using isopropyl alcohol for my tp1300 rollers. I thought mineral spirits may eat the rollers - guess not.
  15. If you are planning on more projects in the future, you may want to buy a table saw. It will make your work so much more enjoyable, and higher results will be easier to achieve.