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  1. The older Delta model 50-760 is well reviewed and is a champ. Need to go used though, as they are no longer made. It's a one micron filtration, single stage model.
  2. I use this one, and its quite good http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=71860&cat=1,180,42240,42281,71860
  3. Yup, and an old thread to boot! I use 1 micron dust collection for my central unit, a 1 micron air cleaner, and HEPA on my festool vac and shop vacs. This, of course, results in an effective 1 micron level dust level. So i use a p100 respirator "everytime" I go to the shop. I also use a shop blower to blow out the shop at least every second session. This helps keep the dusties down!
  4. I buy my festool gear from Lee Valley. Their customer service is excellent.
  5. The cost is not really a deterrent. I will use this sled to make about a hundred frames (or more) in its useful lifetime. I don't mind spending some money upfront to get excellent results and comfort/convience in the long run. That being said, I don't want to waste money either. If these metal runners are no better than QSWO, then I will use the oak and be on my way!
  6. After dozens of picture frames, I think I finally wore out my miter saw sled. Upon planning a new one, I was thinking about using some premade metal runners for the new sled. I do have some quarter sawn white oak in the scrap bin, so I could use that. Anyone use these before? Are they worth the cost and effort? http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=65247&cat=1,43455
  7. Cherry will turn a beautiful red on its own with exposure to sunlight. It takes patience, though. Is it possible to skip the dye on the cherry, and therefore skip the headache? Just a thought.
  8. Did get some cookies for a reward?
  9. No; guess I should get a wiggle on if I am gonna do it.
  10. So does Lee Valley, but they are warning of limited stock. Wonder if Atlas is doing the same.
  11. I tried Lee Valley, and they are warning of overselling as well.
  12. Here is a good way to make some of your own.
  13. Just catching this journal now - looks great! Looking forward to the next segment. Looks like you used a cad drawing. Do you prefer cad over sketchup?
  14. I have the same powermatic hh that Mike has - it was $$$, but it's a winner for sure.
  15. Nice clean project - well done.