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  1. 4" Lee Valley combo square is a tool i use constantly, as well as mechanical pencils. I also have a wixey, and its great.
  2. Yup, if it makes shop life better, it's a win!
  3. The inset vice looks like it would pick up a lot of dust and debris from the bench.
  4. I also was looking over the twin screw veritas. Any thoughts ?
  5. Very cool project!
  6. I count 11 from his picture. There is one corded, and 10 cordless - though some of his cordless ones will likely be impact guns.
  7. Have you looked at the ridgid unit? It's a great buy, and works very well!
  8. Watched a video on this today as a coat of finish was drying. Does anyone have one of these in their shop? Would love to hear about it if anyone does! Might make a nice addition... The vise I am referring to is the first one displayed in the video.
  9. You and Matt Cremona would have lots to talk about!
  10. I have 3/4 pipe, and the 7 footers have never given me trouble. I'll post a test run if I ever need to couple them up. Thanks Steve!
  11. If you have iron pipe for bar clamps, you can also use a coupler to thread two lengths together. I have 4 bar clamps with 7 foot bar length, but can have 2 14' clamps if needed!
  12. Make sure that you have room to open the lid fully when the drawer is fully extended. This would require full extension drawer glides, as well as a shelf slightly larger than the systainer. Or you could go over-extension drawer glides. Either way it would be annoying to not be able to open the lid of the sys completely.
  13. Forstner bit or hole saw.
  14. You could also fill worm holes with worms - should be a nice tight fit!