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  1. Fireman: thank you for the detailed description! After some thinking and quite a bit of youtubing, that's exactly what I did. And it worked fairly well... I have (for the time being) given up on the sharp corners. Now I am stuck with the dovetail joints. I have tried to cut the tails twice, but the results are not as pretty as I expected. I am blaming this lack of success on the quality of the wood, which in all fairness sucks... I will probably give up on the dovetails and try some sort of finger/box joint which I can produce using a router.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! However, that's not an option here since this is not one of those crown molding stripes that you attach to a drywall ceiling.
  3. Thanks for the reassurance that this will work. I am sort of leaning toward the acrylic idea because it's a more functional solution. It might be difficult to understand the purpose of this piece from the sketchup picture I have shown you. This will be attached to a wall all the way to the ceiling. That's why one of the top corners has that funny shape: it' to mimic the shape of the crown molding. Which brings me to my next question: how can I make that cut? I have a router but not a router table. I thought about using a template and an appropriate router template bit, but how can I produce a template if I don't have a band saw? If I am going to make the template using a coping saw, I might as well cut those shapes directly using the coping saw. Any suggestions? A solution that just came to me was making a template out of glass with a glass cutter. Does that make sense? Thanks for any input, I am very new to this craft :-)
  4. Thanks for the reply! My concern regarding the thickness of the plywood is that it will bend if it's not thick enough. And if it bends, even if only slightly, the doors won't slide easily...
  5. First post here! I am going to build a shelf along the lines of what you see in the attached picture. The length is about 180 cm, the height about 35 cm, depth of about 40cm. Most likely I will be using 1.8 cm-thick pine, the type of wood I can easily buy. The question I have is about the sliding doors you see there. Initially I thought about using plywood for that but, since the doors will be about 90cm long, I assume that this will only work if the plywood is fairly thick, perhaps 1 cm, at least? But that would use a lot of the depth of the shelf. What about acrylic/plexiglass? I can find sheets of this material that are 0.5 cm thick and seem sturdy enough. They would slide along router-made grooves that I am guessing could be around 0.5 cm deep. Do you think this will work? Thanks!
  6. hanging box

    From the album Box