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  1. Do I understand you correctly? Your process is joint to get a straight edge, rip the board a little large and then joint the saw cut edge? Does that keep things parallel enough? How do you dial in the final thickness on the jointer? Just sneak up on it? thanks for all the feedback.
  2. I recently got a jointer, and now fully appreciate what a really flat edge means and looks like. My question is what is the reccomended type of TS blade for ripping boards (with one edge jointed to the appropriate width, with a clean strsight edge? How many teeth, carbide? Etc.... THANKS BB
  3. Best Quote of the year: "Drive" the blade around the curve as if it were a car (and not one from 'Tokyo Drift'. Makes a great visual aid.
  4. Just curious. In this day of the internet and You Tube, does anybody subscribe to wood working Magazines and if so what are your favorites? What do get from them (ideas, tips, etc...) and what do you do with them, (keep or trash them)? As a realitvly new hobbyist I subscribe to Wood Magazine and enjoy flipping through each edition for ideas and inspiration. I tend to hold on to my copies as reference, but I realized I don't ever go back to them, I tend to go online instead - which prompted me to start this thread. BB
  5. Hello all. I just completed my Christmas build of two end tables for my wife - delivered the stained product on Christmas and then applied 4 coats of arm r seal after the holiday. My question is how long should the final coat be allowed to cure before the table can be used. thanks for the help BB
  6. Just curious if anybody has a regular PM, Cleaning Schedule for their shop. I just finished my Christmas projects and thought this would be a good time to do a deep cleaning. While doing this I realized I really should have done more along the way. My issue isn't so much the clutter as as it is just the cleaning, dusting, wiping down equipment etc... Thanks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year BB
  7. Hello all I've been woodworking for a couple of years (mainly as a winter hobby) and doing small beginner projects. I have to admit I haven't taken great care of my blades and bits, and as they "wear out" I just bought new ones - generally from the big box store, and in the case of Table saw blades I've migrated to their version of higher end blades to get a longer life. This year my builds are progressing and getting more complicated and I'm stretching to build/test my skills and learn new techniques. I recently purchased a bottle of Trend spray on tool and bit cleaner from woodwerks ((I live within a couple of miles of both a Woodcrafters and Woodwerks store). WOW, what a difference. My blades are like new. I now have a stack of clean blades (formally paper weights) that cut fantastic. The same for my router and drill bits. I guess I always knew I should clean the blades, but wasn't convinced how much of an impact it would have. What at do you use to clean your blades? I'm really happy with the trend cleaner but curious what others are using. Also what type/brand of blades do you recommend for a fairly new but progressing wood worker. For all you other newbies out there - clean your blades. You won't regret it! BB
  8. I am looking for USB and power strips which can be recessed on the back of the end tables I'm building. Something similar to the photo, but perhaps at little smaller/cleaner. Any ideas where I can find them? I've struck out locating them. Thanks
  9. While making a set of end tables I was gluing up 8 legs, when I contemplated putting multiple legs in the clamps at the same time. I don't have enough clamps to do all the legs individually at once. My my initial thought was that it should be ok, as long as I ensure there is no chance of the legs getting stuck to each other. However, after thinking about it for a bit, I decided not to stack the legs during the glue up (better safe than sorry). I ending up running to the store to get a few more clamps , and then glued up the legs in a couple of batches over the weekend. so the question is.... would I have been safe to group several legs in my clamps at once? The legs are 3x3". thanks BB
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. I decided to go with Ash. I haven't worked with Ash before and thought this would be a good project to try it. Picked up the wood yesterday and been planing and jointing since.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I've tried to convince my wife to go with just a clear finish Cherry, but..... GF Georgian Cherry gel stain is what she wants, so that's what she will get (happy wife happy life). As for the wood, it looks like it really just comes down to personal preferences and availability. We have kids so a hardwood/durable surface is key. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Hello all. I am getting ready to start on two end tables for my wife. She really likes the look of General Finishes Georgian Cherry gel stain - so that will be the stain I use. My question is, since the project is going to have such a dark stain anyway, is there a wood of choice I could/should use for end tables. I would normally use Cherry, but that seems like an expensive choice for something being covered in dark stain. I'm thinking any hardwood should work ok. Thanks BB
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up sanding everything again (which did lighten the older boards a bit) and putting the newer boards in places where the color difference wouldn't show as much.
  14. Hello all I'm making some cherry end tables, which will have 3x3 legs. Any major downsides to using glued up boards vs solid for the legs. I'm thinking if I glue up the legs from the same board and have the glue lines on the side of the legs (solid face to the front) it should be ok. However some feedback from those of you with more experience than me would be really appreciated. thanks. BB
  15. I have some cherry that I planed and sanded for a project last year but never completed. I plan to use it on a new project this year,. It will need a few more pieces. The older boards have that wonderful darker shade Cherry gets with age. My question is should I sand down the older boards to match color of the new ones, get all new, or just build the project and let them age naturally. I plan to finish with oil only. thanks