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  1. BigBen added a topic in The Shop   

    Shop Electric
    One of the scariest area of building the shop has been setting up the electric system.  I until have been a complete novice, doing nothing more than changing a ceiling fan or two.  But with lots of help from the guys in the Woodwhisiper chat and friend who is a electrian I was to knock most of it out myself.
    My plan for electrical is 100 amp panel, which is more than enough for a one man shop.  I also wanted lots of outlets, so I have oulets every 6'.  Currently I have six 220 outlet in places where I am likely to have larger power tools. But I also used only 12 gauge THHN wire in case down the line I want to change where I have them as well as running 2" conduit the other side of the shop with a pull box.  I can already see this paying off as I may need to change one outlet for larger DC.   

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  2. BigBen added a post in a topic Cheap Box Fan Air Filter Solution   

    Only risk of fire is if you put a match to it. 
  3. BigBen added a post in a topic Cheap Box Fan Air Filter Solution   

    I would say add a couple layer of other cheaper filter and and one that is meant to be washed.  I did this for my shop air cleaner.
  4. BigBen added a post in a topic Shop Build   

    Tiods, at this point everything but the workbench is on wheels.  As I am setting up shop I am well aware I will change around set up.
  5. BigBen added a topic in The Shop   

    Shop Build
    I have been building new workshop.  My previous shop was about 9' x 10' and was great to begin to learn but quickly started to feel like a prison cell. I dont think I could have stuffed more tools into it.

    The new shop is 15' x 30' with 10' ceiling, this was maximum I could build within city code.  I used sketchup to get a good idea of what I wanted it to look like and good to building.

    The following are pictures from the build.  I will post more as I get the shop set up.







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  6. BigBen added a post in a topic Adding a Sub-panel to the shop   

    With cost difference between the 50A and 100A panel not being far apart I see not reason not to good with the 100.  I should be installing 100A panel in my shop this weekend.
  7. BigBen added a topic in Turner's Corner   

    PM3520B Additional Weight
    I bought a PM3520B over the weekend. With my previous lathe (Nova 3000) I added weight to the bottom, I am wondering if that is needed for PM3520B. I do want to on occasion outboard large items but mostly do bowls and hollow forms.
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  8. BigBen added a post in a topic Cyclone Dust Collector Set Up   

    I do. Built new shop.
  9. BigBen added a topic in The Shop   

    Cyclone Dust Collector Set Up
    I am trying to put piece together a cyclone system.  I currently have Oneida cyclone body and filter I got from CL.  What I need is more motor, impeller and motor housing.  My question is would Grizzly G1030 motor and impeller be able to support the system.  The 12.5" impeller worries me a little. I plan on running 6” main line about 25’ long.
    Thank you for your comments in advance.

    Cyclone Body{AF788678-CC99-4A98-A11A-D46574885567}

    Dust Collector
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  10. BigBen added a post in a topic Hand Tool Cabinet Arrangement   

    I definately will be adding more planes. What planes do you have vertical?

    I currently have the following have:
    4 1/2
    Block Plane – 5 of them
    71 Router plane
    Medium Shoulder Plane
    Rabbet plane
    45 Combo Plane
    Scrub plane
    and maybe a bidding on scraper plane on ebay as well speak.
  11. BigBen added a topic in General Woodworking Talk   

    Hand Tool Cabinet Arrangement
    I am in the beginning phase of making a hand tool cabinet. I have most of it mapped out but should I store the the planes horizontal or vertical?
    My current plane till is vertical and I like ease to get to them but it does not seem as space efficient. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
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  12. BigBen added a post in a topic New Dust Collection   

    Steve looks good, what is the longest run you have hooked up? I have a cyclone that I want to hook up to my HF DC.
  13. BigBen added a post in a topic Articulating Arm Hollowing System Bearings   

    I completed this a while ago but forgot to post pictures. See below, works great.

  14. BigBen added a post in a topic First ever Turning Challenge and Trade   

    I am in