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  1. I'll second the carpet tape at Home Depot. I'm not sure if they're all like this, but I had to find mine back in the flooring department near the carpets and pads. It wasn't in the "tape" aisle. -Brian
  2. Yup . . . I'm a nut . . . just ask my wife. And yes, those are walnut treads and maple risers. The risers are just 1/4" maple ply.
  3. I could give you tips . . . but I think a video is always better. Marc did a video on freehand router inlays just a few months ago. -Brian
  4. Testing.
  5. So has anyone found/created materials for figured woods? I'm talking about curly maple, curly cherry, quilted maple . . . etc. I see the birdseye maple in the library. I've never really had any luck making my own. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has. -Brian
  6. I made a collection of all the Wilsonart Laminate materials once last year. I kind of pilfered their website for images of each laminate and then made materials out of them. There turned out to be over 500. The folder is over 35 MB (I'm sure the images were a bit large for Sketchup, but I used them anyway). If I can find a place for it on the web, I'll post a link at some point. -Brian
  7. Wenge/Curly Maple Penn State serving tray

    From the album My Stuff

    The second Penn State serving tray I've made. I really liked this one. It went to a friends mother.
  8. Baby gate

    From the album My Stuff

    The first thing I ever made out of red oak. Made for my friend's basement stairs (they obviously have a cat too).
  9. Player piano bench

    From the album My Stuff

    Made out of cherry. Stained to match an existing piano for my friends. It has props, that prop the back of the seat up to help you pedal the player piano
  10. Ethan Allen end table

    From the album My Stuff

    I made this to match my parents coffee table and corner table. My mom was using a fold out table as an end table. I told her I could make her something nicer than that.
  11. Napkin holder

    From the album My Stuff

    A good project for scraps. I believe it's from a magazine . . . I found the model in the Sketchup Warehouse. While it looks nice, it performs horribly. Every time you grab a napkin, all the other ones slide out too. Links to a couple of the SketchUp models (I didn't make either of these):
  12. Curling trophies

    From the album My Stuff

    I made these silly little things out of scraps for some friends that we took out one night and taught how to curl.
  13. Hanging wine cabinet

    From the album My Stuff

    A cherry wine bottle/glass holder I made for my neighbors place in Florida.
  14. Butternut end table

    From the album My Stuff

    Uh yeah . . . butternut end table. Not my favorite piece I've made.
  15. Inlaid step stool

    From the album My Stuff

    Made out of Goncalo Alves or Tigerwood. The inlay is tinted epoxy, and are my son's footprints and silhouette.